LopeEdit Software Review

Ask yourself if you are fed up with your regular text editor shortcomings? Or, maybe, the ones of the program in which you write codes? If the answer is yes, keep in mind that there is a better option. And this is a source code and plain text editor – LopeEdit. A convenient and powerful one, with a lot of useful functions. Let’s see why it is so good.

All the standard functions typical for a text editor are, of course, available in it. In addition, the application can find and replace the entered fragments at once in all open documents. And it makes macros of the modified lines.

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It performs syntax highlighting and auto-highlighting of parentheses. It can also offer you ready-made templates for over 15 programming languages. CSS cascading tables will also make your work a lot easier when you’re with it.

Office, Office XP, and Visual Studio are supported even in the free version of the application. And it can open files on the Internet, saving changes.

The editor has a built-in FTP client and supports Unicode and UTF-8 encodings.


Floating tool windows provide added convenience. Menu and toolbars are fully customizable. You can open one window in multiple tabs if you need it.

As for the editor’s interface, it is multi-tab, allows you to choose from several themes, and has a command-line with drop-down menus. It is available in several languages also.


Let’s summarize what LopeEdit features are worth keeping in mind:

  • built-in FTP client
  • highlighting programming languages
  • support for more than 15 programming languages
  • Unicode and UTF-8 support
  • ASCII table and ASCII symbol insertion support.
  • multi-tab interface, tabs, and themes.
  • flexible menus and toolbars settings, floating windows
  • built-in file browser and bookmark support

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As you can see, LopeEdit is so functional that it may well replace the paid software products of well-known companies. Moreover, both an inexperienced user and a professional programmer will be able to appreciate the convenience of working with it. Don’t forget to download it, and check it for yourself.