Electric Circuit Studio App Review

Electric Circuit Studio is a powerful and useful application that includes a set of tools used for drawing electrical circuits, SPICE simulation, and calculation of circuits. The app is full of various features, so let’s find out why this app is worth downloading.

Electric Circuit Studio allows you to create circuit diagrams, analyze the created circuits, and adjust the parameters of circuit elements to check the results in real-time.

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The app comes with SPICE simulator that is aimed at the visual representation of the results. If you want, you can place the simulated voltages and currents as a text or graph elsewhere in the circuit. Plus, the magnitude and polarity can be represented by visual indicators, so you can quickly check the results.

Moving on, Electric Circuit Studio offers various Calculator functions – Power calculator, Current divider, Ohm’s law, RMS calculator, and many others. So, you can easily estimate electric circuits and laws.


Besides, you can apply different converters – Frequency/period converter, Decibel converter, A/D, and D/A converters, and other options are waiting for you!

The app supports Transient, DC, and AC analyses. In the Transient analysis, the simulation modeling runs repeatedly. The results can be displayed consecutively with a controlled speed or all the results will be promptly displayed.

When you analyze AC, you can display the magnitude, real value, imaginary value, and phase of voltages and currents.


Electric Circuit Studio provides two modes – Normal and Limited. In the limited one, you can’t save, flip, insert, or move the element. The drawing frame is limited by the diagram size and the open diagram is not supported. This mode is only used to simulate the circuit.

The app boasts a simple and straightforward interface. It divides tools, information, and features into categories, so you will quickly find what you are looking for.

What is more, in this app, you will find an information center containing resources, connector pinouts, and an interactive book that explains the basic electrical theorems, laws, and circuits.

Plus, to develop your attentive skills you can play games where you have to find hidden objects. 

In summary, the Electric Circuit Studio app is a must-have tool for everyone who works or studies in the electronics sphere.