11 Best Strategy Board Game Apps 2024

Many board games are adapted to modern smartphones. This makes the game process much more convenient because you do not need to carry boxes with paper versions. Besides, thanks to them, you will always find a partner for an interesting game.

This list contains the best strategy board game apps. With the help of them, you can have a pleasant and fun time with your friends.

1. Carcassonne

Carcassonne: Official Board Game -Tiles & TacticsThe rules of the game Carcassonne can be easily explained to any beginner.

The main thing is to score as many points as possible, creating a world around a single card.

You have to build castles, roads, churches, as well as capture the field and lock the men of the opponent. There are a lot of interesting additions to the game Carcassonne.

They will diversify the game and bring new colors. Externally, the game is very like the paper version and leaves a very pleasant impression.

The rules of this game are very simple. You need to build a playing field of scattered pieces. They can be depicted on the field with the road, part of the castle or church.

When building you need to use the simplest logic. Road to road, castle to castle and so on. In the electronic version, you will always be prompted by the possible options for the course. They will be illuminated on the playing field.

Initially, the player has 7 chips, which he can put on the falling out pieces. The person can be placed in a castle, on the road, in a church or on the field.

After adding another square of terrain, the player decides whether to leave his chip on it. Spaced men can be taken only in one case if the object is completed.

But, of course, there is one exception. From the field chips can not be taken away, they will remain there until the final score.

Carcassonne: Official Board Game -Tiles & Tactics Carcassonne: Official Board Game -Tiles & Tactics

Besides, they can’t be placed on objects that already have someone, including yours.

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2. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to RideTicket to Ride is another great game for any company.

The rules may seem complicated only at first glance. It’s enough to play a game – and everything will fall into place.

Your task – to build roads connecting the cities, perform tasks and gain as many points as possible. The game is bright, atmospheric, there are different maps.

For example, America, Europe, Asia, and additions. Playing Ticket to Ride is a pleasure, especially in a warm friendly atmosphere.

In the game, you need to build a railroad connecting the cities and get the most points. There are several variants of Ticket to Ride, and almost each of them has its own features.

You can see the map of the USA, Europe, Asia and separately Switzerland.

At first, the rules may seem a little confusing to you, but after the first game, everything will fall into place. The game is designed for 2-5 players, each of whom takes turns.

You will have the opportunity to play online, as well as with many players on one or more devices.

Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride

Each player will be given cards: 4 trailers and 3 tasks. They are located at the bottom left of your icon. These cards are not visible to other players, because for them it must remain a secret behind seven seals.

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3. Risk

RISK Global Domination The game Risk is a little more serious and complicated than the previous ones.

Here is a political map of the world. Your task is to destroy rivals and capture all the countries on the planet. The share of chance in the game is also present.

But to win, you need to develop your strategy and respond quickly to events. Here all actions are performed automatically.

You only need to specify who to attack and where to defend the territory.

As for the rules of the game itself, it can take part from 2 to 6 people. Players must take turns, place the soldiers, attack and try to conquer all continents.

At the beginning of the game, you choose your color. If your opponent is a bot, the difficulty level: easy, medium, expert. Each of your next moves will consist of 5 actions:

  • receiving soldiers and placing them
  • card exchange
  • battle
  • area fortification
  • card receipt

At the beginning of each move, you have a certain number of soldiers on your hands. Their number depends on several factors:

  • occupied territories
  • occupied continents
  • card exchanges

The assignment of soldiers is automatic. When you occupy a continent completely, their number increases.

RISK Global Domination RISK Global Domination

Accordingly, the harder it is to hold a continent, the more troops you get at the beginning of the next move. If your opponent has conquered a part of your continent before, extra soldiers will not be enlisted.

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4. Le Havre

Le HavreLe Havre is an excellent example of an economic strategy with nuances and buildings.

The goal is to score as many points as possible. To do this, you will have to look for food, build buildings, extract materials and take it all to countries.

The game is designed for 1-5 players. Playing the single-player version, you can just try to gain as many points as possible.

But the more players, the more interesting Havre becomes. Because each time you have to apply a new strategy.

When creating a new game you have the opportunity to choose a bot as an opponent. It can play at four difficulty levels. In the beginning, you probably can not win even at a simple level of difficulty.

But as you learn the rules of Le Havre, you will defeat even the strongest opponent.

The game has two versions: shortened and full. Each of them has a different number of rounds and buildings. The number of rounds also affects the total number of players.

Each round consists of 7 moves, and each move consists of a mandatory and extra action by the player.

When performing a mandatory action, you can either take resources or use one of the buildings.

Le Havre Le Havre

There are three buildings in the city that are responsible for the construction. You can use your own, someone else’s, or buildings that are in the city.

Google Play

5. Isla Rica

Isla RicaIsla Rica goes through several rounds.

Here begins the first one who holds the Governor’s card. It, in turn, can be played in the old rock-paper-scissors way.

In the electronic version, a bot can do it for you, or you must state who goes first.

The game Isla Rica has a lot of different details that are very difficult to remember the first time. But when you master Isla Rica, you will play it all the time.

So, the first go to the Governor and chooses the role for himself. There are only 7 roles in the game Isla Rica:

  • Settlement
  • Mayor
  • Urban Planner
  • Producer
  • Merchant
  • Captain
  • Gold Digger

The Goldfinger card only appears if you play four or five. Otherwise, it just doesn’t get out.

When you choose a role, you make the appropriate actions for it. The settler is a new plantation. A mayor is a new person. Urban planner – building buildings.

Producer – harvest. Merchant – sale of the harvest. Captain – export of the harvest. Gold seeker – the extra coin. Each role has its advantages.

