13 Best apps that make you look older (Android & iOS)

Everyone is interested in trying on different images. For example, in old age, when changing sex and so on. Answers to all these questions can be obtained with the best apps that make you look older.

Find in this list the most convenient application for you and see how you will look in the future.

1. FaceApp

FaceAppFaceApp is an exciting application that performs curious manipulations with portraits of people.

With its help, you can easily turn a nerd into a funny man, a young man into an old man, and a man into a woman. Or vice versa.

After starting the app you will need to take a picture or choose one of the portraits available in the gallery.

After loading the image, you can only click on the filters presented in the form of smileys and enjoy the result. And it’s just perfect.

But it’s not all about smiles. Not less successfully the program copes with operations of aging and sex change.

The secret lies in the fact that the system of artificial intelligence is used to change the images. It is she who analyzes the photo and skillfully applies to it the effects you have chosen.

You will want to share your portraits with friends. To do this, the app FaceApp allows you to publish portraits and collages to Facebook and Instagram. You can also save the file to your smartphone gallery.

FaceApp FaceApp

The application is distributed free of charge and does not contain advertising. Install, experiment and don’t forget to share the results with your friends.


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2. Make Me Old

Make Me OldThe Make Me Old app will make you a brutal old man. It increases the eyes of girls, brightens the skin and adds only small wrinkles.

The essence of the application is that you can edit your face. But the most interesting thing is, you can see yourself or your loved ones, how we will look in the future.

The effect is amazing, very realistic. The application Make Me Old can be called a mini editor.

You can add a brutal gray beard, tweak his eyebrows and make his eyes more expressive. In the case of girls, this filter increases the eyes, brightens the skin.

It also adds only small wrinkles, as if trying to hide an impressive age.

In addition to the effect of “aging” in this application, there are other filters. For example, you can add a smile to the photo or use the “rejuvenation” effect.

The appropriate filter will smooth out wrinkles and add more blush. You can also use it to change sex.

The interface of the application Make Me Old is beautiful and convenient, nothing complicated. Besides, you can take a picture and edit a new photo.

It is also possible to choose any suitable photo and see it. In addition to the aging function, you can also rejuvenate.

Make Me Old Make Me Old

You can also play with a smile, beard, hairstyles, makeup and much more.

3. AgingBooth

AgingBoothAgingBooth is a fun app that performs any kind of manipulation of people’s portraits.

With its help, you can turn a woman into a man and vice versa, to age a young guy and much more.

The most remarkable thing is that the app is a practical ideal replacement of faces. It has a very realistic final display.

But, if the face is asymmetrical or the hair closes at least one eye or your smile, there will be schools in the end.

So try to photograph yourself evenly, without emotion and remove the hair from your face. Then the result will be correct and the restructuring will be successful.

To start manipulating, make selfies or choose one of the available photos.

The next step is simple. Select the desired replacement option and save by clicking the arrow in the right corner. Or post to social networks by clicking on the Facebook or Instagram icons.

AgingBooth AgingBooth

According to the description of the app AgingBooth, artificial intelligence is used to transform the face. Some “smart” filter defines the features of your face and highlights them accordingly.


4. Make Me OLD – Age Face Maker

Make Me OLD - Age Face MakerThe Make Me OLD – Age Face Maker app blurs the boundaries between generations.

It shows that visual transformation is just an external change. The person in the picture is the same person – you don’t lose yourself.

In today’s world, there are no specific age limits for a long time. A classic astrological age is just the numbers in the passport.

Today it is customary to talk about the psychological and biological age.

The photo editor allows you to conduct a series of experiments with any portrait photo. For example, to add a smile, to become prettier, to grow old for several decades or, but, to rejuvenate.

Also in this application is the ability to turn men into women, and women – in men.

Thanks to this application you will make a virtual trip in time. You can make an image on your own and others’ portrait photos for several years.

Take a picture taken by a phone camera, or select an image from the gallery and mark the main points of “aging” on the face.

