DecSoft App Builder Software Review

DecSoft App Builder is useful for those, who have the desire to create their own programs in HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. The product stands out among the rest in that it is perfect for beginners who have just begun to learn all the intricacies of HTML5 and want to test their strength and dig deeper.

You can create applications for Android, iOS, and Windows, as well as web applications and extensions, including progressive and hybrid ones.

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Moreover, you do not even need to make significant changes to the code, since all these versions will work on the same one.

You get Apache Cordova, with configurations, platform icons, splash screens, batch files, and other helpful elements ready to use. Let’s not forget about JSON files.

You don’t know javascript very well? Do not worry, here you have a list of quick codes; everything is so simple that it is enough to use visual auxiliary pointers; more than a hundred various commands are already made up waiting for you. Control properties, methods, and more are included.


But that’s not all. App Builder provides contextual help. If you want to know more about control, a property, an event reference, and so on, just press F1.

In short, if you’re new and don’t understand where to put something, don’t worry, almost everything has been done for you, just press a couple of buttons and you’re done!

Yes, and one more thing – all your applications will be created with automatic scaling for different screens and platforms. Great, huh? Wait, what about languages? No problem, App Builder has an integrated module that will translate your creation into tons of languages right here.


You will also have an application resource manager, a file manager, and for dessert, custom functions.

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Most importantly, with all this rich functionality, using the service is not confusing at all; you will get used to it in ten minutes. So download it boldly, and come on, please the world with the application you have wanted to make up for so long.