ProofHub App Review

Even a year ago the collaboration software was used mainly by the people working for corporations, project managers, product managers, and others involved in the cooperative work. Nowadays due to the world pandemic and the overall digitalization of all the life spheres, almost everyone uses it.

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As a result, it came clear that lots of features in the collaborative software need to be revised, since often they are too elaborate, chaotic, and simply difficult to understand.

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That’s why we’re going to talk about ProofHub in this review – this is a new type of project management/collaborative software app, that is easy to use for everyone, it will be suitable for all kinds of projects and it will just make any type of the project work you might be doing easier.

First of all, the registration in ProofHub will take you literally a couple of minutes. Before you start working with the app, it will suggest you choose the color theme for the overall interface – another pleasant bonus of ProofHub.

As you launch the app you can start working immediately – on the main page you can see your dashboard with all the current projects you are involved in. You can create your own projects and invite people via email or form your contacts, or, if you were invited to the project yourself, you will see this project displayed on your list.

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You will also see the categories of activities that are assigned to the project or to you personally. The first category is the one for the tasks, another one is for the events. For each task or even you can add a detailed description, a place, date, time, duration, and also set up the reminders for them.

There is also a section called bookmarks so you could create bookmarks at the most important information, files, and events on the project, and later on, find them in a matter of a second.

One cool specific feature that you will find in the “tasks” section is that you can choose if you want to display everything in the traditional workflow pattern or as the Kanban scheme. You can also display the list in the Gantt chart which is incredibly convenient if you’re a project manager.

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Also, there is a chat in ProofHub – another convenient feature that allows all the team members to communicate right in the app, thus helping to avoid all that mess with thousands of different chatting apps.

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All in all, ProofHub turns out to be an amazing software for project management. It is extremely convenient in usage and, what is more important, it is easy to understand – so now instead of wasting your time on figuring out all the features of the app you can concentrate on the goals of the project and work towards them.