7 Best white noise apps for Android & iOS

The modern world is considered to be extremely noise-polluted. Due to this problem, our brain is overloaded with sounds heard by us during a day. Fortunately, there is a thing that will let our minds relax. Moreover, it makes us fall asleep faster and even soothes newborns to sleep. This thing is called white noise, a signal having equal intensity at different frequencies. But what are the sources of it?

Well, there are many sources of white noise. But the most convenient way to turn this sound on is the apps.

Here are the best white noise apps that are available on the App Store as well as Google Play. With the help of these great apps, you will always feel refreshed.

1. White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite The first really unique app is White Noise Lite. It will let you learn what healthy sleep is.

To begin with, the app will provide you with white noise, that is exactly what you need. Apart from this, you will have access to noises of various colors (brown, white, pink, and so on). They are very similar to a white sound and have the same effect. The only difference is frequency. You will be able to choose the color noise that is the most pleasant for your ears.

As for the other soothing sounds, the app’s library includes some mechanical sounds (bedroom fan, air conditioner, etc), sounds of nature (light or heavy rain, sea waves, etc.). Totally, there will be available more than 40 sounds with free downloads from the White Noise Market App and website.

Apart from this, there are many other features that make the app priceless. First of all, it is Background audio support, so you will be able to use other apps while the sound is played. Also, you will surely like On-screen media player and volume controls that supports swipe gesture for navigating sounds.

One more thing is that the app will let you create new soundscapes by mixing multiple available noises. You will be able to fully adjust the volume, balance, and pitch of each sound to make the sound comfortable to listen to. Besides, the app is capable of saving your mixing sounds. Thus, you will always have quick access to them.

Moreover, if we consider its features that will be helpful for healthy sleep, the app is also well-thought-out. The thing is that the app has a Full-screen digital clock that will be very easy to adjust. One more thing that we can’t help admiring is the app’s Advanced alarm and timer system. In the morning, these features will slowly fade audio in, while you will be awaking gradually.

Also, if you have your own relaxing sound, you will be able to record it and use it in combination with others. Not every app has this marvelous feature.

White Noise Lite

GooglePlay App Store

By the way, if you need some additional features you may try two paid versions of this excellent app.

White Noise

GooglePlay App Store

White Noise Pro

GooglePlay App Store

2. Noisli

NoisliThe next amazing app is Noisli. By the way, its developers suggest some more ideas when the app can be used: while reading, meditation, focus while working, beat the anxiety and insomnia, and many others.

The app has a wide range of sounds, including White noise and noises of other colors. Apart from this, you will be able to listen to sounds of nature (Thunderstorm, Wind, Birds, Leaves, Seaside, etc.) as well as sounds that we come across in everyday life (Fan, Rumbling Train, Coffee Shop, etc.). Like in the previous app, it will be available to mix sounds and adjust their volume. These Combos can be saved, so you will always have them at your fingertips.

What else makes the app to be stand-out is the built-in timer with a fade-out function. It will be very helpful when you have to be concentrated on work during a certain period of time. And of course, it can be used by you while sleeping. This feature will let you have better sleep and feel the energy in the mornings.

One more distinguishing feature is the app’s user interface. It will be so convenient to use. What is more, the app supports Offline mode and Background Audio. So nothing will prevent you from the use of this wonderful app.


GooglePlay App Store

3.White Noise Generator

White Noise GeneratorThe next white noise app that is also deeply appreciated by Android device users from all over the world is White Noise Generator. It will be a perfect tool to relieve stress. 

By using this very app, you will have access to white noise as well as to the noises of other colors. All of them are easily adjustable. 

Besides, the app has many other relaxing sounds that will definitely be dear to your taste. For instance, the app’s sound library includes such sounds as thunders, wind, forest, creek, leaves, fire, and so on.

Additionally, it will be available to mix sounds as well. You can adjust the volume of each sound or the whole system volume. The app is also capable of saving these mixes into Favorites. 

By the way, the app also supports setting timer. So it will be very useful during meditation, working, or even having a nap. 

White Noise Generator


4. White Noise+ Sound Machine

White Noise+ Sound MachineAs for an alternative from the App Store, we highly recommend you to install White Noise+ Sound Machine. The app is capable of generating white noise as well as more than 80 relaxing sounds.

It has been already mentioned above, that with some apps the users are capable of mixing sounds and save them. This very app is not an exception. When it comes to creating mixes, the app will do its best to make this process simple. 

As for other features, the app is powerful enough to play in the background. One more thing that makes the app convenient is that it supports Apple Watch. Also, you will always have quick access to the sounds with its Widget.

Still not enough? Then it must be mentioned that the app will also allow you to set an alarm or sleep timer. They will meet your requirements for sure.

Also, the app supports Dark mode.

White Noise+ Sound Machine

App Store

5. White Noise Baby

White Noise Baby White Noise Baby is a must-have for those who have a baby. This brilliant app will become your assistant in putting a child asleep.

The app will provide you and your baby with white noise and other relaxing sounds like Hair Dryer, Fan, Vacuum Cleaner, and do on. By the way, they are even capable of making a newborn child stop crying.

The main distinguishing feature, in this case, is that the app’s gallery of sound includes 10 tracks with Classical music. They will be also so suitable for relaxing.

In addition, the app supports a Sound shut-off timer that will gradually fade volume to silence. Furthermore, if a baby starts crying, the sound will be turned on again by the app automatically.

That’s not half of the story. The thing is that you will also have virtual rattles at your fingertips. They will be controlled by the screen touch or phone shake.

Also, you will be able to read some essential tips connected with a baby’s healthy sleep.

Keep in mind that the Background play will be available in the Premium mode only. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be a Premium user to have access to the Battery Saver Mode. This feature will make the process of use much more convenient.

White Noise Baby

GooglePlay App Store

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6. White Noise Sleep Sounds: rain, nature, and more

White Noise Sleep Sounds The next app that will make your insomnia disappear is White Noise Sleep Sounds. It will be so appropriate for those who don’t want to mix sounds but want to listen to mixes created by professionals.

First of all, the app has features of a typical white noise app – white noise and noises of various colors, completed by other relaxing sounds.

The main difference is that there will be 280 sounds available. The reason for the large amount is pre-mixed sounds, as it has been said before. So with only one tap, you will be able to listen to beach waves and birds, birds and gentle frogs, and so on. But mostly it will be unique single sounds such as dream catcher melody or massage atmosphere music.

By the way, this very app can rival the previous one. That’s because of 3 lullabies that will be also available for you.

As for the app’s other features, it will be available to use the Sleep timer with slow fade-out. Also, the app supports Background mode.

White Noise Sleep Sounds


7.  myNoise

myNoisemyNoise is the white noise app that has admiring users from all over the world.

Apart from white noise and basic sounds of nature, you will surely like such sounds as Binaural Beats, Temple Bells, Tibetan Choir, and Warp Speed. Install the app to make yourself sure how unique and relaxing these sounds are. Also, you will be able to download some more sounds to your sound library. By the way, they will be mostly free.

What is more, by using this app, you will be able to mix sounds. To make them sound in harmony, it will be very easy to adjust their frequency and volume. And, as usual, these combinations can be saved in the app. This feature will let you always have your favorite mixes at your fingertips.

What also makes the app something special is pictures demonstrating all these phenomena. Believe it or not, but you will feel relax only when having a glance at them.

Besides, the Timer is one of the features that are extremely necessary for such kind of apps. That’s why the app’s developers haven’t neglected this feature as well.


App Store

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