4 Best key finder apps for Android & iOS

Keys are considered to be a thing that is easy to lose. However, modern technologies can cope even with this everyday problem. The thing is that there are many GPS and Bluetooth-based devices for keeping track of various items, including keys. These devices have to be attached to the things you care about the most. They look like an ordinary trinket. But actually, they show the location of an item lost. 

There are some apps working in collaboration with these devices. Available on the App Store or Google Play, they can be regarded as the best key finder apps. Load them and forget about lost keys forever.

1. Tile

Tile Tile is one of the most famous item finder apps in the whole world. Before start using it, you will have to buy a tiny Bluetooth tracker itself. It is also called Tile. Then attach the device to your keys, and it is ready to help you.

Thus, with the help of this app, you will be able to make the Tile device ring until you find your keys. It will be also possible to increase the volume. The app and the tracker work within the 10-meter Bluetooth range. So it will be suitable for finding your keys indoors.

It happens that keys are lost somewhere not at home. In this case, another feature will help you to find a loss. The app will automatically record the last time and place it saw your keys, so you will definitely know its last location. Moreover, it will be shown on the map!

Apart from this, it will be available to ask the community of Tile users to help you. You will remain anonymous, so nobody can find the keys and break in the door of your house. 

If we consider other easy-to-lose items, this gadget can be used for finding them as well. Moreover, it can be even stuck to things. 

Also, such a good feature as Ring my phone will be available for the app’s users. 


Google Play App Store

2. Findthing – Smart Finder

Findthing - Smart FinderOne more similar app is called Findthing. Again, a special Bluetooth-based tracker is needed here.

You will have to attach this device to your keys. After that, by using the app, you will be able to find the location of your keys, if they were lost not far from you. 

Besides, there are some additional functions available. If your keys are lost and a person with this app passes by, you will receive a notification on your phone.

Findthing - Smart Finder

Google Play App Store

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3. iTag.One – bluetooth key finder & anti-lost alarm

iTag.One One more key finder app is called iTag.One. It requires a special device as well. By using it in collaboration with this great app, you won’t be annoyed anymore when searching for your keys.

To begin with, the device should be attached to your keys. When you will be searching for keys, simply open the app and tap the Search button. This action will make the device buzz, so you will instantly find the thing you need. 

Moreover, it works even vice versa! By saying this, we mean that the device is capable of finding your smartphone as well. Thus, you will need to press the button on the device, and your phone will start to ring. It sounds marvelous, isn’t it?

Apart from this, the app will notify you if your keys happen to be out of range of 15 meters. It will be so appropriate, in case you lose your keys outdoors or they are stolen. 

As far as you know, you will be able to attach the device to your wallet, attache-case, and other things that are valuable.


Google Play

4. ZUS Car Key Finder

ZUS Car Key Finder The last but not least app is called ZUS Car Key Finder. You will be able to use this app to find your car keys as well as the usual ones.

As usual, there is a special device needed. It is called ZUS Car Key Finder. With a tap, you will be able to learn the location of your keys. The built-in map and the beeping sound will help you in this matter.

One more useful feature for drivers is called Locate my car. Thus, the app is capable of saving your car’s location.

Apart from this, the app has many other features such as Remote camera shutter and Remote voice recorder, Find your smartphone, etc. 

ZUS Car Key Finder

Google Play App Store

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