9 Best Stargazing apps for Android & iOS

Space is not so far as it seems! If you are fond of astronomy, you probably experience some difficulty in studying our magical endless Universe. But there is no need to be disappointed anymore.

Fortunately, due to the cutting-edge technologies, since now you can always have access to celestial bodies. So we are ready to present you with the list of the best stargazing apps available on the App Store and Google Play.  With the help of them, your gadget will instantly turn into a planetarium.

1. Star Walk 2 – Night Sky View and Stargazing Guide

Star Walk 2Our review starts with this great app. We guarantee that Star Walk 2 will gain all your requirements for sure.

First of all, this app will provide you access to all celestial bodies for stargazing. It will be available to watch the solar system, constellations, stars, comets, asteroids, spacecraft, nebulas, and so on. Apart from this, you will be able to read detailed information and interesting facts about each object and view it a 3D model that can be turned upside down.

What is more, by using this app, you will be able to view celestial bodies in AR. To do this, you will need to open the app’s built-in camera and orient your device toward the sky. After that, you will be able to see charted objects appear superimposed on live sky objects. That really sounds like a miracle.

One more distinguishing feature is that you will be able to choose a certain date in the past or future and view a position of celestial bodies at this time.

Moreover, the app will also let you watch meteor showers, satellites in space live, and so on. That’s so amazing.

What you will also like here is the What’s new section. By using it, you will be able to learn the latest news, researches and discovers connected with space. So there is no need to surf the internet trying to find worthy information.

Star Walk 2

GooglePlay App Store

2. COSMIC WATCH: Time and Space

COSMIC WATCH: Time and SpaceThe next brilliant app is COSMIC WATCH: Time and Space. It will also allow you to start your astronomical tour.

To begin with, this app also supports stargazing in AR. You will need to open the app, point your device towards the sky and enjoy the result. You will see planets, constellations, stars, comets, asteroids in real-time. Then, move your phone or tablet to learn other objects around you. Moreover, by taping on this or that celestial body, the app will show you the detailed information about it. This feature is really priceless.

By the way, when it comes to observing, it will be available to switch between sky, earth, and solar system view. As for the solar system, the app supports both Geocentric and Heliocentric views.

Apart from this, the app will let you travel through time. By saying this, we mean that you will be able to choose a date in the past or future to observe celestial bodies in this very day. Thus, it will be available to view the most signal events in the history of astronomy.

Besides, the astronomical events calculator is a feature that you should definitely try.

One more distinguishing feature is a 3D interactive astronomical clock and world clock. Together with the app’s great graphics, they create a really amazing picture.

Also, with this app, you will be aware of the most important news in astronomy. Just turn the astronomy notifications on.

As a bonus, the app is capable of representing planet retrogrades. As you can see, there’s nothing impossible in this app.

COSMIC WATCH: Time and Space

GooglePlay App Store

3. Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map Stellarium Mobile Sky Map is one more app that we can’t help admiring. It will be a perfect tool for stargazing.

The app includes a collection of 600,000 celestial bodies displayed in real-time on a screen of your device. It contains such sky objects as nebulas, galaxies, stars, planets, artificial satellites, and many others.

In addition, the app has some distinguishing features that make it outstanding. First of all, when observing constellations, they will be completed by well-designed illustrations. This feature will make the process of utilizing much more enjoyable.

Also, by using it, you will be able to observe the sunrise, sunset, light pollution simulation, asterisms, stars extinction, atmosphere refraction. All these phenomena will be represented surprisingly realistic.

What is more, the app supports 3D rendering of solar system planets. That’s why you will have a chance to observe them from every side.

Besides, like in the previous app, you will be able to choose a date to watch planets on any day in the past or future. Moreover, this app will let you do this from any location. That is really a great advantage.

Finally, the app will take care of your health. Thus, it will be so easy to turn the night mode when it’s dark. To put it shortly, the red filter will be applied.

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

GooglePlay App Store

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4. SkyView® Lite

SkyView® LiteSkyView® Lite is one more alternative app for stargazing. With the help of this app, it will be so easy to discover the Universe.

In this case, the app also supports an AR observing of the celestial bodies. Just point your gadget at the sky to identify which galaxies, stars, constellations, planets or satellites are there above your head.

