14 Best apps for pet adoption (Android & iOS)

Let’s recall a pictural phrase: Pets might be in just a small part of our lives, but to them, we are their whole life. That’s why it is essential to make pets’ lives as enjoyable as possible.

For this reason, there is a great category of apps that the Apppearl team has reviewed. These apps will allow you to adopt a pet as well as find new owners for pets if you breed cats or dogs.

In this post, you will become familiar with the best apps for pet adoption. By following links below, you will find them on the App Store or Google Play. Install the apps and find a faithful furry friend of yours.

1. Pet Adopter – Adopt pets direct from people nearby

Pet Adopter The first app at our list is called Pet Adopter. It will be so appropriate for those who want to adopt a pet or find a new owner for a pet directly, not via a shelter.

If you are a breeder, the app will become your assistant in finding the most trustworthy and caring owner for a pet. You just need to provide the app’s users with minimal information: your pet photo, story, and location.

Or vice versa, if your aim of the app’s installation is pet adoption, your requirements will be met as well. Thus, due to the information provided, you will be able to choose a pet that suits you best.

For your convenience, the app is capable of adding this or that pet into your Favorites. That’s why you will always have quick access to pets you liked the most.

Pet Adopter

GooglePlay App Store

2. Petfinder Adoptable Pets

Petfinder Adoptable PetsPetfinder Adoptable Pets is the app that will also become a great tool in finding a true furry friend. At the same time, finding new owners for your pet won’t be available.

To begin with, Petfinder is one of the most popular services, helping to connect a pet with his potential owner. Developed by professionals, the app will help you regardless of your requirements.

First of all, the app includes the possibility of adoption not only cats and dogs but also rabbits, horses, birds, reptiles, and so on. The range of animals will be surprisingly wide.

Then, the app’s developers have done their best to let the users find the most suitable pet as quick as possible. It will be available to do through a powerful search system. You can filter by breed, age, size, gender, color, and many other parameters. But that’s not half of the story. You will be able to find a kid-friendly and/or animal-friendly pet as well.

What else makes the app outstanding is the built-in test. After completing it, you will learn the breed that is best for you.

The thing that you will also like so much is the user interface. By saying this, we mean the way of viewing profiles of this or that animal. You will be able to add a pet to Favorites or Pass by swiping left or right. That will greatly simplify the process of choosing a pet.

By the way, pets profiles will be very informative, including all the necessary information about an animal.

Apart from this, the app supports sharing pets’ profiles via social media from the app directly. So you will be able to show a pet to your relatives or friends.

One more distinguishing feature of this app is its capability of searching certain shelters and rescues to view the pets that are there. That’s why you will be able to view the pets of the nearest shelter online.

Petfinder Adoptable Pets

GooglePlay App Store

3. AdoptMeApp

AdoptMeAppIf you are searching for an app to help shelter pets get noticed and adopted, this one will become the best tool for it. AdoptMeApp will be appropriate for volunteers and other organizations aimed at finding an owner for a pet.

At the same time, if you are a potential owner, the app will help you to find a pet.

The way it works is quite simple. A volunteer will create posts about a pet that will form something like a diary. The app supports adding photos to these short stories as well. After completing a post, it will be automatically published into Twitter or other social media.

By the way, the app will add the pet’s unique hashtag and the URL of its adoption profile into a post. They will allow a potential owner to become familiar with a pet’s bio, find more detailed information, and its location, which is so important.

As you can see, it is an excellent app when it comes to connecting a pet with its potential owner.


GooglePlay App Store

4. WeRescue – Adopt a Pet

WeRescue Now it’s high time to consider apps available only for iOS or Android device users. This great app is from the App Store.

Like the previous app, WeRescue offers a great choice of not only dogs and cats but also barnyard animals, birds, horses, rabbits, reptiles, and so on. The number of pets is really endless.

How to make your choice the best? The app’s powerful filter will help you in this matter. It supports filtering by more than 70 parameters. There is no doubt that it will be effective assistance.

After installing the app, you will also be able to use the built-in Breed search for mixed breeds. Just type the breed you want, and that’s in!

By the way, in case you don’t want to review animals of this or that breed, hiding them will be available for you as well.

As for the pets themselves, the app will provide you with the most detailed information about every habitant. What else can help you to choose is colorful full-screen photos. Their cute muzzles will be dear to everyone’s taste for sure.

For your convenience, the app supports adding animals into Favorites. Thus, you will choose your pet as quick as possible.

Apart from this, you will be able to share pets via social media from the app directly. This feature will definitely help you and your relatives choose the pet that suits you best. Also, you can share information about pets to make them adopted by your followers.


App Store

5. Furry Friend Finder Pet Rescue

Furry Friend Finder Pet Rescue One more app for users with iOS gadgets is called Furry Friend Finder Pet Rescue. It will be one more great tool for searching for adoptable pets.

Before we start, it must be mentioned that the range of animals includes dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, pigs, fish, and reptiles. So you anyway, with this app, you will find a pet regardless of your needs.

The сonsecution of action is surprisingly simple. Open the app and set all the necessary parameters. Then, you will see the pets available in your area. Be sure that after filtering, these animals will surely meet your requirements.

After that, you will be able to view pets. Swipe right to add an animal into Favorites. Swipe left if you want to skip.

One more button that you will see at the bottom of a screen is a ‘Share’ option. Send a pet’s profile to your relatives and make the right choice together.

Furry Friend Finder Pet Rescue

App Store

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6. Pets Adoption: Adopt Dog, Cat or Post for Adoption

Pets AdoptionWaiting for an app from Google Play? Here you are. Pets Adoption is considered to be one of the best pet adoption apps that are deeply appreciated by thousands of users.

