3 Best golf ball finder apps (Android & iOS)

According to statistics, there are 300 million golf balls lost per year. Apart from this, an average golf player wastes about 24 minutes per round searching for a ball. These facts made us write a post with some apps to find a golf ball.

Unfortunately, there are only a few golf ball finder apps developed. Following links, you will be able to load these apps from the App Store or Google Play on your gadget. We do hope that they will be extremely helpful for you, letting find all the balls lost.

1. Golf Ball Finder & Scorecard

Golf Ball Finder & Scorecard Have you ever heard about Blue glasses? The way the app works is the same, but the result is much more accurate.

After a round, you will have to open this app that will use your phone camera with blue filter applying. By darkening the background, this very filter will make the ball “glow” in the grass or foliage. So you will find lost golf balls with no difficulty.

What makes the app convenient is that it is adjustable. You will be able to set grass type as well as its color. Besides, it will be possible to choose weather conditions, if it is dull or sunny. There is no doubt that this feature will make the results of a search much better.

Apart from this, the latest update supports the Player Scorecard feature. So you will always have the scores at your fingertips. However, keep in mind that it will be available to enter the results of four players maximum.

Also, the app is available in 10 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Chines, etc.

So the developers of Golf Ball Finder & Scorecard have done their best to meet your requirements.

Golf Ball Finder & Scorecard

Google Play App Store

2. SmoothSwing

SmoothSwingOne more outstanding app is called SmoothSwing. Though its functioning principle is absolutely different, you will surely benefit from this app as well. Here you can easily determine the approximate location of the ball with this camera. Also, you can use this to measure the distance of your shot.

At first, you will have to go within 15 feet of where you think the golf ball is located. After that, it will be necessary to scan the area around with the app’s camera. It uses built-in accurate object recognition technology, so all the lost golf balls will be immediately detected. That sounds really amazing!


App Store

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3. My Lost Golf Balls

My Lost Golf BallsMy Lost Golf Balls is one more great golf ball finder app. It will let golf players keep in touch and register information about lost and found balls. The idea is really brilliant!

To put it shortly, there are two modes available. The first one is called Found balls. There you will be able to register any ball you find to reconnect it with its real owner. The second mode is called Lost balls. In this mode, it will be available to register your lost golf balls mentioning the area and some additional information. Then you will be able to monitor if your ball is found and registered by other golf players.

My Lost Golf Balls

Google Play

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