Project Timer Software Review

Legends say that there are entrepreneurs who successfully manage many simultaneous projects, and do not get entangled in a variety of overlapping work tasks. And they can immediately tell the client an acceptable and reasonable price for a project, without spending several hours on calculations and estimates.

When your project is finished and you need to create a nice presentation with vids and pics, you can use these apps. 


So what is their magic formula? As a rule, there are several such secrets. But one of them is constant control and tracking of the time they or their teams spend on each task. Plus careful planning of each new project based on the data already received from the previous ones.

And, of course, you can’t do without decent and reliable software here.

The solution that we offer you today is the ProjectTimer application from Dunes Multimedia.

Let’s see what you can do with it.


Create work projects, enter tasks and subtasks for each of them. If you have already completed such tasks, you know how much time on average it will take from you. Enter the expected duration in the corresponding field. If the task is new, enter its start time (by default, it will be the time of the task introduction) and use the built-in timer. Assign tasks with different priorities, categories, and colors.

Enter the cost of each hour of work in advance, or determine it at the end of the work. When you have accumulated enough statistics, you can easily plan template tasks and projects and announce to a client a price profitable enough for you.


The program provides detailed reports. The client is also an attribute of a task and a project; so you can get statistics on this parameter as well. For example, how profitable this or that customer is for you.

You can also maintain a database of clients and invoices directly in the app.

As you can see, the ProjectTimer is a gorgeous tool for planning and tracking time and partly finance, both in work and personal spheres.

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It is perfect for freelancers, project businesses, and just people who respect and take into account their time.