9 Best sticker maker apps for Android & iOS

Are you an active user of messengers? If you are, this post is exactly what you need.

We guess that you often use emojis and stickers while chatting. There is no doubt that the great choice of them allows you to select the most suitable one that fully reflects your emotions. Nevertheless, it happens that there are no stickers that you need. 

But now you have to keep your pecker up! The thing is that there are plenty of cutting-edge apps that will let you create your own custom sticker packs with no difficulty. This post includes only the best sticker maker apps available on the App Store and Google Play. Install them and discover the great world of communication without boundaries.

1. StickersApp: Create and Share Stickers & Memes

StickersAppStickersApp is the first priceless app. Though it is the newest app, it has already become the most top-rated in our list. What is the reason for its dramatic success?

 The way it works is quite simple. You will only have to ‘cut out’ an area of any photo to create a sticker with this image. After that, it will be available to add a text, some more stickers and images to the element created. Also, the app supports creating sticker packs by grouping stickers created by you. It remains to enter the name of the sticker pack.

The app’s main distinguishing feature is that it will be available to import sticker packs from all other apps installed on the device. Thus, you can customize the stickers you already have. 

As for export, the developers have done their best as well. By saying this we mean that you can easily share sticker packs directly from the app via various social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on. Also, you may export stickers to files.  


GooglePlay App Store

2. Sticker maker

Sticker makerThe next great app we want to review is called Sticker maker. It will become a very effective tool for creating stickers. 

Well, the app’s user interface is very friendly. That’s why it will be quite easy to create your own customized packs with cool stickers. Like in the previous app, you will have to load a photo, cut out a certain area, and that’s all. Then you can add your sticker to a sticker pack where it will be available to keep up to 30 elements. 

As for the messengers that support this app’s stickers, it can be WhatsApp and iMessage. Nevertheless, you can simply share them as png or webp files, which will be also effective.

Sticker maker

GooglePlay App Store

3. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

MomentCam To begin with, we can’t help admiring MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers. Moreover, we think that you will also like the app’s features.

With the help of this fantastic app, you will be able to create stickers with your own face. To do it, you will have to create your own avatar by fully customizing it. It will be available to choose skin color, hair color, hairdo itself, eyes, clothes, and many other points. Additionally, you will be able to add accessories or facial hair to make an avatar to become look like you. After that, the app will generate a sticker pack with a virtual copy of you. Believe it or not, there will be stickers for every occasion. 

As for the main advantages, the app supports creating animated stickers as well. The will make your chats even brighter. 

Apart from stickers, you will be able to use this app as a creator of cute cards. The thing is that it will be available to apply your sticker to any background. By the way, the choice of them is really wide. Moreover, the app will allow you to create avatars of two people. Thus, you will have a cartoon-animated image with you and your friend/lover/kin at your fingertips.


GooglePlay App Store

4. Bobble Keyboard ?? Fonts, GIF, Stickers & Themes

Bobble KeyboardIf you are searching for a similar app aimed at creating stickers with your face only, Bobble Keyboard will be the best choice for you!

All you will have to do is to take a selfie. After that, the app will generate a funny sticker with your cartoon-animated face. Then you will have to apply your selfie on dozens of templates, and your sticker will be ready to use in WhatsApp. 

If your muse is mute, you will always have access to the app’s library of stickers. There is a wide range of them, capable of expressing any emotion or word. And of course, they will be available for use as well.

If you are from India, the app will be especially priceless for you. The fact is that the app will provide you with Emojis, Memes, GIFs, Keyboard Themes and Fonts. Besides, you may try such features as Swipe and Voice Typing, Word Correction, and even Regional Language keyboards.

Bobble Keyboard


5. Bemoji | Your 3D Avatar Emoji

Bemoji  One more app with endless capabilities is Bemoji. Install it to make yourself sure how easy it will be to create stickers with your face. 

First of all, you will have to create your own 3D avatar in the app. By fully customizing an avatar, it will look absolutely like you. The choice of clothes, accessories, and hairdos is really unlimited. That’s why it will be available to change your virtual copy daily in accordance with your outfit. 

Then, the app will generate unique stickers with your avatar. You will have access to them in your favorite messengers and social media. That seems really marvelous. 

As a bonus, you will be able to take funny videos and photos with your avatar. You can’t imagine how wonderful the content will be with this feature.



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6. Sticker Maker

Sticker Maker This very app has been developed for Android device users only. Creating stickers haven’t been so easy before. 

With the help of Sticker Maker‘s built-in powerful tools, you will quickly create a pack of unique custom stickers. Its functioning principle is already familiar to you. You will have to cut out an area from a photo. After that, you will have complete freedom of action. You can decorate your stickers with hundreds of elements, add text with adjustable fonts and colors, and so on. It will be also available to erase the image background to make your stickers look as if they were created by professionals. 

As for the sticker packs, you will be able to keep up to 30 stickers in one pack. Also, for your convenience, it will be available to share full sticker packs instantly via WhatsApp. What is more, by tapping the ‘Add to WhatsApp’ button only, you will have access to your designed stickers at this great messenger. 

Sticker Maker


7. Emoji Me Animated Faces 

Emoji Me Animated FacesWhen it comes to apps from the App Store, Emoji Me Animated Faces is something that you have to try.

Before you start making stickers, you will have to create an animated emoji that will look just like you. Apart from choosing skin color, hairstyle, the cast of features, you will have hundreds of clothes and accessories items at your fingertips. 

After that, the app will generate dozens of stickers that will express a wide range of emotions. In addition, you can add any text you wish on stickers. 

It is a great advantage that the app’s stickers are supported in many messengers and social media (iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on). One more feature that you will definitely like is the app’s capability of creating stickers with several people. So it will be wonderful to use such stickers while chatting with your friend or with your special someone. 

Emoji Me Animated Faces

App Store

8. Sticker Studio – Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

Sticker StudioOne more top-rated app from Google Play is Sticker Studio. All stickers created with this brilliant app will be available to use in WhatsApp and Gboard. 

Again, with the help of the app’s powerful tools, you will easily make your custom sticker pack. Just load the photo, choose the area you want to be on a sticker, add a text or a drawing, and your sticker is ready. 

In this case, the main distinguishing feature is that you will be also able to ‘cut out’ an area of a certain shape: round, star, heart, and many others. Apart from this, you can scale stickers to the perfect size. 

Sticker Studio


9. Sticker.ly – Sticker Maker

Sticker.ly - Sticker MakerThe last app is Sticker.ly.

It will become a very convenient tool for you in making stickers. Just open the app, turn your fantasy on, and start to create. Load the photo you want, cut out a certain area, and have your sticker ready. 

To make the working process more convenient, it will be available to create sticker packs with your custom stickers. Also, this feature will let you add the full pack of stickers to your favorite social media at once.

In addition, there is a large community of creative people. The users share their packs. So you can get inspired and find new stickers here.

Sticker.ly - Sticker Maker

App Store

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