Towers Battle Solitaire App Reivew

Do you want to become the world champion of solitaire? It couldn’t be easier with the tournament-style Towers Battle app from TriPeaks Solitaire.

The application combines all the most interesting and famous classic solitaire games such as the pyramid, three peaks, klondike, and others. And they created a worldwide community for you to have fun in tournaments, make friends, post your levels and achievements.

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The game has an amazing interface where you move forward from castle to castle as you progress through tasks. But you definitely won’t get lost, because it starts with a clear and understandable tutorial. Customize the application for your convenience by tapping the button in the upper right corner – choose a color scheme, turn off music and sounds, if necessary. Choose a knightly name that suits you.

At the very beginning, you have five hearts given to you by default – these are your attempts. If you’ve spent all your hearts, but want to continue the tournament, ask your friends to share theirs with you. You also have 250 gold coins by default. Earn gold and silver coins to exchange them for power-ups.


Choose a task according to your capabilities – a one-day tournament, or other options. The controls in the game are fairly facile – just tap on the card from your hand that you want to put on the deck. As in any solitaire game, the principle is to remove all cards from your hand to the deck and leave the board empty.


You remove the card that has the next or previous value to the card in the deck. If you do not have a suitable card, you will have to take one from the deck. Get rid of your cards faster than the deck runs out.

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Different tournaments, game types, and difficulty levels will have different combinations of cards and layouts. But the real pleasure of Towers Battle is, of course, its online nature and interactivity. Stay in touch with the world, achieve successes and share them with co-players from around the world in the Towers Battle.