11 Best Lottery Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

In the world of gambling, which is an area extremely sensitive to innovation, we can’t go without apps. The first lotteries appeared in ancient China. We continue to play them today, but already using modern gadgets.

In this review the best lottery apps, all the advantages you can take now.

1. Lotto Results – Mega Millions Powerball Lottery US

Lotto Results - Mega Millions Powerball Lottery USLotto Results – Mega Millions Powerball Lottery US is a new version of the lotto generator 6×45.

To start the application Lotto Results – Mega Millions Powerball Lottery US you just need to click on the start button. It will then pick you up a number consisting of 6 numbers in the range from 1 to 45.

The application Lotto Results – Mega Millions Powerball Lottery US has a new feature that allows you to download lottery numbers 6 out of 45.

To do this, go to the “Draw Archive” section. Then specify the range of lottery numbers from which to which you want to get the drop-down numbers. Press the “Get” button.

In the workspace, you can specify how many even numbers will be generated.

For example, if you specify digit 2, the app Lotto Results – Mega Millions Powerball Lottery US will select a number consisting of 2 even numbers and 4 odd numbers.

If the reference book is filled in, the app will exclude them when selecting the number. You can also memorize your dropped-down numbers by clicking the appropriate button.

Apply the “Exclude your bets” option.

Lotto Results - Mega Millions Powerball Lottery US Lotto Results - Mega Millions Powerball Lottery US

At the same time, when selecting a number, your already made bets on numbers will also be excluded.

Google Play

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2. Official NY Lottery

Official NY LotteryThe Official NY Lottery app provides statistics and archives for many international and local lotteries.

You can sort and apply filters to use the program more efficiently.

The statistics provide information on balls.

How many times the balloon has fallen out, the percentage of falls out, how many draws back it fell out the last time.

The statistics of the selected balls in combination with other balls are provided. This allows you to better determine your choice.

Official NY Lottery

The app shows statistics and an archive of the drawings for the following lotteries.

Google Play

3. Lucky Lottery Scratchers

Lucky Lottery ScratchersThe Lucky Lottery Scratchers is your unique chance to radically change your whole life.

Here you get a huge jackpot. An amount that will be enough to make any of your dreams come true.

It is in this application that the biggest winnings in the history of all lotteries are recorded.

To take part in the game is very easy. To do this, you must fill in the game card, crossed out 6 numbers from 52 on one or more game fields.

The raffles are played twice a week. During the raffle draw, the app Lucky Lottery Scratchers gives out 6 prize balls.

You win if you guess two or more prize numbers. If you guessed six numbers, you blew the jackpot.

Lucky Lottery Scratchers Lucky Lottery Scratchers

The jackpot grows from draw to draw and can reach huge sizes until it is ripped off.

Google Play

4. Lotto Scratch – Las Vegas

Lotto Scratch – Las VegasThe Lottery Scratchers application brings together all available lotteries.

On the main application page, you will see a modern interface with lotteries.

You can start playing with one click.

If you do not know how to play a lottery, you can read the rules immediately. It has tips on how to play. Then you need to register.

All as usual. Enter your name, email, phone number, and secure password.

You can pay for your ticket through any electronic wallet, bank card, and code.

Lotto Scratch – Las Vegas

All payments are secure.

Google Play

5. Lottery Scratchers

Lottery ScratchersIn the Lottery Scratchers application, you can buy lotteries and receive cash prizes.

The application Lottery Scratchers is easy to use and is divided into special sections.

Here you can see all the receipts for payments made. All lotteries that have passed can be viewed in a special section, where all the results are saved.

So you can find out which numbers fall out most often.

Besides, in the “News” section you can find out about new offers and profitable promotions.

If you have any questions or problems, you can write to technical support.

Lottery Scratchers

You will receive an answer within a few hours and will be able to solve your problem accurately.

Google Play

6. Lottery Ticket Scanner Games

Lottery Ticket Scanner GamesThis app is a lottery and casino simulator on your phone.

Here you will get a lot of different entertainment and exciting gambling.

The application is very easy to use and has a lot of useful features.

Try real gambling and take advantage of the opportunity to win valuable prizes.

Every lottery you buy can be opened instantly. You will immediately know the result and can compare it with other lotteries.

Besides, all the rules and conditions for using the application are extremely simple. So you can be sure that the lottery is fair.

Lottery Ticket Scanner Games

Guaranteed prizes await you in every game.

Google Play

7. Hoosier Lottery

Hoosier LotteryThe Hoosier Lottery app has tried to make lotteries as accessible and convenient as possible for all users.

After installing and running the application Hoosier Lottery you will go through a simple registration.

Here you can use your Facebook account or simply enter your email and phone number.

You need to confirm your account with the code you received via text message.

Then you need to log in with your username and password.

After that, you can assume that the start has been made. Now you can gladly open your profile and start the game.

Hoosier Lottery Hoosier Lottery

The application is free for both Android and iOS platforms though it has in-app purchases.

Google Play

8. Lotto.com – Welcome to Winever

Lotto.com - Welcome to WineverThe interface of the mobile application is quite convenient and intuitive.

On the main screen, there is a list of all possible lotteries to choose from. Among them, there are traditional circulation lotteries with big prize money.

There are also lotteries with prizes that are more desirable than money. For example, residential lotteries where real estate is raffled.

And for each of the games, there is a tab “How to play?”, which fully explains the rules.

Lotto.com - Welcome to Winever

In addition, the application has a bright interface and easy-to-navigate tabs and sections.

Google Play

9. CA Lottery Official App

CA Lottery Official AppThe CA Lottery Official application is the place where many different lotteries are collected.

When you first launch the app CA Lottery Official, you will need to select the lottery you like.

Fill in a ticket and add it to your shopping cart.

To buy a ticket, you need to have funds in your personal wallet of the application. You can refill it in various ways.

For example, from a bank card, electronic wallet or mobile phone account.

Now you have a lucky ticket.

All you have to do is wait for the drawing and remember to check the result in the corresponding section.

CA Lottery Official App CA Lottery Official App

All winnings are transferred to your wallet, after which you can put these funds in the game. Or you can take the money.

Google Play

10. Bravoloto

BravoIn the Bravo application, you can get your lucky ticket and collect any winnings.

Withdrawing funds from your wallet is possible in the same ways you enter them.

The winnings can be transferred to your bank card, electronic wallet or phone account.

As a rule, withdrawal of funds is not instantaneous but takes several days, so you need to be patient. But, you will get the winnings in any case.

You will be notified about the winnings by a special SMS message with a unique code.

Details can be found in the help section of the “How to get your winnings in the lottery” application.

There is also another section in this app that deserves your attention – “Winners”.

Bravo Bravo

It publishes interviews with those lucky winners who have made a big score in one of the lotteries.

Google Play

11. LotteryHUB – Powerball Lottery

LotteryHUB - Powerball LotteryIf you are a lottery fan, the LotteryHUB – Powerball Lottery application is for you.

In this online lottery, raffles are held every 10 minutes, without stopping, 24 hours a day. This way you can play 144 times a day.

To play the lottery application you need to select the number of a draw in which your ticket will be played.

You also need to select the winning numbers, wait for the draw and check your tickets.

This game is a lottery simulator and is designed only for fun. You will not be able to get real prizes, as well as can not withdraw money.

Section “Interesting” will help you spend time waiting for the next draw. Here you can be inspired by stories of success.

LotteryHUB - Powerball Lottery LotteryHUB - Powerball Lottery

Find ideas for a strategy game and find out which lottery has the best chance of winning.

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