15 Best hidden object games for Android

Do you have any hidden object games on your device? If your answer is affirmative, we still highly recommend you to become familiar with the games from our post. If you don’t even know the idea of this category of games, the post is getting more priceless to you.

To begin with, the concept of such a game is to find hidden objects concealed within a picture. What is more, usually, it is not just hide-and-seek. Thus, the scenes are connected by an exciting plot that makes the users admire every second of a game. As for the other advantages, these games considered to be excellent time killers. At the same time, they develop a bunch of skills, such as attention, ingenuity, creativity, and many others. 

So if our arguments sound persuasive, here are the best hidden object games for Android gadgets. Due to the intense rivalry on Google Play, the number of such games seems to be endless. Nevertheless, analyzing them on various criteria, we have chosen only those games that will afford great pleasure to you. 

1. Criminal Case

Criminal Case The first game on our list perfectly combines detective and hidden object genre. So if you are crazy about these categories, this very game will be the best choice for you.

The setting of the Criminal Case game represents the city full of crimes, abuses, and violence. You will become one of the members of the Police of Grimsborough in order to find the murder. By finding the necessary objects in this or that crime scene, you will have an opportunity to find clues that will be keys to a mystery. Of course, if you face any difficulties, hints will be always available.

Step by step, collecting the samples and analyzing them, a player will investigate the crime and find the murder. Do your best to make justice prevail.

As for the game’s features, it supports the rating system, so you will have a chance to compete with your friends, which is important. Many gamers are surprisingly motivated by this fact.

By the way, the developer Pretty Simple has a wide series of alternative games. Though the crime and the characters differ, the storyline is still so strong.

Criminal Case


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2. June’s Journey – Hidden Objects

June's JourneyAs for an alternative, here is one more hidden object game based on a detective story. It is called June’s Journey. Moreover, there is no doubt that it is one of the popular games in this category.

To begin with, this game is not so gloomy as the previous one. It has a charming flavor of the 1920s. So if you are fond of this epoch, we highly recommend you to install this game.

In this game, you will find hundreds of puzzles to be solved. Gradually, gathering the clues, you will help June Parker, the main character, to unveil the family mystery.

Apart from the general plot, you will witness episodes full of romance as well as danger. That’s why you will absolutely delve into the gaming process.

As a bonus, the game will provide you with all the necessary materials to decorate both your estate and garden. Isn’t it great to control not only mysteries but setting as well?

June's Journey


3. Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Object Game

Pearl's PerilWhen it comes to reviewing the Pearl’s Peril game, we also adore it so much. Nevertheless, just like the previous game, this one will be more appropriate for female users.

It all will starts with a man committed suicide. It seems that there is nothing strange in this story. However, his daughter doesn’t think so. And it will be you will help you to unveil the mystery and find the murder.

Well, the concept of this game is the same. You will need to find hidden objects in this or that scene. The clues gathered will surely lead you to the key to the mystery.

The game will be so suitable for those who prefer diversity. Together with the main character, you will have a chance to enjoy the round-the-world journey and discover various settings based on famous sightseeings. That sounds like a miracle, but that’s the way it is.

Apart from this, the game includes some elements of an empire-building game. We mean that you will be able to build your own island and make it fit your taste.

Pearl's Peril


Are you also interested in empire-building games? If you give an affirmative answer, here is the full list of such games.

4. Time Gap: Hidden Object Mystery

Time GapDo you like mysteries as we like them? If you do, install the Time Gap game right now!

The game will make you dip into the past and puzzle out a mystery. As usual, you will need to find all the object concealed in the scene in order to find clues. Clues will be the only thing that lets you succeed.

What makes the game outstanding is that its users learn dozens of interesting facts of the past. So if you want to kill two birds with one stone, the game is something that worth being installed.

Besides the hidden object scenes, you will have many other mini-games at your fingertips. That’s why you won’t feel bored at all.

The game will also allow you to compete with your friends when playing the game. When having the status of the best player, you will be able to discover some additional locations and events unavailable for common users.

Time Gap


5. Murder in the Alps

Murder in the Alps Are you searching for a game full of well-though dialogs and perfectly designed characters? Well, here it is – the Murder in the Alps game.

