9 Best Basketball Prediction Apps for Android & iOS 

Ball games are highly entertaining and it is impossible to stay away from the screen. However, basketball games are often played with big scores, unlike football, where the scores can be huge and concrete numbers are hard to predict. Meanwhile, there are plenty of strategies, winning lines, and all-year-round tournaments to choose from.

That is why you need special applications. This article is dedicated to all those who want the most accurate sports prediction. In addition, you might like the article Best Sports Betting Apps, where you will find the best betting apps for all sports.

1. Basketball Tips

Uncontrolled gambling will lead you to empty pockets. This app will give you tips on the matches, with the help of trusted sports analysts. Although this app does not offer one hundred percent guarantees, it will provide you with good betting tips. In addition, you get daily reminders and tips about upcoming games.

This is all based on a sophisticated criterion. Additionally, you can chat directly with the analysts here. After all, the analysts work in real-time. This app will not only help you gain an understanding of the basic performances of the teams but also of the individual athletes.

Besides, you can check the news concerning the whole line-up of players, and the particularities of each of the five players, which have a great influence on the result. You can follow the tendencies of a match and bet on the winning odds yourself. Moreover, the app has a simple interface combined with only important information.

Basketball Tips1
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2. BasketBall Betting Tips Daily

There are a lot more events in the world of basketball than in football, which means you can make predictions every day. In addition, this app is great for predicting the future chances of your favorite basketball teams. The first thing you get is the analytics to guide you through all the steps of the game.

In addition, the analyses will be emailed to you. You will even have access to more accurate forecasts and extended results regarding the game. Moreover, the app will provide all information, from statistics to professional critics.

Not only will you get results on the final score, but also on the character of the game, for instance, which teams are going to get more points as well as the periods in which they are supposed to win. We can say that it is a great app for beginners in betting. It offers clear analytics with fairly primitive results, but with fairly accurate results.

BasketBall Betting Tips Daily2
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3. NBA: Live Games & Scores

This app is great for watching matches and reading the news. In addition, this app shows not only live broadcasts but also match results. It is also a great app for catching up on unexpected situations in the game. There is also a news section where you can follow your favorite teams and players.

Also, this app offers you statistics with various league standings. Moreover, you can find here various predictions from the experts about the upcoming sports events. NBA: Live Games & Scores is also full of reviews and personalized information. All in all, this is a cool app for keeping track of league events.

NBA: Live Games & Scores3
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4. Best Basketball Tips

This app contains accurate, professional, and free match predictions. In addition, you will find here all the news analysis, team reports, latest results, and team meeting history. Also, this app will help you make quality predictions for basketball betting. You will also find tips on the best way to place your bets, on whom to bet, and where to start.

By the way, you will be getting tips from the app daily. In addition, you will get an analysis of all games. For instance, there is a section showing the success of certain teams. In addition, you will be able to contact the experts themselves and ask questions.

The great thing about this app is that you will get tips and advice from real people, not from artificial intelligence. It is also a handy service for betting, with a simple interface and great design.

Best Basketball Tips4
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5. Reports: Followers Tracker 

It is one of the most effective applications for predicting basketball games. In addition, you can also watch games online and read comments from other basketball fans. There is also a special section with all the news articles related to basketball. Moreover, there are plenty of analytical tables and personalized alerts.

In addition, the tips of the app’s experts will help you increase your odds of success in the betting market. This app features a non-stop stream of news about your favorite teams. Moreover, you will find here sections about certain players.

Furthermore, this app is also useful for fans of football, cricket, and other sports. Another useful feature is the ability to track the match in real-time with an interactive 3D visualization of the action on the basketball court.

365Scores - Live Scores5
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6. Sports Betting

Sports Betting is an app that will help you open an account and bet on basketball games. It is a great app that also offers predictions on certain basketball games. You will be able to bet on any team even during the game. You can even watch games and enjoy the action. In addition, it is also a secure service that does not require you to make any prepayment.

So your bets will be safe and secure. In addition, you will be able to bet on different sports in this app. Also, there are different types of bets available here. Moreover, you will see different predictions and chances of winning before betting. This way you will be able to make your choice.

Sports Betting6
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7. Basketball Betting Tips

Basketball Betting Tips is one of the most popular apps made for basketball predictions. Besides that, you will find various tips regarding games and betting. You will also get daily game analyses. You can even get the odds of a particular team’s success.

You will also get instant notifications regarding game updates. Likewise, you may also get extra bonuses with the premium subscription. This application will analyze and provide you with the most accurate results of basketball games.

Basketball Betting Tips7
Google Play

8. Sports betting tips

As the name implies, this program uses statistics for basketball betting and forecasting. It presents NBA, WNBA championships, European championships (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey), as well as tournaments among national teams.

The following indicators are available in a convenient format:

  • How many times in face-to-face meetings she played handicap and total
  • Which of the players was injured or moved to another club.
  • Average results: number of points at home/outage, handicaps, totals by quarters and halves.
  • Individual indicators of players.

Main functions:

  • Comparison of two teams, calculation of average points scored in the match and by quarters, totals, and differences in personal meetings.
  • Automatic update of BC results and lists.
  • Updated tournament tables of competitions.

Player statistics:

  • a number of points, fouls, three-pointers, and free throws.

The advantage of BasketStat is the automatic collection of information about the results of matches, and the odds of bookmakers and players. You don’t need to enter anything manually.

Therefore, we do not recommend relying on rate forecasting programs. Moreover, you shouldn’t pay money for it.

Sports Bet Tips & Betting Odds1

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The main purpose of this betting program is to save time and effort for the player when analyzing bets on sports events.

Tasks performed by the betting program:

  • search for forks and underestimated outcomes;
  • comparison of bookmakers’ coefficients; analysis of the movement of quotes (growing and falling);
  • forecasting – assessment of the probability of the outcome of the event;
  • displaying statistics of teams (players) in different sports;
  • accounting and analysis of own rates;
  • conversion of odds to the desired format, determination of margin, calculation of the recommended bet amount, etc.

This betting program is not a guarantee of a successful game in a bookmaker’s office. It is necessary to perceive betting software exclusively as an assistant in betting.

If you want to immerse yourself in the basketball atmosphere, then this app is perfect for you!

This is the biggest, best and largest basketball app in the world and is a favorite among users.

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