7 Best ANT Radio Service Apps for Android

What is the ANT radio service? The term “Radio” here means a wireless signal. It allows you to transmit data. It is obvious that ANT Radio Service is just another wireless way of connecting many gadgets. Consequently, it is not much different from the same Wi-Fi connection.

However, this service is mainly used to connect such devices that help us in sports and just a healthy lifestyle. These are gadgets such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, and heart rate monitors. These are such gadgets as fitness trackers, smartwatches, and heart rate monitors. These apps make it easier to track health as well as a selection of Best Walk Reminder Apps.

1. ANT Radio Service

This app ranks first in the market. It contains the basic functions of this radio service. The ANT Radio Service is what allows your devices to connect and exchange data between them and your Android smartphone. This system service in combination with ANT+ plugins allows other applications, that you have, to communicate with ANT+ compatible products.

It means that this app lets you easily do things such as gather, stream, and view real-time data about sports, health, and fitness on your mobile device. Moreover, the app helps you go deeper into your health. After all, every metric will be displayed at once in this one app.

There are many apps that are currently compatible with ANT+. So instead of constantly turning on and off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that we do not always need it is better to use ANT+.

ANT Radio Service1
Google Play

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2. IpBike ANT+™ Bike Computer

IpBike ANT+™ Bike Computer is designed to collect and transmit data from sensors to a control device. You can use this application in three main areas of use. These are sports, healthy living, and home wellness. It can be used to transmit data for a range of devices. The app is mostly used specifically for sports control.

It is a kind of fitness trainer and assistant in maintaining your diet. After opening the app, you will see information from all of your devices. So you may control the speed, cadence, combined speed, and cadence, and power of the bike.

It is also worth pointing out that all your indications will be adjusted in accordance with the additional devices. So your indicators will be the most accurate.

IpBike ANT+™ Bike Computer2
Google Play

3. ANT+ Heart Rate Grapher

This application collects the same data as mentioned above. However, the interesting thing here is that it focuses on your heart rate and pulse measurement. We could even consider it to be a kind of heart rate graph. One of the benefits of the ANT+ Heart Rate Grapher app is that everything is done in a single click.

It usually takes less than a minute for your data to be collected. If your gadget is equipped with ANT+, this app will serve as the ideal assistant for monitoring the health of your heart. Users have reported that using this app is a great help for visiting hospitals. After all, you will immediately have a graph of your heartbeat.

The app itself will save the information you need. This means that you do not have to do anything extra. Just show what the ANT+ Heart Rate Grapher app has gathered.

ANT+ Heart Rate Grapher3
Google Play

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4. ANT+ Plugin Sampler

You will probably be prompted to install this radio service app if you connect a device that requires ANT +. In that case, the best thing to do is to look at the ANT+ Plugin Sampler app. After all, it will help you quickly collect information about all of your devices using the ANT + system.

This application is great because it can collect a large number of devices. And it is all completely free. With it, you can accurately attach an activity meter, pedometer, speed sensors, scales, as well as vehicle monitoring, control music players, glucometer, which is designed to measure blood sugar levels.

However, its users most often use this application exclusively during cycling sessions. You can definitely use it to monitor your cycling progress.

ANT+ Plugin Sampler4
Google Play

5. IpSensorMan

IpSensorMan is a real boon for the cyclist. This app helps you keep track of all your smart sensors. So, you will have all the data about the speed and power of the bike, the frequency and strength of the pedals, the combined data about the nature of the speed, the dynamics of running and movement, the approximate consumption of oxygen, and much more.

You will definitely learn a lot more about your training here. In addition to bike characteristics, you can also add your own. For example, you can describe your body condition, your weight, your height, how often you perform activities. Based on this data, the app will compare your effort and your results.

Certainly, this way you can have a balanced approach to the workout you are doing. All you need for the IpSensorMan app to work is access to all your devices in your possession.

Google Play

6. ANT+ Demo

In contrast to others, ANT+ Demo is a mini-application for record-keeping and analysis standard indicators of a person. First of all, you can track changes in your weight, such as weight gain or loss. Secondly, you can monitor your heart rate, in other words, your pulse rate.

Finally, of course, the app also gives you access to a pedometer. This way you will be able to check how many steps you walk in a certain amount of time. An interesting thing is that the last measure is compared to possible stairs walked. To find devices supported by ANT + just go to the tab ANT + Plugins Service.

Here you can find all your devices. You can also set up exactly what you want to see on the main application screen. It means you can remove some tab with a parameter, for example, if you do not need to track your weight.

ANT+ Demo6
Google Play

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7. CardioMez – Heart Rate Workout

The last application in our selection gathers a pleasant interface and excellent functionality. It allows you to monitor the data of all your devices on its basis for general wellness tasks, as well as for medical purposes. You take your fitness training to a new level since the app combines multiple trackers such as treadmill, jogging, walking, swimming, and sleeping.

In fact, with this app, you can not only track your performance on different devices but also analyze them. It is convenient that each indicator is presented in handy charts. So, for example, in the column running, you will see how many calories you burn, the duration of exercise, heart rate, and training intensity.

And most importantly, you will be able to view all of this as a certain percentage. Every activity you do will be recorded by the app. So you will always know how your workout goes from day today. All in all, CardioMez – Heart Rate Workout is a handy tool to help motivate you to get even more fit.

CardioMez - Heart Rate Workout7
Google Play