Stress Buster App Review

Who doesn’t like to burst bubbles? When the stresses of everyday life drive us into a corner, the best thing to relieve is to entertain yourself with simple action, not loaded with the meaning of saving the Universe. And the Stress Buster app is one of the best helpers in this matter. So sit back, make yourself comfortable, and pop-pop-pop.

To reduce the level of stress in your life you can also do yoga at home. The best apps for that can be found here. 

How many bubbles can you burst in a minute? Set your own records and then break them! Customize one of the many background designs and bubble looks. The size of the bubbles and their number on the screen is customizable too. The arrangement of bubbles can be straight or diagonal – choose your taste.


When you are not interested in bursting just for nothing, get tasks for drawings from the lines of bubbles. For example, draw a face, a letter, or a number.

But one of the most interesting settings is the accompanying sounds. We love to burst bubbles, not least because of the sound, right? So which will you choose? Click, pop, splash, or bam? And then there are the sounds of a bell, drum, or piano.


A certain key is tied to each place on the screen, so when you pop the bubbles chaotically, a unique melody is born. Maybe you will become a new great composer or a DJ. If you don’t, it’s not a problem, but these melodies perfectly soothe the nerves, for this, after all, everything was started, right?


All settings are available from the icons in the top row of the screen. No complicated menus or registrations. The app is fairly simple and obscenely clear. It performs its function perfectly – five to ten minutes in it during a work break or after a hard day – and now you feel better, like a cup of coffee.

And to reduce the stress you can also play a fun game, like a Stickman game. 

So go ahead, install the Stress Buster, and relish the popping.