15 Best Stud Finder Apps for Android & iOS 2024

Stud finder apps will be a useful aid for you both in your daily life and for your repair work. You will be able to quickly and easily find not only studs but also other metal objects.

1. Stud Finder & Metal Detector

Stud Finder & Metal DetectorThanks to the Stud Finder & Metal Detector app you can find with an ordinary smartphone not only the wiring behind the wall.

But also any communications at a depth of up to 10 centimeters.

For example, plastic and metal pipes, wooden beams, fittings, screws, nails and much more.

The application Stud Finder & Metal Detector does not just make a sound or signal a light bulb that behind the plaster is a nail.

You can find and see the location of wires, pipes, and other communications on your phone screen. Besides, this is where a smart algorithm can help you, with which it is easy to work.

This is a free app that works without any restrictions.

Stud Finder & Metal Detector

Here you will get unlimited functionality and a wide range of features. Besides, there is no built-in shopping and annoying advertising.

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2. Stud Finder App: Stud Detector

Stud Finder App: Stud DetectorThe Stud Finder App will help you easily find studs and other metal objects on any surface.

Press the Start button to start the search process in the application Stud Finder App.

Then start to move the scanner around the search area in evenly circular motions.

You can also enable the calibration mode before starting the search.

Calibration is required to remove extraneous noise and adjust the sensors correctly. If the process is not completed, the data will be displayed with interference.

Interference is also possible if the battery is not sufficiently charged.

How long does it take to calibrate? The scanner will tell you this by displaying the information you need.

Stud Finder App Stud Detector

If you choose the wall type as “concrete” and start scanning something else, the app Stud Finder App will correct you. Then it will report an error.

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3. The Best Metal Detector

The Best Metal DetectorWith The Best Metal Detector application, you can determine where metal nails are located.

To search, bring your smartphone with the app-enabled to where the nails may be.

The main mode is the panning mode. Touch a point on the screen. And without removing your finger, move the device smoothly across the plane you want to check.

At the same time, the device will show all the irregularities that it finds inside the wall. It will also state the distance between them.

After analyzing the surface, the “image” mode is activated. Here, without dimensions, each object is determined separately.

On the screen, depending on the picture, you can understand what is behind the wall.

The Best Metal Detector The Best Metal Detector

For more accurate readings, use the calibration of your phone in The Best Metal Detector app settings. Calibration should be performed every time you scan a new wall surface.

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4. Metal Detector

Metal DetectorThe Metal Detector application is a free and very handy tool.

The main way to find nails in this application is to use the “expert” scanning mode.

This mode works without data processing and is more functional. It is the best way to look for nails, wiring, and cable.

Especially on walls made of heterogeneous material.

In this mode, the radio signal is directly reflected from everything inside the wall. The image looks like a red spot.

Where there is a stud, the screen will show a surface with red and blue pixels. This is the location of the stud.

Metal Detector Metal Detector

While scanning, your smartphone may show a “!” sign. So the application Metal Detector suspects that this may be the intersection of heterogeneous elements. But it doesn’t know exactly what it is.

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5. Stud Detector

Stud DetectorWith the Stud Detector application, you can find metal objects in walls.

The main function of this application is to find nails. This mode is located on the home screen of the application Stud Detector.

You just need to press the “Start” button. Then move your phone near the expected location of the nail.

On your phone’s screen to the right, you’ll see not only the location of the nail itself but also the depth of the nail.

The closer the object is to your mobile device, the clearer the picture on the screen will be.

If the entire area of the screen is covered with red, the largest sensitivity level is set in the settings.

Without removing your phone from the wall, go to the menu settings and reduce the sensitivity on a scale of 100 to 0.

Stud Detector Stud Detector

Adjusting the sensitivity is necessary to filter out small objects. Thus increase the visualization of the desired communication.

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6. All tools

All toolsThe application All tools is one of the best nail seekers.

You can use it wherever and whenever you want. After downloading and installing the app, click the “Search” button on the home screen.

Then move your mobile device near the place where the nail can be. You can also use the app All tools to find other metal objects.

For the app to work correctly and accurately, you must have a magnetic sensor in your smartphone.

If there is no such tool on your phone, the application will warn you. But, all modern smartphones have the necessary characteristics. So you should not have any problems.

For the app to work more accurately, you need to calibrate your smartphone. You can do this in the settings.

Thus, the application All tools will automatically analyze all the characteristics of your phone.

All tools All tools

Then you will see the “Done” screen and can start searching for nails.

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7. Stud Finder – Metal Detector

Stud Finder - Metal DetectorThe Stud Finder – Metal Detector application has several convenient modes for searching for nails.

The panoramic view defines each type of object in stripes. It also indicates the approximate location of the nails. Suitable for a quick view of walls.

The Image Mode analyzes objects and converts the results into a picture of a specific color and type.

These parameters correspond to the material of the object detected behind the wall.

Features of the app Stud Finder – Metal Detector:

  • Scanning walls made of concrete, drywall, and other materials.
  • Scans object at depths up to 10 cm
  • Detects metal objects, wooden studs, wires, and pipes, and shows movement
  • Adjusts the sensitivity of the sensor.

The expert mode shows signals that have not been processed by the sensor. The resulting image may state a more accurate location of the nails.