The secret of the app’s success is an extremely user-friendly interface. Thus, you will be able to view the location of pets directly on the map. In case you like a pet, you will be able to message or call on an owner instantly due to the app.

One more advantage of the user interface is a ‘Share’ icon.

As for the pets, the developers assure that the information provided by the app is the most relevant. As well as pets’ location.

Also, the app will meet your needs if your aim is to make your pet adopted. Be sure that it won’t take much time to find a new owner for a pet.

Pets Adoption


7. Petdar

Petdar One more priceless app for pet adoption is Petdar. It is available for iOS device users.

Well, its basic features are quite similar to the previous apps. With the help of this app, you will be able to find any pet from usual ones (like dog or cat) to barnyard animals, reptiles, or birds.

Apart from this, you will have access to a filtering system that will show you only the pets that suits you best. Also, the filter will let you set a search radius to find pets within a certain distance to you.

Then, you will have all the information about pets at your fingertips. Of course, it is completed by a photo.

While studying the list of available pets, you will be able to add them to favorites as well as share via social media.

As a bonus, phoning or messaging to a current pet owner will also be available for you. Apart from this, you can view his or her location on the map.


App Store

8. Pets Adoption: Adopt Dog, Cat and Other Pets

Pets AdoptionAs an alternative from Google Play, we suggest this awesome app. And we can’t help adding Pets Adoption to our list.

First of all, it is so similar to the previous app. Again, you will be able to set filters and view the pets that meet your requirements only.

Every pet has a profile consisting of its photo, characteristics, and bio. In case you like a pet, you can share it with your friends or relatives or just add to Favorites. If you make a decision on the spot, you will be able to contact the pet owner instantly with the help of the app. Also, you will have access to an owner’s location.

As for the range of animals, the app suggests dogs, cats, horses, birds, and rabbits for adoption.

If you are interested in dog adoption, the app will be especially great for you. The thing is that you will be able to read the information about dog breeds to become familiar with their peculiarities. Apart from this, a Dog breeds gallery option will help you in choosing the best breed.

Pets Adoption


9. Feline Finder – When Adopting

Feline FinderHere is the perfect app that specializes in cats only. You can’t imagine how cool this tool is.

First of all, the developers of Feline Finder suggest you take a short test to find out which cat breed will be the best for you. Consequently, after completing it, you will see the list of the most suitable breeds.

By the way, you can skip a test and go straight to the list of breeds.

So, by tapping on this or that cat breed, you will be able to view a short description, general characteristics, photos, and even videos or furry representatives.

After that, you can study the list of cats available for adoption and make a choice. Every cat profile has a pet’s characteristics, contacts of the owner, and photo.

As always, for your convenience, you will be able to share a pet via social media as well as add to Favorites. Filtering is also available for the app’s users.

Feline Finder

App Store

10. Appets – Adopt a pet

Appets The next app in our list is Appets. It is a really all-in-one app. Why? The thing is that it has 3 general functions.

First of all, the app will help you in finding that special furry companion. By setting filters, you will be able to review all available pets that meet your requirements.

Second, if you have lost your pet, there is no need to panic. Simply list it in the app and its users will help you to find your beloved pet.

Third, the app is capable of connecting pet owners with services. It can be veterinarians, dog walkers, and so on. There is no doubt that you will find the most trustworthy specialists with the help of this app.



11. Bleppy

BleppyOne more app for pet adoption is also praised by thousands of users. What is the secret of its success?

You will be able to use the app with an ideal user interface. Due to a powerful filter, you will have access to the pets with characteristics that are required.

When viewing a certain pet, users of Bleppy can become familiar with a pet’s photo, general characteristics, description, and location. If a pet is suggested for a fee, this information will be mentioned as well.

In case you like a pet, you will be able to add it to your Favorites or share it via social media. But if you have already made a decision, contact the owner directly from the app.

Also, the app supports applying for adoption as well. Moreover, you will track and process adoption in real time through the app.


GooglePlay App Store

12. Adopt Me

Adopt MeOne more multifunctional app is called Adopt Me. As you can see, it is available for Android device users only.

This very app will let its users view posts about: pets for adoption, lost pets, pets that need your help.

Apart from this, you will be able not only to view posts but also to upload them by yourself.

Due to its multifunctionality, the app has lots of filters for searching for a pet to adopt. Nevertheless, it has been designed for many good purposes, so we suppose that it is not a great disadvantage.

Also, in this case, the choice of animals is so wide. And, most of them need your help. Who, if not you, rescue them?

Adopt Me


13. Pet Search – Adopt a Pet

Pet SearchOne more app that you will like for sure is called Pet Search. Being one of the most top-rated apps from our list, it will become your assistant in pet adoption.

As usual, a powerful filter is a thing that will help you for sure. There are many parameters to filter all available animals (dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, etc.). Also, you will be able to choose a maximum distance from your potential pet.

The app has a distinguishing feature – sorting by various parameters. This feature will make the process of choosing much easier.

Do not forget about the ‘Share’ and ‘Favorites’ icons that will also simplify your work. One more thing that you will like is the app’s capability of directly connecting you with a current owner.

Pet Search

App Store

14. Pets – Find Yours

Pets - Find YoursLast but not least app is Pets – Find Yours. It can be noticed even from its name, that it is the simplest one.

Though the app is with no-frills, the user interface is extremely convenient. Due to minimalism, the app has only the most important and necessary features. At the same time, it will be so efficient in choosing a pet for adoption.

Pets - Find Yours

App Store

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