Unreal Commander Software Review

Unreal Commander is one of the best free file managers, competing with many paid ones.

Why is that?

We must start with the fact that it is suitable for both 32 and 64-bit systems on Windows. It supports Unicode and a dozen archive formats, not just the most common ones. How about CAB, GZ, TGZ, ACE, TAR? No problems.

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Open the built-in viewer with the quick view function and enjoy the ease and grace of managing your data. Files are transferred, deleted, and copied in the background. With this, you can activate the “Save Symbol Links” mode. And it makes deleting files in safe mode (WIPE).

Good news: you can change the folder icon very quickly. Just click on Commands and then – Assign Directory Icon.

Don’t like when you have to perform separate manipulations for a backup? The Unreal Commander’s built-in backup mini-utility will take these hassles away from you.


The Commander supports WCX and WLX plugins and directory tabs. And also Drag and Drop while working with other applications. And the Unreal Commander’s archiving module supports Unicode and 7s.

You can move tasks from the current task queue to a new one. And after the end of the queue, it will perform the action that you will have selected. It will go into hibernation, turn off the computer, or activate hibernation.

It also has a built-in FTP client. And you can raise permissions with it if needed.


Speaking of appearance and interface, the Unreal Commander is two-paneled and supports a variety of skins – the choice is yours. What is more, it uses background images. Not really necessary, but nice enough.

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Who still wants to mess with old file managers and endure their inconvenience? Just think about it: the fast, reliable, convenient, and powerful Unreal Commander is waiting to take all the hassle with files off of you. And all you have to do is download it.