12 Best Hair & Beard Removal Apps for Android & iOS

You’ve probably had a situation when you needed to remove unwanted hair or beard from a photo. Though it seems hard to do, there are many apps capable of coping with this task.

At the same time, it must be mentioned that there are no apps aimed only at removing hair or beard from a photo. Nevertheless, we want to suggest you the list of the apps to remove unwanted objects from a photo. All these apps will be available for iOS as well as Android device users.

Before you start, don’t forget to check out the article about the best hair style apps for men (so you can find something new).

We are sure that these apps will become highly useful tools and definitely gain your expectations.


The first app that will let you remove hair or beard from a photo is called TouchRetouch. Install it to make yourself sure how powerful it is.

To begin with, the app has millions of admired users from all over the world. What is a secret of its popularity?

Of course, the app is so appreciated because of its powerful tools. With the help of them, it will be available to remove undesirable content in three ways. 

Nevertheless, only two of them will be suitable for you. The thing is that hair and beard do not have a precise shape. That is why the Single-flick line removal feature will be not so efficient.

As for the appropriate tools, you will be able to try the Object Removal tool. By using it, you will need to select either Brush or Lasso, mark the object to be removed, and then tap the Go button. 

Alternatively, you can use the Clone Stamp tool. So you will be able to clone your skin without hair or beard and apply it to an area with undesired content.

To make it look natural, you will be able to adjust stamp size, hardness, and opacity as you wish. Apart from this, it will be always available to correct the cloning with a tool called Eraser. By the way, its parameters are also adjustable.

Even if you are not a specialist in editing photos, you will be able to achieve an exceptional result for sure. The app’s built-in video lessons on how to use all the tools will surely help you. Also, you will have some useful advice at your fingertips. 

App Store

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Beard Photo Editor – Beard Cam Live

Beard Photo Editor is an app that will edit the beard on your face. Together with a special built-in camera, you will be able to adjust the shape of your beard. Choose the haircut on your face that you like.

Moreover, you will be able to use the beard on photos you have already taken, it will be a kind of photoshop. The app has a lot of features. The beards look very believable, the beard is applied to your face clearly and without distortion.

Besides, the beard takes the right look on your face and blends in with the lighting. Because of the richness of the color, the grain, which can be adjusted, you can make a very nice facial haircut. Before you trim your beard, be sure to use this program so you don’t get it wrong.

You can also joke to your friends that you made a beard and they will believe it, as it will look very realistic.

The app is smart because there is an intelligence that monitors the tilt of the face, looking at the shape of the head. There are so many advantages here. Beard Photo pleases users with its interface and graphics.

Beard Photo Editor - Beard Cam Live1
Beard Photo Editor - Beard Cam Live2

Object Removal Lite

Now it’s high time to review an app from the App Store. Object Removal Lite will do its best to make your photo look perfect. 

With only one tool and several taps, you will remove hair or beard from a photo.  

You will only have access to a Brush. By using it, you will need to select an area to be removed. For your convenience, it will be available to choose from various sizes of a tool. After that, hair or beard will be instantly removed from a photo.

We do hope that you will like the result. At the same time, if you need some additional and advanced features, the app also has a Pro version. 

Object Removal AI Retouch Fix1
Object Removal AI Retouch Fix2

App Store

Unwanted Object Remover – Remove Object from Photo

If you want the area with removed hair or beard to look extremely natural even on an enlarged photo, the Unwanted Object Remover app is exactly what you need. A package of powerful tools will do its best for you to achieve the best result.

First of all, you will need to use the Retouch tool to remove the undesired object, in our case, it is hair or beard. After that, there will be available such tools as Selective Adjustments and Tone&Color. By using them, you will be able to edit local tonal and color corrections of the area removed. That’s why everything will look absolutely realistic.

Apart from this, to make your photo look even more effective, you will have access to various photo filters and textures. 

Also, the Magic Crop feature is something that you should try for sure.

PixelRetouch - Objects Remover

Face Hair Changer Men-Women

Face Hair Changer is an app that knows how to change facial hair. Would you like to remove facial hair or, on the contrary, grow a beard or make eyebrows wider? Then this program is definitely for you.

It’s suitable for both men and women. You can not only try on a new image in real-time, but you can see what the beard or mustache looks like on your friends through the photos. This way you can have fun by sending images with your new look.

So that you don’t have to go straight to the salon, you can easily open this app and try on everything you can. The program has tons of features. You can take pictures through the camera, attach a mustache, a beard to the photos you have already taken.

Moreover, you will take a high-quality picture and change the tilt of the head to fit the haircut on the face. You can save the images to the gallery. To all of the above, you can post your picture to social networks and share it with family and friends.

Face Hair users really like its interface. Nowadays, this is a really necessary app, as everyone does not have much time. Life is boiling and you can do everything through the Internet. It’s really convenient! Download the program and change the images.

