11 Best Online Rent Collection Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

Where can you find decent landlords for your place and how can you effectively collect your rent? For example, it can be done with the help of an app on your smartphone. That is why we have prepared a review of the most popular landlord mobile apps among users.

After all, it is so challenging to keep track of all your bills and have time to communicate with your tenants in today’s world. Also, we are pleased to offer you applications that will make it easier to work with documents. You can find them in the Top Digital Signature Apps article.

1. Landlord Studio

This app will be your assistant in property management. If you have been looking for a solution for efficient and safe rent collection for a long time, you may want to consider this app.

First of all, it will help you keep track of all your money received from rent and spent on taxes. Secondly, this app is great for organizing your schedule. After all, you will always see payment dates coming up, and if tenants miss a date, you will be notified. Thirdly, this is a great app to rate potential tenants. After all, here you will see all the information about them at once.

For example, the app offers a credit rating of people who want to move into the house you are renting. After that, you can create a separate section for each tenant with a phone number and email address. Moreover, you can even have a quick chat with the app’s chat room. Also, this is a cool program to store all your documents.

Here you can create folders and edit them according to your taste. Landlord Studio is also great with its tax document system. You will not have to deal with important papers. Also, you can set up special notifications to help you keep track of your bills.

Landlord Studio1
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2. Apartments.com

Apartments.com is a popular marketplace with a real estate section. You can find an apartment, a house, or a plot of land, as well as an office or a garage, just like in many similar applications. Here you will be greeted by a simple and clear interface. You can also meet potential clients here. Also, there are various sections for landlords to help you keep track of your budget.

This is where you will see payments, expenses, and various reports. In addition, here you will be able to estimate real estate prices. That way you can set your housing prices at average prices. On this page, you will find a convenient personal page for landlords. It will help potential tenants to find you quickly.

Also, you can add many photos and information about your place. In addition, you can have more than one advert.

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3. Zillow Rental Manager

These days it is a marketplace and the largest database of US housing. According to Zillow, it now has all the information on more than 110,000,000 properties in its database. In addition, the app is a marketplace where the buyer, the seller, and the intermediary, such as an agent or broker, gather together.

For instance, a broker can find an object for their client and sell it, while an agent can find a client on the property. All sides of a real estate buying and selling transaction are possible here.

The unique thing about Zillow is that it stores a lot of information about real estate, including the approximately current values of each home in the US, the date it was built, bought, resold, and who lived in the house. Each house has a photo, video, and sometimes even an online tour.

In addition, Zillow analyzes real estate and can predict the price increase depending on the supermarkets, restaurants, or private schools that are opening. In addition, the app collects all the information not only about the houses but also about the people. For example, each landlord has a rating, reviews, and a list of deals.

Not only can you post your listings here, but you can also collect rent quickly. Additionally, it allows you to quickly get in touch with tenants through a handy chat room. Moreover, the app gives you access to detailed information about future tenants, from contact information to monthly income.

Zillow Rental Manager3
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4. Buildium

Buildium is another useful app for collecting rents. This is where renters will be able to pay their rent with a credit card, wherever it is convenient for them. In addition, this app can set updates when charges will be made. For example, if you have a lot of tenants, this app will help you save time. After all, information about each tenant is stored here.

Well, there is basic contact information, and you can text or call your tenants as well. In addition, this app allows you to quickly solve tenants’ problems. The residents can leave their requests and concerns, for example about broken appliances. All of these requests will be conveniently stored in your app.

In addition, you will immediately see all receipts that come into your account. Also, you can track income and taxes here, while all rent payments are coming almost instantly. The tenants, on the other hand, will have to pay a small tax for the transfer of funds. You can also add various important information for tenants by uploading photos on the app.

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5. Landlordy: Property Management

If you need a service that will effectively cope with the task of collecting money, the application Landlordy is just for you. First of all, this app makes it easy to keep track of your rent payments. In addition, it allows you to view your housing costs as well. Also, with this app, you will receive special notifications related to reports and reminders.

It is also a great place to keep all your documents in one place, such as utility checks, rent payments, taxes, and more. Likewise, here you can conveniently share payment bills with your tenants. In addition, it is useful that this app works even without access to the Internet.

This way, you will always have all the real estate documents and all the information about the tenants in one place. Moreover, the app will always be able to remind you of the upcoming rent payment date.

