Moovit app review

Moovit is an application that allows you to find out the schedule of public transport anywhere in the world. It can be safely called a find for a tourist, and Moovit is positioned as an ideal guide for those who want to get out of unknown distances.

To successfully build a route, you need only two parameters: current location and destination. Moovit will do the rest. Having optimally combined various types of public transport and clearly plotting the route on the built-in map, it will lead the user out of anywhere. In the advanced settings, the user is also allowed to select preferred modes of transport.

With the help of filters, you can easily choose the most convenient route for you, short or, conversely, long and panoramic, if you want to show your city to guests. Whatever travel method you choose, Moovit will step by step guide you in the right direction, prompting the way on both the phone and watch using the companion app.

Users themselves help to keep the database up to date. The built-in level-up system simultaneously plays the role of gamification to guarantee the reliability of the route. Moreover, in civilized countries and high-tech cities, Moovit also displays a schedule for each route.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of such programs, especially to a person who likes to travel. The project is able to deprive users of the worries associated with moving through unfamiliar cities, all thanks to reliable information about transport routes in the largest cities in the world. The application page mentions more than 2900 settlements, which is really a lot.

No matter where the person is – in Poland or New Zealand, Moovit can always find the best way. The program can be used both as a reference and as a navigator. In this case, the application will independently find a suitable bus, metro station or other means of transportation that can deliver the user to their destination in the shortest possible time. In addition, constantly updating data, the program will notify the user about delays and changes in the schedule. Using the built-in GPS device, the application monitors the location of the user and shows the position on the map. The best routes can be saved to your favorites.

But application skills are not limited to the simple functions of the navigator. In the application, you can set the departure time and, based on the timetable of the routes that come across the route, it will calculate your estimated arrival time for any of the modes of transport you have chosen.

And the last function will help you figure out how long you can stroll in the center or stay in the movies – the application will find for you all the last flights for the day so that the “last train” will not run away from you.

The application starts a profile for you, which takes into account all your routes, walks and trips. And the more kilometers you wind, the higher your status will be and the cooler the picture in your profile will be

It is worth noting that the names of streets, districts and other parts of cities are not translated, and are displayed in the original language. The utility works quickly, the speed of downloading and updating data largely depends on the speed of the Internet. The interface is convenient, not overloaded with extra buttons and menus.

Moovit is a convenient tool for planning local movements in almost any major city in the world. A constantly updated database will not allow you to take the user by surprise, even at the most remote point on the planet.

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