7 Free Score Tracker Apps for Any Competition

We are going to focus on handy tools for tracking and managing the results of any competition, whether it is a sporting event, a quiz, a game, or any other activity that requires scorekeeping. Also, if you are interested in playing games in the company then check out the Free Multiplayer Horror Games collection.

By now we would like to start reviewing score tracker apps that can save you a lot of time and effort spent manually tracking scores. Here are some popular ones we have found.

1. ‎‎Scoreboard

This is an app for managing and tracking scores in a broad mixture of sports. It offers set scores and times for fast and efficient play. The first feature of the application includes multiple sports such as basketball, soccer, hockey, and tennis. Second, it also offers the user to select the number of players and set a timer for each match.

Another significant feature of the app is the ability to track the success of players, including the number of points or moves. This way, you do not have to keep track of the game by yourself. In addition, the program is simple to use and allows users to customize easily.

Its overall interface is straightforward and intuitive, allowing the tool to be used both on large screens and on mobile devices. On mobile devices, for example, the program is horizontal, which allows you to quickly click on one or the other part of the screen.

Also, you can assign a color to each player, and visually separate one player from another. Overall, the tracker is a superb alternative for sports or gaming enthusiasts. Its various features allow players to play games and monitor the performance of players in real-time.

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2. ‎Virtual Scoreboard: Keep Score

This is an app for counting scores in various sports games. With this app, users can quickly and easily keep track of scores, times, and other data from their games. This tracker supports an extensive number of games such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, judo, cricket, baseball, and golf.

In addition, there is the ability to customize game rules and parameters such as the number of players, game time, number of periods, and others. In addition, the tool is flexible in its settings of displayed data. It includes score, time, halftime, number of players, and other parameters.

For example, you can mark referee whistles, out times, and breaks. In addition, you can customize the color of various parameters on the board. Also, the tracker saves the game board settings for reuse in the future. It is also worth noting that the tracker has a simple and stylish interface that allows even novice users to get the feel of it quickly.

Overall, this is a proper app for those who love to play sports games and require a reliable and convenient way of counting scores and game times. If you are looking for an app that makes it easy and efficient to keep track of game data, this is a fantastic choice for you.

Virtual Scoreboard2
Virtual Scoreboard2
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3. ‎Score Counter – Point Counter

This is an app for scoring games and events. It is an easy-to-use app that allows you to keep score. One of the advantages is its simplicity. The app features an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly add, deduct or reset points. In addition, the app can customize the number of players and counters depending on the game.

The app allows you to quickly increase or decrease the number of points for each team. The tool also has some additional features, such as adjusting the background color and font color, as well as the ability to add comments and notes. These features allow you to customize the app according to your visual preferences.

One of the key features of the tracker is the ability to create multiple games at once. In addition, unlike its counterparts, there is a built-in timer that can be started or stopped at any point in the game. This app is amazing for everyone, from sports players to sports lovers who need a scoring tool.

Overall, the tracker offers many advantages. It is easy to use, provides a customizable interface, and has some extra options that enhance its usability.

Score Counter - Point Counter3
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4. ‎ScoreCounter

This tracker is wonderful for board games as well as card games, sports games, and a bunch of others. And on top of that, it is available for iPhone gamers and you can also download it to your iPad. On the main screen, you will see slots for each player where you can add new players, their names, and the number of players.

In addition, users may also choose to limit points, if there is one in the game. One of the most beneficial features of the application is the Undo button, which allows players to delete mistaken points from scores. It is also worth noting that one can reset all points at any time to start the game again.

For convenience, the program suggests choosing between light and dark themes. This is very useful for those who enjoy working in the evening with dark colors on their phone screen. However, there is no option to save the history of the game, so by closing the application you can lose the data of the current game.

In addition, this program simply fits the scoring of different games. Its plain user interface and customizable features make it a powerful tool.

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5. ‎Score Counter

This is another score tracker that we wish to present to you. Same as other programs this tracker is quite handy, one tap on the screen is enough to add or remove points. However, the settings here are a bit advanced, which will suit demanding users. Here you can leave more detailed notes, which are necessary for complicated games.

As with other applications, you can select the number of participants in the game. However, you can also assign team names, as well as make game mode and game time settings. Overall, the app itself is quite visual. Its design makes it easier to navigate through the game.

In addition, users note that there are no annoying ads that can interfere with the comfortable game. Tracker is suitable for many situations, it is good for both board games and sports. Moreover, there is a history of games, which allows you to return to the game of interest without losing data.

Score Counter5
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6. ‎Score Counter – For any game

This tracker will relieve you of the necessity of using paper notes or calculators. This is another exciting tool for counting and analysis right at your fingertips. One of the main features of the app is its versatility. You can use it to keep track of scores in a variety of games, from board and card games to sports events.

You can set up multiple counters for the same game and switch between them at any time. In addition, you can customize the counter settings here, such as giving different names to teams or players. Also, you can change the points for winning or losing, as well as set the game time.

This is good for games with unusual rules and scoring requirements. Another perk we can point out is the interface. Here, all functions are located on the main screen. Therefore, you can start playing as soon as you download the application.

Unlike other trackers, here you can conveniently share the game results with your friends or save them on your device. Overall, the application is an outstanding tool for those who adore playing different games and do not want to waste time.

Score Counter6
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7. ‎Score tracker

The final application on the list is an ideal choice for daily use. It has an intuitive interface that includes several tabs. Therefore, game editing and scoring are easy to accomplish here. Moreover, the app adjusts to a variety of games, both active outdoors and comfortable inside your apartment.

First of all, this is because the tracker allows you to adjust the number of players, the number of points, and even the color of the background. And if you play one game with breaks the application will save the history of the game. It also stores the results of all past games.

On top of that, you can play several different games at the same time. It is exciting that the tracker also supports multiplayer mode, so you can easily play with your friends.

In addition, there is even a dice, which will be handy in board games. The app will automatically record the correct score. Also, there are some analytics features here to track the performance of players.

Score tracker7
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