SpamSieve Software Review

When we first launch the SpamSieve application, we are greeted by a convenient and intuitive interface. It also lures the fact that registration is not required in this utility, that is, after installing the application, you can use it immediately!

The main task of SpamSieve is to filter unwanted messages and spam to any of the user’s emails, be it gmail or Outlook. On the main page we see the statistics of filtered emails, the accuracy of filtered emails, a complete summary of the data about the emails in the mail and the rules that we set ourselves.

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Probably, the minimalism of the program attracts the most, all the necessary information is transmitted in numbers, so the result of the program is visible on the face. I will tell you in more detail about the rules, in the rules we set Blocklist Rules and Whitelist Rules.

Sometimes emails may look like spam, but they are not spam, so they should be entered in the Whitelist Rules. Conversely, emails that do not look like spam at all may turn out to be spam, so they should be entered in the Blocklist Rules.

In terms of technical support, I would like to separately note the feedback of the developers, because you can contact them without any problems on any issue and the answers to your questions will appear in a matter of minutes.


There is also an email in the program for suggestions and program upgrades, so if you have any ideas, you can write a letter to the development team. SpamSieve also protects your data, so don’t have to worry about leaking your emails to the Internet.

You can also add contacts of your friends to the program, so their messages will easily get into your mailbox. Do not be afraid of alerts from each email, the program will notify you only when you receive a non-spam email.

It is also worth considering that SpamSieve checks the attached files in the email, so spam will be recognized even if it is in a separate file.

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The SpamSieve app is very relevant nowadays because a lot of spam comes to the mail and you can’t always recognize it yourself, so the impressions of the app were only positive, it helped me in filtering my emails.