15 Best microphone apps for Android & iOS

Sound production is a big thing today. Partially, because qualitative microphones are getting more and more available to the wide public. Moreover, even mobile phones can make pretty decent recordings nowadays!

But in fact, a microphone may be needed in a variety of life situations. Maybe, you are working in your own podcast or writing your own book so you need to fix spontaneous thoughts that come into your mind. In the business world, a good microphone might be required for an overseas call with colleagues and it requires a high quality of sound.

Or, maybe, you want to do an impressing presentation or record your voice for a video. In other words, there can be millions of situations when you urgently need a microphone and all that you got is a smartphone in your hand. Good thing that smartphone is capable of anything today. With these apps listed below, you will find out how to turn your gadget into a recording microphone.

1. Pro Microphone

This is by far not the newest app on the market but it has proven itself to be one of the most effective ones and even the latest apps sometimes are not capable to compete with Pro Microphone.

So, what is the reason for its success? Well, it has everything that a user might need: it is simple to use and it is multi-functional. It can turn your smartphone into several types of microphones and, at the same time, you will immediately understand how to use it.

Pro Microphone includes 3 different microphone modes: studio mic, condenser mic, and a dynamic mic. It is comprehensive for a number of life situations: from when you need to practice your vocal exercises or when you have a karaoke party with your friends.

Apart from that, Pro Microphone is also a voice-recording app, with an ability to play background music during recording or singing (which makes it a perfect choice for a karaoke-party). Moreover, for the better quality of the sound and adjustment to your voice, it has an equalizer.

And don’t worry if you suddenly get interrupted during the recording – the app will make a saving automatically.




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2. WO Mic

This is another kind of a microphone app, which is, by the way, can be really useful. It works in the following way: you connect it to the app on your computer and turn your smartphone into a real microphone which will be transmitting the recordings to your PC.

On the computer, accompanying programs get the audio data, simulate one virtual microphone device and forward data to all kinds of audio software just like a real hardware microphone.

Of course, eventually, everything depends on the technical possibilities of your device, but probably, most of the latest smartphones are quite good at that. So this app gives you a real chance to save money on buying a real microphone, by letting you just using this software and record the sound with your phone.

Possible disadvantage: since the app works through the WiFI connection, everything depends on its quality. If the place where you record has no WiFi – you won’t be able to use it.




3. EZ Mic

A similar app that also allows you to use your smartphone as a microphone for your PC, but more multi-functional. It doesn’t work via the WiFi, it connects wirelessly with computers or through the USB cable.

What you need to do here is to open the app and register a new PC in the list of devices. Then you will be able to connect and make some basic adjustments of a sound. For example, you can set up the pitch shifter or echo effect.

The disadvantage of this app is that it is compatible only with Windows.




4. Megaphone

A great app for iOS devices that transforms your gadget into a microphone as soon as you connect it to the speakers. With crystal-clear sound and easy setup, you can make yourself heard in minutes.

The phone can be connected to the speakers through the headphone jack or lightning port. The switch the app on and try to speak next to your phone to check if everything works correctly. Moreover, you can connect to the wireless speakers as well via Bluetooth.

Again, it is a great way to save money on a real microphone if you feel like you’re not ready yet to splurge on a real mic. Maybe, you are starting working as a show host and you might need a microphone in the future but you are not sure if everything works out. Then apps like this are a great compromise.

Megaphone is also compatible with Apple TV and AirPlay. However, it is not really recommended to use it on your iPad – the sound may be low-quality or the app doesn’t work at all.



5. Microphone Live

A simple, but a useful microphone app. It will probably suit those who don’t need a multi-functional microphone app and all they are looking for is to get a better sound by simply using their gadget.

First, plug your iOS device into a stereo system and then, fire up the VonBruno Microphone app. The app also works via Bluetooth connection and AirPlay.

The only configuration you can regulate here is the volume of a microphone. Microphone Live can run in the background as well as it supports the lock screen mode.



6. Microphone

A great microphone app for Android that is, compared to the previous one for iOS, is abundant in functions and settings. This software will make a professional mic out of your device.

When you launch the app, you can see a 3D graphic model of a mic and you can make settings and adjustments of the sound by choosing the necessary sections on the menu. For example, you can not only regulate the overall volume of a microphone but also adjust the acoustics or use an advanced equalized for a more customized sound.

Microphone also supports the widget mode, sampling rate selection and operating in the background and lock screen modes.

The only disappointing aspect is the interface of the app. Well, it is fine that it was released quite a long time ago to the market but it seems like developers put no effort to update the design of it and make the app go step by step with the time.



7. M*Modal Mobile Microphone

The first thing that you may think of here is that the icon of this app is weirdly similar to the icon of another app that was already mentioned in this list. But in fact, this is completely different software.

The M*Modal Fluency Direct Mobile Microphone is a mobile application that allows clinicians to dictate using the M*Modal Fluency Direct Desktop Application without the need for a physical microphone attached to the PC.

You can connect the microphone (your phone) to your PC using the app, Bluetooth or USB. This software pays extra attention to the security of the data transmitted so for all those who are concerned about it – this app is for you.

What is more, the app is capable to interact with other apps that convert the speech into text. And it’s essential to notice that this microphone software does quite a good job at speech recognition.




8. Live Microphone, Mic Announce

This is a microphone app and a recording app. And its idea is to use it more just for fun. For example, when you want to have a karaoke party with your friends or just make funny recordings, which don’t require high-quality of sound, you can use this simple app that doesn’t occupy much of a space in your gadget’s memory.

