11 Best apps to help you with homework (Android & iOS)

Homework. Which associations does this word cause for you? For sure, most of us have unpleasant chills on their backs when they hear it. Long boring hours of painful studying in childhood when the weather was calling you to go outside and play occurs in our memory.

And universities are known to have even worse homework for their students. Basically, it is an unpleasant, but irreplaceable part of any studying process. However, despite all of the mentioned above, doing homework can be not only boring but also very useful if you know how to execute it in the right way.

So don’t waste your energy or empty actions that will lead to knowing the result. Work smart, not hard, and use all the means that can improve the quality of the process. For example, apps on the App Store and Google Play. Did you actually know that there are some really cool of them which can help you in a lot of ways to get your homework done?

1. Photomath

Math is known to be one of the most difficult subjects for the whole of humanity in general. According to the statistics, more than 50 percent of students have significant problems with maths at school and universities. But since the problem is so crucial, the applications market provides a possible solution for us.

In fact, Photomath can make your life much, much easier by solving difficult equations and math questions for you. As you could have guessed from the name if it, all you have to do is to take a pic of a math problem, then the app will convert it into a digital format and present the solution for you.

The best part of it is that it really can handle all kinds of math – starting with the basic arithmetics and ending with calculus and geometry tasks. Moreover, the app doesn’t just solve all those equations and problems. It gives you an explanation of each of those, so you could not just copy, but to understand and memorize the subject.

Another cool feature of Photomath is that it can work even without the Internet connection. So if there is a situation, for example, on the test, where you don’t have the Internet, but the ability to cheat, you can still use the help of this software.

There is also a multi-scientific calculator in the app, which will probably be extremely useful for university students. For each problem, the app will provide several options for a solution, with the exclusive how-to animations. Interactive graphs help to better understand the material.

Trigonometry, statistics, algebra – all those complicated subjects are possible to handle with the Photomath. Moreover, the app is completely free. The only aspect you need to worry about is that not all the smartphone cameras are compatible with it.


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2. Classify — School Planner

Unlike the previous one, this app is created more to help in the organization of your studying process, not to actually solve tasks for you. But it is a very qualitative homework-management software.

In fact, Classify can serve as the full school manager, assisting you in various projects and reminding you about the upcoming homework you have to do. You and your friends can all install this app and use it as a coworking platform for executing a school project.

You can also email assignments to other users in this app. Record your grades for every assignment and let iHomework figure out what your report card is going to say. Here you are choosing how to better organize information so it is easy and convenient for you in particular.

For all students, the app contains a very helpful option for marking the location of a school or uni where the course will take place.

Calculating your grades is one more option that you can use here – choose between a simple point-based grading system or a very highly customizable weighted system.

The schedule of your classes can be easily uploaded to the app along with reminders of important classes. Besides, if it’s possible, upload the teachers’ contact information to the app so it is always easy to contact profs considering different issues, considering your homework.

Classify — School Planner2

3. Socratic by Google

One of the best apps for helping students with homework on the market. It doesn’t concentrate on a certain subject, instead, it contains the information and theory of all the main subjects and sciences that you might learn in school and university.

Moreover, there is two way how you can browse through the app. The first way is that you are looking for the information that you need yourself, studying all the sections that the app provides on your subjects and learning the facts that you need.

The second way is a little faster – you can just take a picture of any equation or task that you need to solve in your homework, then the app will automatically analyze it and present the possible solution to you. Of course, these solutions are not always precise, but hey, it is worth trying.

Another cool feature of the app is that it contains not only the dry and boring text theory, but also video tutorials, step-by-step practical explanations, and captivating quizzes. Good practice if you really want to become the best in your subject!

You will find the theory of the following subjects in this app: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature.

And don’t be afraid that you are going to find cheesy facts from Wikipedia here. Socratic was developed with the help of best professors and teachers, so all the materials and tutorials presented here are actually helping you to learn the subject in a proven and reliable way.


4. myHomework Student Planner

A beneficial app that will improve the quality of your homework by helping you organize it in the right way. Yes, you might say, the organization is not going to solve all that trigonometric equations for you, but wait, and you will see how much impact does actually the time management have on your productivity and mental power.

The app was recommended by numerous authoritative media sources and won lots of awards in different years. Basically, this software is your school calendar where you plan all your study schedule.

Just upload your classes schedule in here, choose a day, wrote down the homework you received and mark the urgency to get it done with different colors. You can also set reminders about your homework. Seriously, students are so overloaded with everything nowadays, so no one can blame them if they forget about the tasks they were supposed to do.

Besides, myHomework can synchronize across various platforms for better convenience. The interface is simple to use and, what is more, important for students, this app is completely free.


5. PhotoStudy

It would be weird if we had only one app helping with the math homework on this list. PhotoStudy basically an alternative for Photomath. The working principle is the same here – you take a picture of the task, the app uploads it and converts it and then gives you a full solution, np matter how hard the task is.

A distinctive feature of this app is that if it is not able to solve your problem or answer your question, you can go to the live chat with one of the tutors who work at this platform. The first 10 minutes of tutoring is for free.