Make Me OLD - Age Face Maker Make Me OLD - Age Face Maker

The app Make Me OLD – Age Face Maker will apply a grey veil filter, wrinkles and facial features to your photo. The results look frighteningly real.

5. Oldify™ – Grow Old

Oldify™ - Grow OldWith the Oldify™ – Grow Old app, you can create an entire photo album of “aged” people.

In portrait photos, you need to mark the main points of “aging” on the face. You will then be able to view your old faces with a slideshow.

Besides, you can bring your photomontage to life with the help of animation. Your portrait will be able to move and even wink in your old age.

The app Oldify™ – Grow Old has a funny trick. Having shaken up the phone, change the present image on the same, but aged for 50 years.

The finished results can be saved in the gallery of your mobile device if necessary. In the app, photomontages are saved near to originals in the app gallery.

You can share photos with friends on social networks through the program itself.

Oldify™ - Grow Old Oldify™ - Grow Old

In addition to the aging face, there are other interesting chips here. For example, you can say a small text. Then you will receive a record of your “aged” voice, corresponding to the image.


6. Make Me OLD – Age Face Maker

Make Me OLD - Age Face MakerThe Make Me OLD – Age Face Maker application allows you to turn a normal photo into an image of an old person.

There are plenty of settings, features, and tools to create and process photos.

First, select a photo from your phone’s gallery. At the bottom underneath it, the menu is displayed on a horizontal line. Here you can delete, crop or select a photo.

The settings are vertical and can be adjusted by moving the arrow.

Once you’ve determined the change, click the Select checkbox.

The window that opens displays a library of styles that can be used to convert photos.

Click on the selected style. A selection of options appears below the picture. Click one at a time and select the option that suits you best.

It will take some time to process. The window is darkened and a triangle and the phrase, “Doing magic,” appears in the middle.

In the photo you can choose:

  • quality
  • keep
  • edit
  • share

The arrow points to the selected style. You can change it by scrolling through the line.

It is possible to get a monochrome image.

Photos can be obtained from the Gallery or photographed by the application Make Me OLD – Age Face Maker. To do this, click on the white round button with the camera image.

Make Me OLD - Age Face Maker Make Me OLD - Age Face Maker

Its processing is carried out for the same scheme.

7. Old My Face – Old Age Photo Maker

Old My Face - Old Age Photo MakerThe Old My Face – Old Age Photo Maker app allows you to change the photo, age the face of a person in the photo.

Add animation to it, create a collage of several photos.

After installation, a working window opens with the menu. Here are the photo buttons, collage, and a camera.

Select a photo from your mobile device gallery or use the camera.

In the menu, you can adjust each of the settings by sliding the slider on the scale. Use the center arrow to do this.

Compare the previous and the next processing results by clicking on the button on the right.

Use the effects from the menu. Then click the “Save” button.

In this application, it is possible to blur the background. To do this, adjust the degree of blur, the diameter of the circle of the non-detached part and linear blur.

Old My Face - Old Age Photo Maker Old My Face - Old Age Photo Maker

The result can be immediately shared in social networks. To do this, you need to let in the application using your account.

8. Make me Old – Face Your Future

Make me Old - Face Your FutureMake me Old – Face Your Future allows you to create pictures with original additions from photos, the aging of the face.

Select a photo using the menu. In the application, it is possible to quickly share the result.

The selected photo can be cropped or rotated by clicking on one of the menu items.

There is a button next to each menu item that you need to click to add an effect.

Using this application, you can also get spectacular pictures and collages.

Next, you just select something like filters. The most popular ones today are those that make you young, old or even able to change the sex.

Features of the application Make me Old – Face Your Future:

  • unique opportunities that are implemented at a high level
  • a very simple interface that will prevent confusion when using

Make me Old - Face Your Future Make me Old - Face Your Future

This free application will help you to have fun in a very unusual way or joke about your friends.

9. Age Face Maker App Make me Old

Age Face Maker App Make me OldAge Face Maker App Make me Old is a photo processing app. It uses neural network analysis and intelligence to make changes to your appearance.

