Kanji Drop App Review

Japanese Kanji Drop is an interesting online puzzle game that immerses the user in the unique world of learning Japanese by connecting falling blocks with Japanese characters into words and kanji.

The main advantage of this online puzzle is that it is suitable for both beginners and people with an advanced level of Japanese.

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 Moreover, this game has a user-friendly interface and a colorful design that allows the eyes to relax from external stimuli and devote their free time to learning an interesting language.

In addition to these advantages, the Japanese Kanji Drop is also a kind of anti-stress for the eyes and brain, which makes learning Japanese through this game not only unique and interesting, but also enjoyable and relaxing.

The user will be offered a great many different words and kanji that will have to learn on their own. Moreover, the developers have provided a system of hints, if suddenly the user has a problem with the connection of blocks.

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 User-friendly interface, colorful design and brain training are the best components of an online game for learning the most difficult language.


The developers have provided voice assistance – this means that when you click on the collected word or kanji, you will hear how it should be pronounced. In addition, users can narrow down their learning list of words and kanji by selecting the desired level from 1 to 5. There is also an opportunity to study hieroglyphs and kanji from the presented specific textbooks.

 Moreover, the online puzzle offers a learning game mode with a long time interval for better memorization.

Learning Japanese characters and kanji has never been so easy!

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