Home Management & Inventory Software Review

My house is my castle! But do you know what is in your castle? Do you remember when you need to make repairs, make a loan payment or when you bought your favorite sofa? To keep records of such details, the developers of the Lonewolf team created software that allows you to be ready for any life situation!

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The first thing you need to always have at hand is the documents for the house: insurance, a purchase or lease agreement, a guarantee, and so on. Home Management and Inventory Software allows you to store an unlimited number of files, images, and videos with important documents, receipts, and images of items.


Thanks to this program, you will be able to control your residential maintenance costs, the estimated cost of the home, and the dates of important transactions related to your real estate.

The information can be presented in various forms – tables, lists, charts, depending on your goals. In addition, you can create a to-do list, which clearly states what types of repair and decorative work are required to make your home even more comfortable.

Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, it is convenient to use this application at any age! Depending on your preferences, you can divide the things available in the house by categories (household appliances, furniture, tools, etc.), or by the rooms in which they are located (living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.). This is convenient when moving so that not a single thing is lost.


Of course, no one wants to get into emergencies, but no one is immune from this. Therefore, in the event of a fire, theft, or any warranty disputes, you will always have information about the item at hand. You can also let the application calculate the current value of the property itself in case you need to sell something.

And in case you also want to do yoga at home, with these apps it will get possible.

The free version of the application is available for thirty days, but the price for your peace of mind and confidence is negligible compared to the size of insurance payments.