What is more, the app contains useful materials and educational videos related to almost every subject taught in school. Overall, there are more than 750 lessons. The only thing is that in order to get access to the unlimited content and possibilities you will have to pay $24.


6. WolframAlpha

Another app that is aimed to help you to solve all your math problems. But in this case, we have something different than software for taking pictures and solving equations. WolframAlpha will be more suitable for those who are actually into math and would like to know more about it.

Across thousands of domains—with more continually added—Wolfram|Alpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports for you.

The app will suggest the methods and ways of solving the tasks that you have probably never heard of before. It is logical to claim that WolframAlpha undermines some background knowledge, so you wouldn’t feel completely lost.

Another interesting feature of this app is that it provides examples based on real-life practices. For instance, here you can find the financial analysis and calculations of how much if an income has the last movie with Kanu Reeves collected around the world.

The only aspect is that this app is quite expensive for students – the cost is from $6.99 per month or up to $65.99 per year, depending on your tariff.


7. Quizlet

The latest research in cognitivist science has proven that flashcards are one of the most effective methods of fast memorizing the information which is, nevertheless, going to stay in your head for a long period of time. And that’s what this app suggests – to study your subjects using flashcards.

More than 50 million users have chosen this app. Quizlet is a good way to prepare for the SAT test. Just choose a subject, that you need, like Biology or World History, and just turn over the cards, memorizing the key terms and theories.

You can also learn languages here and share the flashcards with your classmates via the app. If you want, you can make challenges for yourself where the time for you to make an assignment is limited.

And, in fact, Quizlet includes not only flashcards (but they are its main thing). It also provides written practice tasks, texts and other useful information in various forms.


8. Study Bunny: Focus Timer

The right focus is another great issue for successful homework making. In our digital era, where gadgets with all those scroll-down social media are surrounding us, our brain loses focus easily. It can be actually a whole problem since the mind gets “untrained” to focus for a long time.

Paradoxically, but on the same gadgets we can discover the apps like this, that helps us to concentrate and bring our attention to the main point. Moreover, it is nice and fun to use it with its cute idea and interface. What you need to do is to set the timer and do not get distracted during this period.

If you succeed, you earn different goodies for your bunny – great motivation (especially for younger students). What is more, over some period Study Bunny gathers the statistics on your concentration progress and study time.


9. Extramarks

This study app is definitely worth your attention. It will reinvent your idea about the studying process itself, showing you that even doing the homework can be interesting and fun.

The reason why is this app sp exciting is that it is more of a game than a learning app. However, the essential materials for all school subjects are presented here: math, literature, history, chemistry and so on.

When you first enter the app you are getting welcomed by a character named Max – and he’s going to assist you on the way of your learning progress. He will help you with all the tasks you might have.

Alex curates an intelligent learning journey for you after considering your specific learning needs and academic goals. This learning path takes you on a journey through each chapter in a personalized manner, throwing in quick tests to assess the level of comprehension, and adapts to the results to curate the next milestone of the journey.

Visual and interactive learning modules, including homework, projects, essays, tests, or assignments – all those practices can be found in the app. Because of the stunning graphics, convenient interface, and beautiful design, you will really want to go back to this app again and again.

After some period of time, Extramarks are going to provide you with the statistics on your studying process, showed in the graphs and strength areas. Basically, this app is your personal study coach.

However, it is not free. The app requires monthly payments for subscriptions and the price is available on request.


10. Study Rankers

Schoolers will definitely find this app useful because it contains the biggest database of subject’s materials, that can be found in any school study program in general.

The app is divided into a section for each grade. Thus, it is faster for pupils to find the information they need and be sure that the solution found will match their current studies. Apart from the standard subjects taught at schools, such as Math, Chemistry or Geometry, here you also have such rare subjects as Hindi language or Political Science.

The only thing is that the design of the interface here is not very original and the programming itself is obsolete.


11. Khan Academy

The last but not least app to help you with the homework is called Khan Academy and it is literally a treasury of knowledge. The fundamental knowledge of all the basic sciences is presented here in countless theories, facts, examples and many more.

It is important to keep in mind that all the information here is provided in a quite sophisticated way so for younger pupils this is the app will probably be not suitable. With Khan Academy, you can prepare yourself for the SAT, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, or NCLEX-RN.

Moreover, you can always turn to get additional knowledge, and study something curious, like,  how fire-stick farming changes the landscape of Australia. By the way, in this app, you are going to find a bunch of practical exercises so it’s not just about theory.

Unlike all the previous apps on our list, Khan Academy can be a useful source both for students and for teachers. Because of the abundance of materials not included in the school program, it helps the latter to train students for science competitions.

Here you will find thousands of interactive exercises, videos, and articles. Math, science, economics, finance, grammar, history, government, politics, and many other sciences are free for studying. Moreover, your learning syncs with khanacademy.org, so your progress is always up-to-date.

The best part of this app is that its learning library is available for free. You can even download the content (books and videos) to your smartphone so you could watch them offline.


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