Before we start, it must be mentioned that the hidden object feature does not prevail here. The game mostly consists of interacting with other characters, visit places, and so on. Nevertheless, if it’s not a problem for you, you will like this very game at first sight.

The main character Anna Myers is on a holiday. She stays in a hotel situated among the picturesque Alps. It all starts great until one of the customers disappears. Together with Anna, you will become detectives and unravel a mystery.

As for finding hidden objects, like in the previous games, you will do it in order to gather some clues. The scenes will be absolutely different – from snow-covered mountain slopes up to grim abandoned places.

But the real key to a mystery will be interacting with other characters. Put the clues and your guesses together, and solve the mystery!

By the way, we can’t help mentioning the games amazing graphics. Though it is perfectly proved with a photo below, you should try it by yourself.

Murder in the Alps


6. Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light

Demon Hunter 4Don’t you think that Egyptian civilization is full of mysteries? Undeniably, yes. If you want to feel yourself one of the inhabitants of this ancient mythological culture, welcome to Demon Hunter 4.

Playing for the Egyptian girl Lila, you need to discover various places in order to bring mysteries to light. Otherwise, the dark forces will win while mankind will be destroyed.

You will have a great opportunity to rescue the world by helping Lila. Meeting the gods of ancient Egypt won’t be enough. The only thing remained is to find all the hidden objects on this or that scene. Only in this way, you will be able to solve the Riddles of Light.

Apart from this, the game is quite long. That’s why you will definitely enjoy its plot and witness all the events together with the main character.

Demon Hunter 4


7. Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala

Enigmatis 3You might be wondering why we have listed the Enigmatis 3 game here. Well, let’s review its features to make everything clear.

In this case, you will meet two detectives that are trying to unravel a mystery of a demonic escaped preacher. Together with the characters, you will appear in an ancient monastery situated in the remotest mountains.

Well, due to the setting, the scenes with hidden objects will be especially breathtaking. By the way, there will be almost 50 of them! It remains to find the objects, collect clues, and solve the case.

In addition, the game also includes 25 mini-games and puzzles that will help you greatly in finding a key to a mystery. Furthermore, it will be so fascinating and at the same time, challenging to complete the tasks of this game.

Enigmatis 3


8. Hidden Island: Seek and Find Adventure Games Free

Hidden IslandThe plot of this Hidden Island game is based on Greek mythology. Though the action happens these days, there are still so many unsolved mysteries of the past.

Together with characters, you will travel across the Crete. Finding concealed objects on this or that location, you will be able to gather clues and to crack a mystery. Moreover, being surrounded by ancient cultural monuments, you will receive an aesthetic pleasure for sure.

The main distinguishing feature of this game is that you won’t be limited in time while searching for hidden objects. Other games mostly based on this rule. In this case, you will be awarded bonuses for your speed. It is done to make you relax and enjoy the artifacts without a rush. The developers use so proper tactics, aren’t they?

Also, the game is famous for its 360° panoramic views with 3D graphics. Of course, it is a double pleasure for its users.

Finally, the thing that will also perfectly complete the gaming process is music that pleases.

Hidden Island


9. Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden City Hidden City is one more game full of mysteries, miracles, and evils. And it’s up to you to decide if good triumph over evil.

The beginning of the plot is very sinister. ‘Your’ friend is dragged into the phantom city by black smoke. That’s terrible, but there is more to come. The black smoke is much more dangerous than it seems.

You will have a chance to examine more than 67 fantastic locations and find hundreds of hidden objects there. Due to them, the inhabitants of the town, including your friend, will be rescued.

Apart from this, you should work in cooperation with quite many characters or battle against. This fact makes the game so interactive.

By the way, one of the reasons for the game’s popularity is its content. To be more precise, the number of scenes and the objects hidden. So if you are searching for a game capable of killing the time, it is a must-have for you.

Moreover, the game is updated regularly.

Like many other analogs of this category, this one includes 15 mini-games. We guess they diversify content making the game more appealing.

Finally, the team mode is also supported by the game. Thus, you can cooperate with your friends and battle evil together.

