13 Best Eye Exercise Apps (Android & iOS)

With the development of technologies, we spend more and more time using various gadgets. At the same time, the digital world has an injurious effect on our eyesight. As a consequence, sight becomes poor.

However, it’s not a secret that quite many eye exercises can be beneficial for your vision. Regardless of the purpose (whether an exercise aimed at relaxing, strengthening, moisturizing, stimulating), such an eye workout will be extremely helpful for each of us.

Would you like to have a collection of amazing eye exercises at your fingertips? Our advice is to become familiar with the apps below, install the most appropriate one from the App Store or Google Play, and become hawk-eyed again!

1. Eye Trainer & Eye Exercises for Better Eye Care

Eye Trainer & Eye ExercisesEye Trainer & Eye Exercises is the first app to be explored. It comes with a bunch of cool eye exercises, making your eyes rest.

After being installed, the app will offer you a 7-minute complex of exercises that will improve your vision or, at least, protect your eyes from fatigue.

The app will plan about 12 exercises daily for you to do. You will be guided by a built-in voice assistant. Also, these instructions will be completed by illustrations on how to perform an exercise.

If you wish, you will be able to pause a workout as well as skip some exercises. However, when you finish the whole session, the app will suggest you share your achievement with friends via Facebook.

The developers claim that this training will be advantageous for those who suffer from eye diseases like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, or eye-straining. In addition, it is said that due to these brilliant exercises, you will easily get rid of eye tension.

Talking about other minor advantages, the app supports reminding its users about eye training sessions. It will be a good idea to set multiple notifications while durable use of a phone or PC. It will be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. You will avoid ocular fatigue as well as make your brain relax.

If you are not satisfied with these features, there is a Pro version for you. It contains even more training sessions. Plus, in this case, you will gain access to a color blindness eye test, which might be interesting for you.

Eye Trainer & Eye Exercises

GooglePlay App Store

2. Eye exercises & Vision therapy

Eye exercises & Vision therapyThe next nice tool is called Eye exercises & Vision therapy. We should say that it is a comparatively new app. However, so many users consider it as the best app ever.

As you open the app at first, you will be asked some questions to identify your goals. After analyzing your answers, the app will generate your personal plan meeting your requirements. In case you want to correct something, it will be possible to do it. However, the app designs the plan perfectly. So what will it include?

Well, the plan combines both exercises and recommendations according to your goals. Talking about eye training sessions, they consist of short video lessons with instructions and advice for exercises. So you won’t face any difficulties while performing them.

What is more, if you are suffering from a particular type of defective vision, this very tool will consider this fact. As a result, additionally, you will be offered a unique complex of specific exercises. Trust us that it will be a flawless therapy for your vision.

Lastly, the app is capable of sending notifications for you to put things on hold and let your eyes rest for a while.

Eye exercises & Vision therapy

GooglePlay App Store

3. Optics Trainer: Vision Training and Eye Exercises

Optics Trainer Optics Trainer is the next app in our list. Its distinguishing feature is that you will need to do eye exercises through play. How does it work?

In a word, the app includes 14 amazing activities to enjoy. Each of them will be aimed at developing visual skills such as Eye Hand Coordination, Eye Movement, Peripheral Vision, Dynamic Acuity, and many others. It will allow you to strengthen your eyesight and protect your eyes from strain.

Plus, the content is updated regularly.

Optics Trainer

GooglePlay App Store

4. The Impossible Letter Game

The Impossible Letter GameAs for an alternative, we highly recommend you to install The Impossible Letter Game. Probably, you are already familiar with this type of game.

Well, your aim is to find a mismatched letter. Though it seems to be a simple task, actually, it is not as easy as pie.

It is a scientifically-proven fact that this very eye exercise game is beneficial for our eyesight. To have all the tasks with mismatched letters in one place, we advise installing the tool on your gadget.

The Impossible Letter Game

GooglePlay App Store

We guess every person wearing glasses is tired of the glare on photos. Here is the way how to dispose of a problem.

5. Eyes recovery workout

Eyes recovery workoutOne more app that should be reviewed is Eyes recovery workout. By the way, this tool is the most tp-rated one on our list. What are the reasons for it?

First of all, the app represents a collection of useful exercises to make your vision clearer and protect you from ocular fatigue.

Secondly, you will need 5 minutes only to complete the whole session consisting of 6 exercises. Though the choice won’t be so wide, the tasks are extremely efficient. That’s why many people find it sufficient. However, if you are searching for more, you can try the pro version of the app.

When it comes to considering the training process, the only thing we can say is the way of exercising is so convenient. Thus, you will need to focus on voice instructions. Besides, there will be easy-to-understand illustrations on a screen.

For better effect, the training sessions must be regular. As the developers are also interested in progress, they have included a notification system to the app. Consequently, every user will have an opportunity to set reminders to make the app tell him or her about upcoming sessions. That sounds excellent.

Finally, the app’s user interface is quite minimalistic. Just look at a screenshot below. It will be one more thing that will soothe your eyes.

Eyes recovery workout


6. Eye Exerciser Free – Eye Training

Eye TrainingOne more app that protects eyesight from decline is called Eye Training. Why so many people across the world adore this tool?

The secret of the app’s success is a variety of games aimed at different needs. Thus, eye muscle exercises (both basic and advanced) will strengthen the muscles of your eye. Saccade exercise will teach you to shift your eyesight from one object to another much quicker. As for infinity swing exercises, eye muscule tone is the result of this training session. These and other exercises have already become the favorites. What is more, new complexes are also often added.

One more advantage of this tool is that it will track your progress as well as consistency. It will make your training sessions as efficient as possible.

