GitJournal App Review

Are you tired of your standard notes app on your phone and you are looking for something more interesting, but not overwhelming with lots of useless features at the same time?

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Or maybe you use the notes taking app to export text from there to the documents so you need this app to have great functionality? Then you should pay attention to the GitJournal app that we’re going to talk about in this review.

Getting right to the point – the main feature that makes this app so authentic compared to all the other ones in this category – this is also an open-source app. If you go to the main menu, by clicking on the sign that you will see at the left at the top of the screen, then you will see a function that is called “choosing your Git Host”.

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You will be able to choose among GitHub, GitLab, and custom your own. You can also make this process automatic or manual. The app can also be integrated with other Git tools.

The second feature that is not of less importance than the first one is the fact that GitJournal guarantees the total security of your personal data – the app doesn’t pass your personal information to any third parties. Thus, you can use this app anonymously and store important texts here without fear they might be stolen.

Moving on, another great feature of GitJournal is the fact that this app is so simple in usage. Thus, it will be suitable for any type of audience, for schoolers and businessmen, for personal notes or storing the tables about the sales plan. By the way, the app always stores the notes in the Markdown + YAML header format – so you can easily transfer the notes to your PC.

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Moreover, GitJournal doesn’t have any ads – it is important to highlight in the app of this type – usually, when you get a note-taking app that is more or less decent, you are getting bombarded with all those annoying banners. And you don’t even need to create an account when you launch the app – jest start taking notes immediately.

Considering the organization of notes – you can group them into folders or unite them by tags or dates – thus you can create something like a journal or diary.

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In general, GitJournal is a nice note-taking app that is so easy to use – and customize as well. It is remarkable for its functionality and it is also very lightweight – probably, this is everything you might be looking for in good note-taking software.