11 Best Price Tracker Apps 2024 for Price Drop Alerts

All of us have at least once tried to save money on groceries in stores or on discounts at malls to preserve our savings. So today we have gathered the best apps to help you keep track of falling prices. We have collected incredibly different applications that will help you in all areas of life.

In addition, we recommend you keep track of all your spending with Best My Track Cost Calculator Apps as well, so that your budget remains under control at all times.

1. Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker

Proper shopping and saving money are not easy at all. However, this app will help you save money on your purchases. First of all, it tracks all price changes in the market. So by selecting one of the products you will always be able to choose the right time to buy. Secondly, it collects prices from incredibly different services all over the internet.

So all you have to do is pick the ones you want. In addition, this program selects products exactly according to your needs. Also, you can scan the bar codes or just type in what you need in the search. In addition, there is an incredibly accurate detailed description of each product.

For example, when you open the Details tab, you will find the standard pictures, title, recent price changes, and subcategories regarding that product.

In addition, the app offers smart alerts to let you know when prices are dropping, and you can select the products in your shopping basket that interest you the most. For example, for certain products, you can set a flash, a sound alarm, or disable notifications at all.

Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker1
App Store
Google Play

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2. Hiatus: Bill and Money Manager

This app is also worth a try if you favor saving money. Thus, it collects prices from various services that you pay for. For example, there are bills for music services, video hosting, and other various subscriptions. Additionally, it has billing analytics for all of your spending. So, every month you get a report on how much you have saved.

Besides, there is budget tracking at specific stores, cafes, or restaurants. Moreover, you can simply select the desired restaurant and the app will show you how you spend your savings. In addition, the app can tell you about unwanted spendings, such as unnecessary subscriptions.

Also, you will get notifications if your bills have increased the rate, or if a certain service has overcharged you. So, you can use the app as a personal budget manager, as a price increase tracker, or otherwise as you see fit.

Hiatus: Bill and Money Manager2
App Store
Google Play

3. Karma | Shopping but better

This service will save anything from anywhere. That way you can buy it cheaper. It is a smart wish list that will tell you when the price of your favorite item from the online store has dropped. Just put together a shopping basket of the top items and get notifications of discounts.

Moreover, there are items from numerous popular brands collected here. More than 50 thousand stores are available. Also, this app will allow you not to miss out on a product you desire. It can even let you know when items are in stock. In addition, this app has a personal shopping assistant who will tell you about hot new products or great sales.

After all, there are sections directly on the main page where you can pick up a new look, a delicious perfume, or cases on your phone or electronics. This service will redirect you to the pages of popular brands and allows you to send them to your favorites, where you can see your products from all over the Internet.

In addition, there are coupons for super different brands, which you can use for example on your first purchase or new arrival.

Karma | Shopping but better3
App Store
Google Play

4. Price Tracker for Amazon 

This app will help you keep track of the prices of the items you want on Amazon. When you enter the app, you will be greeted by a search bar in which you will be able to see items. You can add items with a single click, all you have to do is select the item you want and move it to the tracked folder.

When you add an item to tracked, the app will prompt you to set the price tag you want to put on the item. When you reach your goal, the app will send you an instant notification so you can find lower prices and save money. You will also be able to see a history of price changes when you view an item.

In addition, the Top Deals section will allow you to find better deals on items that have fallen very significantly in price. Also, you can view the old price tag of the product and check how good the deal will be. In addition, the application has a built-in browser that allows you to instantly import products for a quick purchase.

Price Tracker for Amazon4
Google Play

5. ‎IFTTT – automation & workflow

This application will help you save not only time but also money. The app is straightforward to use, although it has tremendous functionality. More than 400 applications work together with IFTTT, which you will be able to use within the application. When logging into the app, you will need to do a brief registration, after which you can use the service.

The app has many stores in which you will be able to track the prices of products. When you select a service, the application will give you items that you can add to your watchlist. The application also lets you track price changes for the products you choose through notifications.

You will be able to set the price tag you want to see on an item and the app will notify you instantly when the goal is reached. The app also offers other services that you can use for your purposes.

IFTTT - automation & workflow5
App Store
Google Play

6. Price Drop: Product Tracker

This application will help you save money, as well as help you keep track of the prices of products and receive instant notifications on price reductions for the products you choose. The application is very easy to use and has user-friendly functionality. Upon entering the application, you are greeted by a search bar in which you can find products.

Also, through the search, you can find the product you want and add the product to the tracked folder. Moreover, the application offers you to set the price tag that you want to see on the product, thanks to which you will instantly receive an email notification.

Also, when you view an item, you can view the old price of the product and whether the purchase will be profitable for you.

Price Drop: Product Tracker6
Google Play

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7. PriceBot: Price Tracker, Deal

This app will help you keep track of product prices so you can find the best deal. The app offers you a price tracking and deal-finding service that will allow you to track product prices and receive instant notifications that interest you.

Once you add a product to track, the app will save the price tag of the product and offer you a detailed chart so that you can see price changes. You will also be able to set the price for which you want to buy an item; when you reach your goal, the app will notify you instantly.

The application has both paid and free versions. With the paid version of the application, you can increase the functionality of the application and your tracked products will be updated every 24 hours.

PriceBot: Price Tracker, Deal7
Google Play

8. Price History Tracker Glass It

This is another app that can take control of your shopping. Here you can buy things at super favorable prices. In addition, the app offers a product search in a special search bar. It also stores all the products that you have chosen to add to your favorites. There are also notifications here to help you buy a product in time.

In addition, there are text messages that will store all your notifications so that you will not lose them. There is also a browser where you can see random products that might interest you. Also, there is a variety of products to choose from as there are not only clothes but also apps and games.

Price History Tracker Glass It8
App Store
Google Play

9. Veve Price Tracker

An app like this is designed for lovers of collecting rare items. For example, it collects iconic comics at super different prices. In addition, another feature of this app is that each person who uses it has the right to get the best and most importantly rare collectibles.

Moreover, here you can save the items that you have purchased. So your collection here can be organized in order. You will get detailed statistics on the main items in your collection. It is also possible to keep track, of rare and ultra-rare items.

Besides, there are also smart alerts here that will notify you of price drops and new arrivals. In addition, there is a price history that will show you how the price has changed over time. It is also worth mentioning that the app offers both a Dark and a Light mode.

Veve Price Tracker9
App Store

10. Dropstab: Crypto & Portfolio

Dropstab is a crypto exchange where you can store tokens and track their price over time. In addition, it is also your wallet where you can see all your income and expenses. Moreover, there are updates within an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year.

In addition, there are updates on all types of cryptocurrencies. And you can personalize your wallet and add only the currencies you want. In addition, there are main metrics tools to track market changes. Also, there are smart notifications that are aimed at price drops. There is also a news section that will help you make profitable deals.

Dropstab: Crypto & Portfolio10
App Store
Google Play

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11. App Wish List & Price Tracker

This is a pretty interesting app that helps you save money on app purchases in the App Store. Here you can save the best apps that interest you. This way, the most important apps will be stored on a wish list. In addition, there are smart notifications that will tell you about price reductions.

Moreover, you will know that some applications are even free. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the application has an incredibly simple principle of functioning. After all, for its performance, it is enough to go to the App Store and select the applications you like.

App Wish List & Price Tracker11
App Store