Eye Training

App Store

7. Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans – Eye Care Plus

Eye Care Plus Are you searching for the most multifunctional app of this category? If you are, Eye Care Plus will be the best choice for you.

The developer emphasizes that due to these unique exercises, the app’s user will surely avoid eyestrain, double vision, shortsightedness, and longsightedness. At the same time, eye focus speed as well as peripheral vision will be significantly improved. The main thing is that training sessions last only 5 minutes a day. So what are they?

To put it shortly, the app contains more than 50 exercises developed in collaboration with ophthalmologists. Keep in mind that the choice of exercises in other tools isn’t so wide. What is more, in this case, they aimed at various purposes, that’s why they can be regarded as all-around. Totally, the app will provide you with access to 10 categories, including eye relaxation, dry eye, lazy eye, etc.

Though the app doesn’t support creating personal plans, it offers 7 ready-to-use ones. Be sure that you will definitely find something appropriate for you.

Talking about motivation, the app is powerful enough to keep track of your eye workouts and monitor your progress. Also, you will be offered some challenges with cool awards. We suppose that it will inspire you to do eye exercises daily.

Apart from eye training sessions, the app will present tons of daily tips, recipes, and eye facts. With this information, you will probably reconsider your habits in lifestyle, food, and other aspects. In case you want to check your knowledge, you will find 8 pre-loaded quizzes in the app. They are devoted to eye diseases, nutrition, recommendations, and so on. We find this feature very useful.

Do you need more? If you answer affirmatively, there is a FAQ section for you. There you will have a chance to study the answers to the most popular questions. Surely, if you have no clarity about something, feel free to ask as well. By the way, the replies are provided by high-qualified experts in this sphere. As a result, this feature can substitute a visit to a doctor.

Eye Care Plus


8. Eye Yoga – Exercise your eyes

Eye Yoga - Exercise your eyes

Eye Yoga – Exercise your eyes is a tool from Google Play that we can’t help admiring. With its exercises, you will stay sharp-sighted for years.

This very app will provide you with 11 effective exercises to be performed. The main distinguishing feature is that they are grouped depending on the time of the day.

That’s why during the day, your eyes will be protected from fatigue, strain, and deterioration of visual acuity. It remains to set the notifications to make the app remind you to put everything aside and devote some time to your eyes’ health.

Eye Yoga - Exercise your eyes

App Store

9. Eye exercises

Eye exercisesA similar app from Google Play is called Eye exercises. Which features are common?

Like the previous app, this one divides exercises into complexes to be used in the morning, afternoon, or evening. However, there is one distinguishing feature. The thing is that the app also has one extra category called Break. It will be so helpful after long hours spent by using a gadget or laptop.

In addition, the app considers your preferences. By it, we mean that you will be able to choose the type of exercise (eye muscle training, myopia prevention, hyperopia prevention). Also, adjusting a time length for a training session will be possible, too. For not to forget to have a rest, you will be able to set reminders. If desired, it will notify you with an alarm signal.

Besides, that app will monitor the time you spend on exercises. The detailed information can be found in the statistics section.

Eye exercises


10. Eye Exercise Game Medicara

Eye Exercise Game Medicara Do you prefer games but not exercising? Then the best decision is to install Eye Exercise Game Medicara on your iOS gadget.

Though the app includes only 4 games, they will be surprisingly beneficial in improving your eyesight. Each activity will require fast eye movements, which causes eye muscle training. So we recommend you try this very tool to make yourself sure of it.

Talking about additional features, we can also say that your progress will be thoroughly tracked by the app.

Eye Exercise Game Medicara

App Store

11. Eye Exercise To Improve Eyesight, Eye Workout

Eye Exercise To Improve Eyesight, Eye WorkoutGoing back to Android tools, here is one more eye exercise app that so many people worldwide admire. Its name is Eye Exercise To Improve Eyesight, Eye Workout.

After launching the app, you will have a chance to try yourself in 8 wonderful eye exercises. To be more precise, there will be such activities as Eye palming, Blink & BreathEye rotation exercise, Leaf walk effect, Counting Concentration, etc. Each of them makes eye muscles develop, which influences your eyesight.

The cherry on the cake is eye testing. Thus, the app includes both Astigmatism Test and Colour Blindness Test that all users find accurate. Undeniably, it is one more reason for installing this tool.

Eye Exercise To Improve Eyesight, Eye Workout


12. Eye Relax: Exercise eyesight

Eye Relax: Exercise eyesightDo you want to install the app with no-frills? We consider your wishes. Here is the app called Eye Relax: Exercise eyesight.

To start digital vision therapy, you will need to complete exercises offered by the app. The thing that makes the training process so convenient is the built-in timer. It will track the time you need to perform this or that exercise.

As for minor disadvantages, many more opportunities are available only in the app’s Pro version. Thus, premium users will have access to 8 additional activities, while normally just 4 of them available. That’s why using the app without subscription doesn’t seem rational. Besides, the Pro version supports customizing exercises’ length and order.

Eye Relax: Exercise eyesight

App Store

13. Eye Reminder – Reminds to take breaks for eyes

Eye ReminderEye Reminder is an app that we find fantastic. As it is clear from its name, it will track the time you spend using a phone or computer and remind you to have a break.

To activate this feature, you will need to set intervals for long and short breaks. They can differ for a phone and computer. After that, you will need to activate the tracker and have a rest after receiving a notification. It will protect your eyes from over-working and strain.

As for the eye training session itself, it is divided into two parts – exercises for a long and short break. It will remain to choose the proper complex and start exercising.

Eye Reminder


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