Goat vs Zombies: Best Simulator App Review

If you’re tired of those too serious games and you just want to play something funny, unusual, and light, then this game will be a perfect choice for you. Here you will find the story that you’ve probably never faced before – the goat is against the zombies.

And this is not a joke! You’re going to play for a fearless goat that is trapped in a location full of zombies. Run around and knock them all out! As soon as you start the game you can choose the way of controlling which is more preferable to you – by tilting your smartphone or manual controlling.

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Don’t be afraid to get closer to the zombies and knock them out. Actually, those guys are quick harmless to you. One thing that we noticed that is really tricky is to strike precisely in the object. Each time you start a new game you start in a new location – you’ll be surprised how many activities the zombies can be doing!

They dance, wander around, eat, and so on – the really zombie party!


The whole game is accompanied by a cheerful soundtrack. Manipulating the goat is easy and the gameplay is decent so you won’t even need any instructions at the beginning. However, watch out – each time your time is limited so you need to get enough scores before you run out of it. Earn your scores by killing the zombies.

And you can knock not only zombies but all objects you will find at the location – it will give you additional scores as well. A little tip – knock the objects and use them to kill more zombies at one stroke.


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Summarizing all the points,  Goat vs Zombies is a great game to get distracted from your daily routine and play something funny without being overloaded with hidden sense and harsh stories. A flow of joy is guaranteed!