Password Manager App Review

How often have you thought about how many accounts you have on various resources? How many usernames and passwords do you have to keep in memory or a special file on your laptop, hidden from spying eyes? On average, a user can have up to 40 accounts.

And, depending on the type of activity, this figure is quite capable of increasing by an order of magnitude. Today Password Manager is one of the most popular password managers applications. It can work via wifi, iCloud, or even dropbox without any problems, which means that controlling your data is completely under your control.

And to block yourself from using social media too much you can use special apps. 


You can separate passwords in your special “safe” into personal and work passwords to avoid confusion and extending areas of your interests. That is very useful. And then you can share your”safe” through Dropbox if you need to share your data with colleagues or friends without worrying if you made the same password available.

This Password manager has a very useful “observatory” function that constantly monitors hacking attempts and tracks hacked websites. So, if you need to change your password, you will be the first to know about it.


What is really useful, the manager has a google play app. It has good functionality that allows you to easily enter the desired profiles, enable unlocking “storage” via iPhone’s Touch ID, etc.

Password manager lets you save more than just passwords. You can enter delivery addresses, phone and credit card numbers, driver’s licenses, and other important data into your personal “safe”. It will perfectly cope with saving credit card numbers, bank accounts, so that you can have access to this data from anywhere.


By the way, if you also don’t want no strangers to get access to your profile you can install an app that will tell you who viewed your profile.

By the way, changing your password is quick and completely feasible here. You can carry out the procedure in a couple of clicks. Password Manager also made the transition from another manager easy. The program will simply scan your applications and computer for passwords, and then import them into its database.