Hidden City


10. The Secret Society – Hidden Objects Mystery

The Secret SocietyAs for an alternative, we offer you to install one more well-know game called The Secret Society. Install it to make yourself sure how gorgeous it is.

Well, the plot is the first thing that will make you addicted to this game. The uncle of your character suddenly goes missing. You will need to assume all the available and unavailable measures to find him.

As usual, to do this, hidden objects are waiting for you. There are almost 1 000 objects concealed within 85 locations. By the way, in our opinion, every location is a true masterpiece.

One more thing that will help you to puzzle the mystery out is a great collection of mini-games included in this brilliant game.

Be careful, the gaming process is so engrossing 🙂

The Secret Society


11. Hidden Folks

Hidden FolksWhat about something extraordinary? Let us think… Here is the game that absolutely differs from the previous ones. Its name is Hidden Folks.

Well, you will have a chance to discover the black-and-white world full of small creatures. Each of them is unique. So by studying more than 25 hand-drawn areas, you will need to find hundreds of hidden objects. The task is really challenging. However, there is nothing impossible for you.

One more schtick is that these creatures will interact with each other. Moreover, their actions will be completed by cool mouth-originated sound effects. So it’ll be a really super-duper experience.

In case your eyes tired, the game supports 3 color modes: normal, sepia, and night mode. There is no need to be worried about tired eyes.

One more nice bonus is that the game is translated into 22 languages. The reason for it is its popularity worldwide.

Hidden Folks


12. Mystery Manor: hidden objects

Mystery Manor One more top-rated hidden object game is called Mystery Manor. As it is clear from its name, the plot will consist of many mysteries to be solved.

As it happens in many games of this category, someone suddenly disappears. In this case, it will be the owner of Mystery Manor, the powerful Mister X. Together with the residents, you will need to unveil all the mysteries and find Mister X.

First of all, you will have to find the clues that are the key to a mystery. Use your detective skills, attention and intuition to complete the tasks perfectly. Study every room to find all the hidden objects required. Only these tactics will make you succeed.

During the whole gaming process, the Mystery Manor will make a precious mess of things. Thus, even if you repeat this or that room, the items will be put in different places and can look absolutely different.

Additionally, the game includes several challenging mini-games to warm-up. As for the game itself, it will make you rack your brains for 200%.

Mystery Manor


13. Mystery Case Files

Mystery Case FilesIn this mystery game, you play for Alister Dalimar, who has been declared insane. But you are clearly fine.

You must destroy the villains’ evil plans and get out of the asylum. Here you will have to search for hidden objects in the cramped corners of this boarding house.

In addition, here you also have to go through the mini-games and look for clues afterward. The game starts by first requiring you to gather various information and proof that something is really going on here.

At the same time, you have to solve a huge number of puzzles and brainteasers of varying degrees of difficulty.

Mystery Case Files


14. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery

Hidden Hotel One more game with the engaging storyline is called Hidden Hotel. You got it right. It also has elements of the hidden object game. But that’s not half of the story.

As usual, your task will be to find all the hidden objects required. So it’s high time to activate your skills and start to act.

Apart from this, in this game, you will have to become the owner of a shabby hotel and renovate it. Step by step, by completing the levels, you will turn the hotel situated in the middle of nowhere into the luxury one with thousands of customers.

So if this combination of features suits you, this very game will be the most appropriate for you.

Hidden Hotel


15. Hidden Objects Fairy Tale

Hidden Objects Fairy Tale Are you tired of mysteries, detective stories, and crimes? Well, we take your requirements into account. Let us introduce the game Hidden Objects Fairy Tale. It will be a great tool allowing you to relax after the exhausting working day.

In this case, there won’t be a storyline at all. You will simply find accurately-painted colorful pictures. Moreover, it seems that they are the illustrations for a fairytale. Just have a look at the photo below to make yourself sure. The 3D HD graphics will allow you to enjoy every little detail of a scene.

As for the objects hidden, there will be about 1000 of them located on hundreds of pictures.

What makes the search easier is zooming in and out to look thoroughly. If you still stuck, use the hint by tapping on the magnifying glass.

Finally, one more advantage is that the game supports 15 languages. It’s one of the reasons why it is so praised by users from all over the world.

Hidden Objects Fairy Tale


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