It’s easy to make yourself together in this app. Install the app, give it permission to access the camera and personal gallery files.

Launch the camera for the selfies or find a suitable photo in your files. You can use photos from your Facebook profile. You can also find a photo of the celebrity you’re looking for directly from social media.

Open the photo, select the “age” option at the bottom of the application menu.

Use the “old” tool to make your face look artificially old. Save the result.

Once the image is taken and saved, you can proceed to publication. Upload your image in the future to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other service you want.

Age Face Maker App Make me Old Age Face Maker App Make me Old

In addition to aging, the app Age Face Maker App Make me Old knows how to change hair color, hairstyle, beard, add glasses and tattoos. It can also apply various filters.

10. Old Me-Test Master

Old Me-Test MasterIn the Old Me-Test Master app, you can make a man old or, but, rejuvenate a man, as well as turn a man into a woman and vice versa.

It is very convenient if you decide to change the sex or make a plastic surgery at leisure.

This is a great way to spend time, estimating different scenarios of their lives.

Below there are three most frequently used effects. As well as a gallery with a photo from which you can choose the ready-made photo.

In the settings, you can cancel saving the original photo, add a filter icon to a large photo or collages. By the way, it is possible to process a group photo.

This application gives you access to:

  • Several specific filters
  • Ability to process different faces in one image
  • The opportunity to share the results on social media

Old Me-Test Master Old Me-Test Master

This free app will help you lie back and surprise your friends by making your face look old in the photo of your choice.

11. Old Face & Daily Horoscope -Face Aging & Palm Scan

Old Face & Daily Horoscope -Face Aging & Palm ScanOld Face & Daily Horoscope -Face Aging & Palm Scan is an application that is a photo processing tool.

Its features are very exclusive. Finding something like this will be very difficult.

When you run the app Old Face & Daily Horoscope -Face Aging & Palm Scan, you need to take a picture of yourself or upload a picture you’ve already taken. If anything, you may have to redo it.

To create the desired effect, choose what you want to do. For example, grow old, rejuvenate, or change the floor.

Then click on the one big button on the main application window. The photo is processed in 3-5 seconds. The resulting photo is quite consistent with “reality”.

When you look closely at it, you can see that it is an imitation.

I am glad that the unsightly or bad effect can be removed, and all the main options are available free of charge.

Old Face & Daily Horoscope -Face Aging & Palm Scan Old Face & Daily Horoscope -Face Aging & Palm Scan

All this can be added to the collage and put into Instagram. If you are very sad in the photo, you can also make an artificial smile.

12. Face Age App – Make Me Old Face Changer

Face Age App - Make Me Old Face ChangerIn the Face Age App – Make Me Old Face Changer app, you can create unique and unique selfies.

Age your face with the help of special neural technologies built into the program.

Also here you can change the floor, appearance, hairstyle or even apply the face of a celebrity. You can also use the finished photo to apply all these effects.

Add a smile to your photo if your face is sad. Men can add a chic beard or a thick mustache.

You can also change the background of a photo with a few clicks.

The app Face Age App – Make Me Old Face Changer contains a large collection of filters and many extra effects. They will improve the quality of your photo.

Face Age App - Make Me Old Face Changer Face Age App - Make Me Old Face Changer

Girls can apply evening makeup to their faces or try on a new lipstick color.

13. Magic Age Face

Magic Age FaceThe Magic Age Face app will allow you to see how you will look after 50 years.

It will add grey hair, wrinkles on your forehead and even change the shape of your face. Everything looks very realistic and plausible.

You can achieve the desired effect with a few simple steps. First, upload your ready-made photo of your phone’s gallery visas to the application Magic Age Face.

You can also take a new photo with the built-in camera. Then apply the aging effect and enjoy the result.

Also in this application, you can edit the finished image. This is especially useful if you want to share your photo with your friends on social networks.

Here you can apply various filters, crop the photo and even add interesting stickers.

Magic Age Face Magic Age Face

Also in this application, you can rejuvenate yourself or add various emotions.

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