Apart from this, you will be able to observe the sky at any date or place. It will let you become a witness to all the significant events in the space. Or you will have a chance to follow the track for a sky object.

Also, the developers have done their best to keep your eye vision protected when observing the sky at night. We mean that the app has the Night mode feature that will apply a red or green filter when it’s dark outside.

Moreover, the app will be extremely suitable for all social media lovers. It won’t be difficult to capture a photo of your screen and share it with friends from the app directly. They will surely like these exciting images.

For additional features, you can try the app’s Pro version. By using it, you will feel even more freedom of action.

SkyView® Lite

GooglePlay App Store


NASAThis very app will let you feel yourself a worker at NASA. So we highly recommend you to install the NASA app to make yourself sure that it’s true.

The app will provide you with thousands of videos and photos to watch. They are really priceless because they have been taken from space. These materials will suit perfectly for stargazing.

Also, you will have access to live streams (live NASA TV) from the International Space Stations. The videos are always in HD quality. So you will be able to observe everything from the space but not from the Earth.

As for the Earth, it will be available to view the 2D maps and 3D models of our planet. The information is provided by the International Space Station as well as other Earth-orbiting satellites.

Apart from this, you will have the latest NASA news (including tweets) at your fingertips. This feature is considered to be great because NASA is the most reliable source of information. So you will get notifications before upcoming sighting opportunities for the International Space Station.

What else makes the app great for stargazing is the app’s capability to display planet models in 3D. Also, it will give you the necessary information about them.

For quick access, you will be able to save your favorite photos, videos, and even the current NASA mission. Then you can easily share them via social media.


GooglePlay App Store

6. SkySafari – Astronomy App

SkySafariThis all-in-one app is top-rated as well. What is the reason for SkySafari‘s success?

To begin with, it has all the basic features of any other stargazing app. By using it, you will be able to observe stars, constellations, planets, nebulas, galaxies, and so on. Just raise your device to the sky and you will have all the stars on the screen of your device. Moreover, by only one tap, they will be instantly turned into amazing illustrations.

Also, the app is capable of representing various important events in the space. Anyway, the graphics will be outstanding. By the way, every space event will be completed with educational information.

In addition, with this app, you will always have access to historical, mythological, and scientific information about sky bodies. Apart from this, you will be able to view hundreds of photos taken from space. Finally, the app will notify you about all the major sky events.

As for the disadvantages,  you will be able to observe celestial bodies from the Earth only. For viewing them from the space or other planets, Orbit Mode will be necessary. But it will be available only in the Pro version.


GooglePlay App Store

7. Star Chart

Star ChartAs an alternative, Star Chart is one more great app to discover space.

Its basic features are the same or even more advanced. Let’s better review the app’s distinguishing features.

First of all, you will be able to use the built-in filter. Thus, the app will show only the objects that you are interested in. Secondly, the app supports Voice Control. So simple commands will let you easily control the app. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that this feature supports English only.

Apart from this, the app includes the full Messier catalog of exotic deep sky objects. Not every app has this feature.

Star Chart

GooglePlay App Store

8. Star Rover – Stargazing Guide

Star RoverStill searching for an app for stargazing? Try this fantastic app called Star Rover.

By using it, you will definitely learn all the information about celestial bodies viewed from your current location.

Like in the previous app, it is a great advantage that you will be able to choose what kind of sky objects you want to see. It will make the process of utilizing more enjoyable.

Also, the app fully represents the processes happen in space. Believe it or not, the app even supports Moon phase changes.

As for other features, the app is quite similar to the apps mentioned above.

Star Rover

GooglePlay App Store

9. Solar Walk Free – Explore the Universe and Planets

Solar Walk FreeAre you focused on an app that won’t use your gadget’s camera for AR but display only 3D models on a screen? If you are, Solar Walk Free is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

This app will let you make virtual flights in the space studying 3D models of all celestial bodies. Apart from this, every sky body has its own detailed information, facts, photos, images pf its surface, and so on. The range of information provided is really wide.

Besides, you will be able to choose any date and time to observe the universe and all the celestial bodies of the Solar system at this very period.

Solar Walk Free

GooglePlay App Store

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