Here you can keep track of missed payments over the year. In addition, you can easily manage your property by adding new information and photos about the property. Also, the app is easy to use because it is divided into different sections. Additionally, it supports Dark Mode.

Landlordy: Property Management5
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6. TenantCloud

This app will help you not only collect rent but also other payments online. You will notice handy diagrams that show how much your tenants have left to pay. In addition, you can evaluate potential tenants yourself. Moreover, the app will give you a quick screening report to see if the person is worth trusting.

Here you will get a little piece of information about them, such as their credit score and income. Then you can discuss everything in person because the app will provide you with contact information. In addition, you will be able to set your prices for your property. In turn, this service will offer you, potential tenants.

Moreover, tenants themselves can leave their applications. Also, this app is great for managing your properties. You can store documents as well as various bills here. If you have no idea how to do real estate, this is a great app.

Also, this app will help you go paperless. Here you will have all your documents available in a digital format. Additionally, this app has a website where you can find even more interesting features. However, this app will allow you to have everything at hand.

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7. PayYourRent

If you manage real estate, you are probably busy all day. This app will help you deal with paperwork, tenants, and payments problems. It is not important to this app whether you manage 10 or 100 rental units. First of all, this app will help you quickly accept payments via credit card or e-check.

Also, special notifications will reduce late payments and allow you to take better care of the property. After all, your tenants will be able to leave various requests. The service allows you to assign tasks according to the requests received, keep records of equipment, comply with the terms of its prevention, and make schedules of maintenance and repair.

Also, this application will allow you to attract more potential customers. In addition, you will be able to check potential tenants simply by clicking on the right button. Besides, this app is also useful for the tenants. All their payments will be sent to the bank. This will increase their credit score.

There is also a handy email confirmation of payments. Likewise, all of your information will be protected. On top of that, you will always be able to refer to it online.

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8. Online Portal by AppFolio

This rental app allows you to manage properties in real-time. It also provides several tools for commercial, apartment, residential and other managers. The app’s advantage is its ease of use and the expansiveness of its clients. After all, this app helps attract new tenants. It also offers access to reports and applications through the owner portal.

Moreover, it is possible to accept online rental applications. You will be able to monitor potential tenants yourself and collect rent money online. There are several payment methods available. Tenants can pay the entire amount all at once, or gradually. You can also track utility payments. In addition, you can report paying payments to banks in order to increase your credit score.

Online Portal by AppFolio8
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9. RentPayment

This app will allow your tenants to better handle their rent payments. They will be able to quickly use a credit card here. Also, the app can work offline. So tenants will be able to pay their rent on the go. Secondly, this app will help you pay your rent on time. In addition, all receipts will come to your email at once.

So you can get rid of all the paper documents and receipts. Also, the app offers its support daily. You can always contact with your problem. In addition, it is also up to you to choose the best payment method that is comfortable for you. You will be able to add many cards. This app supports cards like VISA, MasterCard, and other ones.

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10. RentRedi

RentRedi – For Tenants is the place that links tenants and landlords. This app will help reduce face-to-face meetings to a minimum. After all, it is all done online, from the signing of the contract to the monthly payments. This app works so that potential tenants find landlords themselves and send a request.

The landlord in turn checks the client’s ability to pay and accepts the request. Then you can use the e-signature feature to negotiate a contract. That way, collecting rents will be even easier for you. After all, the tenants, receive notifications of the upcoming payment. While, landlords, set the day of payment themselves.

Also, both sides of the deal can easily contact each other. Indeed, there is a special section with requests, where it is possible to state the essence of the problem and to attach a photo. Also, to pay the rent, the tenant only needs to add his or her credit card.

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11. Innago Landlord & Tenant App

Innago Landlord & Tenant App is a great thing to save you time. All the basic functions needed for the landowner are collected here.

If you want to manage your own real estate business, this app will help with that. It will give you a brief report on your rent. You will be able to get your affairs in order. It also allows you to keep the documents you need to be protected. Also, all landlords will love the function of assessing the credit history and general data of a potential tenant.

Moreover, all rent payments will happen fairly quickly, even without contacting the tenant. After all, there is an excellent system of notifications and penalties for late payment of rent. In addition, there is an excellent service where you will find responses to your problems.

Innago Landlord & Tenant App11
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