Stud Finder - Metal Detector

The app Stud Finder – Metal Detector can also detect the intersection between two objects as well as movement in real-time.

8. Stud Detector

Stud DetectorThe Stud Detector app recognizes metal pipes, wires, and similar metal objects inside walls.

The largest depth available to the scanner is 10 centimeters. The application Stud Detector also knows how to catch movements, so it can be used for insect and rodent hunting.

The application Stud Detector not only sees the contents of the walls.

But also visualizes what you see on your phone screen in real-time to within a millimeter.

This app uses the phone’s magnetic sensor to detect magnetic fields. It also displays its induction in the microbody.

The data is displayed on the screen and the application Stud Detector has only one screen.

Stud Detector Stud Detector

You can see the information on it and also enable or disable the sound indicator.

Google Play

9. Wire Metal Detector

Wire Metal DetectorThe Wire Metal Detector app works simply.

You need to bring your smartphone with the app on to the wall surface. On the phone display, you will see everything hidden in concrete or brickwork.

The detector will surprise you with its versatility. The screen will show not only wires and metal nails. But also plastic pipes that are not visible to other devices.

The working depth of the application is 10 cm.

The image is broadcasted with millimeter accuracy, real-time viewing function is available.

The device is designed for both electricians and household use by a home craftsman.

Wire Metal Detector Wire Metal Detector

Application developers warn that sensors have different sensitivities on different smartphones. Besides, they react better to ferromagnetics and do not notice aluminum at all.

Google Play

10. Metal Detector

Metal DetectorThe Metal Detector app will help you find nails in walls and other non-metallic surfaces.

It is suitable for everyday use as well as for work. The accuracy of the reading depends on the quality of the magnetic sensor that should be on your phone.

You can check the availability of this tool in the application settings. It is very easy to start the nail search process.

To do this, click the appropriate button on the app’s home screen. If there is any error, you will need to calibrate your smartphone.

You can also do this in the application settings. You can also find all the necessary instructions here.

Metal Detector

They will help you if you have any problems or questions about using the app Metal Detector.

11. Magnetic Stud Finder

Magnetic Stud FinderThe Magnetic Stud Finder application will help you find nails on any surface quickly and easily.

You will also be able to find metal objects that are difficult to notice without special devices.

For the application to work well, your phone must be equipped with a special magnetic sensor.

To determine if this tool is available, you can start the calibration process in the app settings.

For more accurate readings, your phone should not have any protective covers.

All the necessary functionality is right on the main application screen. Here you need to press the “Start” button.

This will start the process of searching for studs on non-metallic surfaces.

Magnetic Stud Finder Magnetic Stud Finder

Move your mobile device in the area where a nail can be located. Once detected, the application Magnetic Stud Finder will beep.

Google Play

12. Stud Finder

Stud FinderFind nails in the walls using the Stud Finder application.

It identifies the magnetic fields that a metal object emits. The application Stud Finder is particularly accurate in finding metal nails.

You can start this process right on the home screen of the application Stud Finder. Once started, a camera image will appear on the screen.

Here you can see if there is an object near you that emits the required metal nails. Such objects will appear in red.

As you get closer to the source, the red color will become brighter and more intense. To use these features, your phone must be equipped with a special sensor.

This tool detects the magnetic fields that are emitted by a metal nail.

Stud Finder

You can also calibrate the application Stud Finder in the settings for this purpose. This way the readings are more accurate.

13. Metal Detector

Metal DetectorThe Metal Detector application is designed not only to find nails but also other metal objects in the walls.

It has rich functionality and is very easy to use. When you first launch the application Metal Detector, it will tell you how to use the tool correctly.

You will also get some useful tips. On the main screen of the app Metal Detector, there is a “Start” button, which starts the process of searching for metal studs.

On the screen, you will see an indicator that shows the distance to the nearest nail.

Place your phone on the wall and move it around the space.

When a stud is found, you will receive an audible alert.

Metal Detector Metal Detector

This is a free application that works without any restrictions. It does not need any built-in shopping and does not contain advertising.

Google Play

14. EMF Detector – ElectroSmart

EMF Detector - ElectroSmart

EMF Detector – ElectroSmart is one of the best applications for finding studs in walls and other hard surfaces.

It is also a useful metal detector. To detect it, it uses special sensors that are built into your mobile device.

Most modern smartphones have a metal detector built-in.

This application will be a great helper for repairs and daily business. It is very multifunctional and allows you to determine even the location of wiring in the wall.

When the application EMF Detector – ElectroSmart detects a nail in your selected area, you will hear an audible alert.

EMF Detector - ElectroSmart

The ease of use will make it much easier for you to find studs on any hard surface.

Google Play

15. Stud Finder

Stud FinderLocate the studs anywhere with the Stud Finder application.

This easy-to-use app will make your life much easier. It will also be an excellent helper for those people who repair the premises.

The application Stud Finder works on all devices that have a built-in magnetic sensor.

Before you start searching for metal objects, you should read the instructions.

It will appear on the application’s home screen the first time you start it.

If your mobile device does not have a built-in metal detector, the app Stud Finder will let you know.

For more accurate readings, you need to calibrate your phone with a special function.

Stud Finder Stud Finder

In the help section, you will find many useful tips to help you simplify the process of finding metal nails.

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