Til Keyboard App Review

I came across the Til Keyboard app in my quest for an alternative keyboard, and I was thoroughly impressed by the experience it offers. This isn’t your typical virtual keyboard; it’s more like a wizard’s tool for touchscreen mobile phone typing. Let me explain why this app has left me so amazed.

Til Keyboard prioritizes efficiency and user experience, built on years of comprehensive research into keyboard usage. Its primary goal is to keep you focused by minimizing the need to switch between various keyboard screens.

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You know how frustrating it can be when you have to toggle between letters, symbols, and punctuation keys while typing? Well, Til Keyboard eliminates this hassle with a touch of magic – simple gestures. By using directional strokes, you can emphasize words, punctuate sentences, reposition the cursor, and correct mistakes without leaving the main keyboard screen.

One standout feature is the use of specific keys that respond to strokes. For instance, if you need a question mark, just swipe your finger from the period key to the left and upwards. It’s intuitive and incredibly fast.

Til Keyboard

Til Keyboard excels in cursor movement and text erasure. You can effortlessly navigate your text without disrupting it, thanks to the special key next to ‘Z.’ Need to delete text? ‘N’ has you covered, allowing you to remove a single letter or an entire word with ease.

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Til also shines when it comes to punctuations and accented characters. Most common punctuation marks can be accessed through strokes initiated from the period key, making your typing experience smoother. Producing accented characters and special symbols like ‘Ç’ and ‘Ñ’ is a breeze as well.

Til Keyboard is a distinctive virtual keyboard designed to enhance the touchscreen mobile device typing experience. Unlike traditional keyboards, Til incorporates single-key selection combined with directional strokes to facilitate swift and efficient text input.

Drawing from a comprehensive three-year study of mobile typing behavior, Til aims to address the common issues users face when switching between character sets, fixing typos, and adding punctuation to their sentences. Many users lose focus and slow down their typing speed when transitioning between different keyboard screens.

Til’s primary screen showcases a set of keys marked with red arrows, indicating their responsiveness to directional strokes. For example, sliding your finger from the period key in a particular direction can produce a question mark. Special keys empower users to navigate the text cursor and erase text one letter or word at a time.

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The spacebar key plays a pivotal role by dynamically adjusting the keyboard layout based on the stroke’s direction initiated on it, reducing the need for frequent switches between different keyboard layouts. Punctuation marks and accented characters are easily accessible with straightforward strokes.

In a nutshell, Til Keyboard is a breath of fresh air in the world of touchscreen typing. It keeps you focused, boosts your typing speed, and simplifies corrections. If you’re tired of juggling multiple keyboard screens and seek a more efficient way to type on your phone, Til is a fantastic choice.

Til Keyboard