9 Best apps to change eye color (Android & iOS)

Nowadays, people can change everything in their appearance. Sometimes put on some makeup, have a haircut or dye hair will be enough to transform beyond recognition. As for cardinal change, people can have various plastic surgeries. It seems that there is nothing impossible today.

But what about our eye color? Have you ever imagined yourself with blue-, green-, brown-eyed? And if we had unusual eye colors, how would it be?

Fortunately, there are many apps that can change your eye color on the photo. And now we would like to present to you the best of them. Install them from the App Store or Google Play, and make your dream come true!

1. Eye Color Changer Lenses

Eye Color Changer Lenses

This app has some pretty good tools to help you change your eye color. The app provides numerous templates of all kinds that you can use on your photos and adjust as you need.

In addition, you may change your eyes to a natural color or apply different unusual lenses.

Using the tags, you may find the tone and color of your eyes that you want. There are enough available categories to diversify your look. Besides, the app provides a function that will help you to adjust your photos due to flash reflection or other imperfections. The app lets you make your own color adjustments, so you can avoid this problem.

You will also have access to a photo editor. The photo editor contains all the essential features that you might need to edit your photos. You are capable of cropping photos and rotating them, changing the color balance, adding text, and using many other features.

Eye Color Changer Lenses

App Store

2. FoxEyes – Change Eye Color by Real Anime Style

FoxEyes - Change Eye ColorThis app is truly flawless. And if you want many exotic lenses in one place, that’s exactly what you’ve been searching for!

Apart from various colorful lenses suggested, you will be able to create your own as well. Also, you can adjust the brightness, darkness, and color of each eye. So use your imagination and do your best.

One more distinguishing feature is that FoxEyes has s great collection of animal eyes that you can apply at once. You can’t imagine how many animal eye colors are there!

Besides, this app is priceless for Anime-lovers. You can make your eyes as Anime hero has, and also use Sharingan and Rinnegan lenses.

Plus, by using this app, you will be able to improve your photo by using dozens of filters. Then you can share photos via social media from the app.

FoxEyes - Change Eye Color by Real Anime Style

Google Play

3. Eye Color Changer -Face Makeup

Eye Color Changer This app does a really good job as well. It supports almost 100 beautiful lenses that you will like for sure. By using them, you will make each your photo unique.

The distinguishing feature of this app is a proper face recognition technology. It means that with the help of this feature Eye Color Changer will automatically locate the position of the eye and apply lenses.

By the way, for better effect, you will be able to enlarge your eyes.

Additionally, here it is possible to use dozens of photo effects. Moreover, users can adjust the opacity of each effect.

After finishing to work, you will be able to share photos via popular social media directly from the app. It’s so convenient, isn’t it?

Eye Color Changer

App Store

4. Eye Color Changer Real

Eye Color Changer RealThis app will also let you change your eye color. Its hundreds of eye lenses can make your photo look original.

What about the advantages, Eye Color Changer Real has automatic eye detection that will simplify your working process a lot.

After that, you can choose numerous lenses from such categories as Simple, Marble, Electric, Specs, Exotic, Animal. By the way, you can even see how your eyes would look like if you were an Alien. Though it is impossible to have these eye colors in real life, it will seem as realistic as it is possible.

Also, for each eye, you will be able to choose different lenses as well as adjust the opacity.

This app will also let you share photos via social media directly from the app. Additionally, you can save them to your phone Gallery.

Eye Color Changer Real

Google Play

5. Eye Color Changer

Eye Color ChangerIt is one more app that is able to surprise you. Let’s start with types of lenses that are already familiar to you.

Firstly, Eye Color Changer has hundreds of mono- and mixed-color lenses that will make your eyes look exotic. Or you can choose from natural colors.

Additionally, here it is possible to enlarge your eyes as well.

What about eye effects, you can use Animal, Rainbow or Anime effects just like in previous apps. The choice of them is surprisingly wide.

The Red Eye Removal is also available for this app’s users. So there’ll be no difficulty in getting rid of the photo’s flaws.

As for advantages, we can mention one more kind of eye color

effect – Flags. Right, your eye color will be looking like a flag of any country. That sounds really interesting!

Besides, with the help of this app, you will be able to shot not only photos but videos as well. As you remember, not every app has this very feature.

As always, you can share photos or videos via social networks or load to SD card.

Eye Color Changer

Google Play

6. Eye Color Changer Makeup

Eye Color Changer Makeup It is the next app that is capable to make your eyes look more awesome.

Here you can use more than 150 lenses of different colors. For your convenience, you won’t have to do something manually. The thing is that Eye Color Changer Makeup also has Face recognition technology that is capable of automatical locating eye position.

After applying the eye color, it will be possible for you to adjust eye size, rotation, and even shape! It’ll be very appropriate for those who do not like something in her or his eyes.

Apart from this, it is very convenient that there are more than 80 filters available for users. So perfect your photo and share them instantly via social media.

Eye Color Changer Makeup

App Store

7. Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover

Perfect365We guess many people know this excellent app. But in this case, eye color feature seems have been a little bit forgotten. So we would like to remind about it.

Well, here it is also possible to change your eye color. All lenses are realistic and natural, but you will definitely like them.

As a bonus, you will get a powerful tool that is capable to refine your face. It means that you can do virtual make up by using shadows, liners, lipsticks, etc. Also, there are available many ready-to-use pre-set styles.

It must be mentioned that Perfect365 has hundreds of video-tutorials by worldwide popular beauty-bloggers. They give product recommendations, share daily makeup and fashion tips, and teach users how to do makeup correctly. That’s really priceless.


App Store Google Play

By the way, if you want to refine your figure as well, read this post.

8. Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix Don’t forget about Adobe Photoshop Fix!

It’s obvious that this all-in-one app is capable to change eye color as well. As in the previous app, they look like in real life, similar to usual human eyes colors. Nevertheless, your look will become more impressive.

Apart from this, the app has become famous because of its capability of perfecting photos. It has various tools that can manage this hard work. With the help of this app, you will be able to retouch and restore photos; to edit and adjust them. To cut a long story short, the app will give you complete freedom of action. That’s why it worth being downloaded.

Adobe Photoshop Fix Google Play

9. Facetune

Facetune Facetune is the last but not least app. To be more precise, it is capable of tuning eye color as well. There is a wide variety of lenses of natural color. So choose any of them and try it!

By the way, Red and white-eye Removal feature will be also available for you here.

Besides, with the help of this app, you can change whatever you want by perfecting smile, skin, hair, etc. As usual, it is possible to do virtual makeup. Refine your face on the photo easily by using this multifunctional app.


App Store

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