For example, by choosing the Mayor, the first player can take one extra person. By choosing a Merchant, you can sell one coin more. Similar actions in a circle are performed by all other players.

Isla Rica Isla Rica

After the governor, the role is chosen by the player on the left.

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6. Catan Universe

Catan UniverseCatan Universe is one of the most challenging and interesting games.

The proportion of cases here is reduced to almost zero, which is rarely found in board games. You need an exceptionally cold calculation and a correctly crafted strategy.

Win Catan Universe can be in many ways: expand the city, build a castle, get the graces of the king or focus on gold bullions. In general, the real space for imagination and intelligence.

The game Catan Universe is designed for 2-5 players. You can use one device, or play with your opponents on the network.

If you want to play online, you need to register through the application, and then create a game, or to join someone. If you decide to fight with the bot, you can choose levels of complexity.

For example, apprentice, builder and king’s favorite, which is the most serious player.

Each player has its own construction team, consisting of 6 people. They gradually build the city and build a medieval castle. You will not need to build a city on an empty site, it will initially have some buildings already present.

They are necessary so that you can earn money, building materials, and food.

Catan Universe Catan Universe

You will also be able to receive the King’s graces and prestige points.

Google Play

7. Tsuro

Tsuro Tsuro is a simple strategic game.

The game Tsuro has a field on which the players’ chips are placed. The player takes the tile and places it on the field next to the one on which the chip is placed.

The tile shows the paths. Longer paths are formed when a player enters the field. The chip automatically moves along one of the tracks to the edge of the new tile.

The game Tsuro has 3 levels of artificial intelligence. They will be a noticeable competition for humans.

The game features three different modes:

  • The main one is the last chip on the field that wins.
  • Longest way – the one who wins the chip that will make the longest way. That is, in this mode is helpful constantly spinning on the hinges. The program measures the distance in centimeters each time it moves.
  • In the third mode wins the player who will make the most of the loops. The loop is considered to be the intersection of its already passed path. To win, you need the highest level here.

Tsuro  Tsuro 

The player has to stay on the field as long as possible. In fact, you do not even need to read the full rules, it is a very simple game.

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8. Small World 2

Small World 2In the game Small World, you must conquer the entire territory on the map.

But the land in Small World is not so much, which is logically associated with the name of the game.

Before starting the game you are asked to choose the race for which you will fight. In addition to each of them added a special skill that gives an advantage in combat.

Thus, the combination of “race + skill” is a huge number. You will have to carefully study them to get out of the battle the winner.

This is a conflict board game for 2-5 people. Each player chooses race and ability at the beginning of his turn. Then the player begins to capture the world with his units.

At the end of his turn, the player receives points according to his advantages. Someone benefits from capturing the plains, someone specializes in seaside areas.

In Small World, there are also skeletons, diplomats and flying sorcerers.

Sometimes the player has the right, when it is profitable, to send his race into decline. And the next move to start conquering completely new units.

The winner at the end of the game is the one who will gain the largest amount of money within 9 moves.

Small World 2 Small World 2

The start menu allows you to adjust the volume of music and sound and create a profile. Also here you can see the list of winners. Here is a special book you can read the rules of the game and learn the principles of capturing regions.

Google Play

9. Strategy Pro

iStrategoiStratego is a game in which you and your opponent have 40 pieces of different merits.

Before the game starts you place pieces on your half and the battle begins. Each piece has its own power.

The peculiarity of the battle is that you will know the dignity of the opponent’s piece during the attack.

It is believed that “iStratego” comes from the Chinese folk game “Jungle”. The iStratego game holds its own championships and is popular all over the world to this day.

In the game settings, you can set the option of whether to open the opponent’s figure or hope for your memory.

Also in the latest version, you can set an interesting rule. When attacking, if the pieces are equal, the attacker wins.

The game has a lot of built-in formation strategies. But if you want to place your own or change the ready one, you can do it.

iStratego iStratego

This game belongs to the category where a lot depends on the initial tactics of the player. Since the pieces before the battle, the opponents are placed each in his own way.

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10. Agricola

AgricolaAgricola is another great desktop strategy.

This is where events unfold on the farm. You set up a small farm, raise cattle and harvest. And along the way, you try to make your family the wealthiest in the area.

A large number of different classes and subjects on the farm makes the game unique.

The goal of Agricola is to turn humble farmland into a thriving farm. To achieve prosperity, you will have to mine clay, wood, and stones.

You will be building buildings, cultivating land, harvesting crops and much more.

Each player has his own farm and 3 employees. Their number will not be increased. You can build buildings on the farm, build fences and raise 4 kinds of animals.

Each animal brings a winning point plus bonus points. They are awarded according to a special table for a large number of identical animals.

If an animal of any species is less than 4, you will receive a penalty of minus 3 points for that species. The goal is to get as many winning points as possible.

The game Agricola is played in 8 rounds or 24 actions of each player. Each round has a choice of 16 actions on the field. The actions are all different. For example, gather resources, build a stable, hedges, gather animals and more.

Agricola Agricola

Each round has new resources and animals placed on the actions.

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11. MONOPOLY – Classic Board Game

MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game

The well-known Monopoly is now available on a variety of devices. This is a unique application for all strategy lovers.

The positive side of this game is, of course, its graphics and animation. Here, you will come across your favorite themed maps that focus on different major cities and events.

In addition, the dice and the corresponding moves on the playing board are made as pleasantly as possible. Not only thinking through your strategic moves but also enjoying the moment is an important part of the game.

Moreover, the app features the ability to play alone with a computer, online with strangers, and with friends. You can also choose between real players and computer bots.

MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game

This variation allows you to control the difficulty of the game because bots can also be different, pro players and just beginners.

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