Turn your phone into a mic in a second by simply plugging it into speakers or any kind of stereo system. You can do that both by using the AUX cable and wirelessly by Bluetooth. By the way, you may need this app not only in party situations but also for public address systems for concert halls and public events, and many more.

The interface of the app looks quite simple though it seems well-designed. The major disadvantage of the app is that it includes a lot of ads.

Live Microphone, Mic Announce8


9. EZ Voice

This is one of the best microphone apps on the market. Comparing to the previous ones it is highly multi-functional and allows you to manipulate your voice in lots of ways. EZ voice gives you a chance to practice your vocal skills, record your voice and perform with your phone used as a mic if you got this app.

A distinctive feature of this app that it can become not only your personal microphone, but it can make instrumentals of songs for you. All you have to do is to choose a song from your phone’s library and then EZ Voice will remove all the vocals from there so you can perform with this song, for instance, in front of your friends.

As a microphone, EZ Voice includes many vocal effects that you can adjust in settings. Browse the built-in effects presets to let EZ Voice polish your voice for you, or unlock individual effects to unleash your creativity. Simultaneously, you can choose up to 3 effects.

In total there are 9 of them: the “tune” effects keep your voice in key and adjusts it to the correct vocal pitch, “morph” can switch the gender of your voice (so if you are a man you’re going to sound like a woman and the opposite), “choir” effect adds extra voices and harmonies. Moreover, traditional effects like Reverb, Delay, Chorus, EQ, Filter, and Level are included.

In the song menu, you can manage your performance. Record yourself over and over again and compare your results. If you are satisfied with the result you can add effects to it and share a song with your friends. For best performance, use the IK range of microphones like iRig Voice.



10. nVoq

A different kind of app, that is also may be really helpful. The idea of it is that it can turn your phone into a wireless microphone. Basically, it was developed to solve a problem when you don’t want to use your desktop microphone because it is too uncomfortable in usage.

And it is important to note that nVoq is more a microphone for speech recognition rather than singing. With it, your iPhone instantly becomes a high-quality, HIPAA-compliant noise-canceling microphone ready to deliver accurate sound. A simple, but useful software.



11. Wireless Mic

Another app for Android users allows using a smartphone as a wireless microphone. Even though the interface of it maybe not be the best designed, it includes impressively many functions.

First of all, here you can regulate the configurations of a wireless connection when you connect to speakers of a PC.

The list of all the devices that your phone has ever been connected to will be displayed in the upper right corner. During the usage, the app is going to show how loud your voice is on a special sensor.

Wireless Mic11


12. MicSwap

MicSwap is a really cool and powerful app that will help you to turn your phone not just into a mic, but into a recording studio.  Here you can record or import audio, swap microphones for different sounds, change studios, edit, color label, sort, share and store your recordings anywhere.

In the free version of the app 3 types of microphones are available. In order to get access to the rest 14 you will need to buy a subscription. MicSwap Pro can also be used as a plugin with other apps.

Besides, you can use it to record your voice and then save your recording in Wav or M4a formats. The input gain is adjustable and you are able to monitor the process of your recording live. An interesting feature here, that, for more convenience, you can color-code your recordings.

The app is compatible with AU, also the AudioCopy enabled. The fun feature here is that you can always change the background of the studio on the screen. Moreover, the app brings some decent editing possibilities – since it is a mini-studio, here you can edit and trim the vocals you recorded.

Each type of microphone contains a detailed description of it, so you will never be left in the blue about how it is going to sound like (especially if you are using a paid version of an app). Sort the recordings that you made by date, title, duration, mic used, and, as it was mentioned before, color.

The only possible disadvantage of this app is that sometimes when you are recording, some weird flopping sounds on the background may occur.



13. Karaoke Microphone

The name of the app speaks for itself. But actually, this is a very good app that differs from other karaoke microphone apps. Why? Well, it allows you to use your phone as a microphone, giving the output throughout the speakers of it at the same time, so you got input and output – all in one gadget.

But unlike the previous one, this Karaoke Microphone app is mostly for fun. It doesn’t guarantee you the high-quality sound recordings or something. But for parties with friends, it is irreplaceable. Sing together and compete, how much scores everyone gets. Yes, this app provides scores for karaoke.

When you are singing a song here, you can see the picture of a microphone on the screen of your phone, so it is basically your mic. Hold it properly, sing, and have fun.



14. AirMic

A standard app for iOS. It doesn’t occupy much of your phone’s memory space and can be useful in situations when you desperately need a mic. It will make the microphone out of your iPhone, so if you need to perform in front of an audience, you can use your device as a mic (if there are no other options).

You can connect the phone wireless to speakers, to PC, to other gadgets or connect it with a cable and Airmic will provide the transmission of sound. What is more, the app can connect to a PC remotely automatically (if PC has a compatible software).

With this app. it is possible to connect 4 devices to one computer. Thus, you can organize a presentation where you need several mics or a party with your friends. Disadvantages: the delay in voice transmission can occur.



15. Microphone Pro S

A very handful of microphone app for Android devices, particularly, for Samsung phones. According to the standard scheme, it gives you the opportunity to connect your phone as a microphone to external speakers, to computers and other sound output devices.

Microphone Pro S has been updated recently, so now it provides high-quality sound to its users. Thus you can stay calm about the quality of the sound even if you need to give a speech in front of a big audience. For practicing vocals or singing your favorite songs together with friends it is even better.

The only aspect that you need to keep in mind while using this app is that it works only with Samsung phones and it doesn’t allow usage of more than one phone per one pair of speakers as a mic simultaneously.



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