Face Hair Changer Men-Women

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Probably you don’t know that this well-known powerful app is capable of helping you in this matter as well. Believe it or not, but Snapseed will be quite efficient in removing hair or beard.

As you know, the app is considered to be multifunctional. Nevertheless, let’s review only one feature that will allow you to gain the desired result.

Well, from all the 29 tools, healing is exactly what you need. After choosing it, you will only need to draw over the area that you want to remove using your finger. 

Finally, you will be able to use other tools and photo effects to make some tonal and color corrections of the area that will have been edited. With these features, the result will be absolutely amazing.

App Store

Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker

Adobe Photoshop Express is one more multifunctional app. It has dozens of features, including tools to remove the undesired object. Though it will be a little bit hard to do this, the result will be equal to your efforts.

To do this, you will need to follow this instruction. First of all, choose the Pen tool and draw a path around the hair or beard. It is important to leave little spacing between an object’s shape and the path’s edges.  

After that, you will need to turn the drawn path into a selection. To do this, just tap on the path and select “Make Selection” from the app’s menu. This action will open a box where you have to set Feature Radius equal to 0 pixels.

Then, go to edit and choose the Fill option. Select the content-aware option with the normal blending mode and 100% opacity. 

Finally, hair or beard will be removed from a photo.

Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Photoshop Express Photo Editor
App Store

Enlight Photofox: Digital Art

Another amazing app that must be mentioned in this list is called Enlight Photofox: Digital Art. It is one more popular photo editing app that supports removing undesired objects. 

Among its cutting-edge tools, you will find a clone stamp tool, patch tool, and healing brush. 

So by using the Clone Stamp, you will be able to clone an area of your skin and apply it to an area with hair or beard. Everything will be adjustable, so the removing will be as realistic as it is available.

When it comes to using the Heal, you will admire the result as well. The thing is that the app will take the texture from around the healed area and apply it to the area with hair or beard. Such an efficient and simple tool it is.  

As for the Patch, you will be able just to copy and paste a certain area. As you can see, in our case, this very tool won’t be so suitable. 

App Store

Pixomatic photo editor

As for the Pixomatic photo editor, it will also provide you with the most efficient tools to remove undesired objects.

Thus, you will have access to all the necessary tools to cut out, replace, and remove an area with undesired hair or beard. After that, to make it look natural, you will be able to use other features and photo effects that are already installed at the app.

As the final result, your photo will look absolutely realistic. Moreover, your followers won’t notice the difference at all. 

Pixomatic - Background eraser
Pixomatic - Background eraser


Pixelmator is the last but not least app in our post. It will surely become your assistant while removing unwanted objects.

In this app, the Repair tool is what you are searching for. By using it, you will be able to remove any undesired object, including hair and beard. 

As usual, other built-in tools and photo effects will let you get rid of flaws caused by removing the undesired area.

App Store

FaceLab: Face Editor, Aging

Face­Lab can change­ how you look, aging you or even swapping your gende­r, with a variety of fun filters. In just mome­nts, it transforms you into an old person – or makes you look younger. Gender swap is another perk that shows what you might look like­ as the opposite sex.

Moreover, FaceLab lets you morph into differe­nt characters with joker makeup, cartoon, and zombie­ filters. If you’re up for being a renaissance­ painting character or a cartoon movie star, this is an app for you.

And, of course, there is a beard-editing feature. You can add a beard and a mustache, as well as use the bald filter, or hairstyle change filter. These ones are pretty cool, in my view.

At the same time, judging by the reviews, not eve­ryone is pleased be­cause of the ads, which can be ple­ntiful. The alternative is a paid subscription. However, user re­views suggest that it may not offer good value­. Also, FaceLab may sometime­s crash unexpectedly, ofte­n when working on a complex creation.

App Store

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Beard Booth Studio

Beard Booth Studio is like a virtual barber shop. With this app, you can add a beard or moustache to your photo, and style it as you want. The­ app comes with lots of beard styles. You might want a rugge­d Tom style or a classier Heise­nberg, or maybe a Jax or a Snow.

There­’s more: naturally, there is the option to resize and rotate your se­lected facial trim for a realistic (or unre­alistic) look. And once you’ve cre­ated your beard masterpie­ce, you can show it off by saving it to your phone or posting it on social media.

Among other fun feature­s is the opportunity to add a caption when you feel like­ your beard needs to say some­thing.

The app is extremely intuitive and easy to use, but it’s not especially lightweight, though.

While the app is free, there are in-app purchases if you need extra perks – such as a celebrity pack, a holiday pack, or a special moustache selection. The app comes with a free iMessage Sticker Pack with be­ards, though.

Beard Booth Studio1
Beard Booth Studio2
App Store