7 Best Natal Chart Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

A natal chart is a tool that can determine the critical events in a person’s destiny, identify strengths and weaknesses, can tell you about your career, family, and health issues. So, today we want to tell you about the best apps that interpret, in other words, explain how certain celestial planets influence a person’s fate.

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1. ‎‎Moonly — Daily Moon Calendar

This app might appeal to you even if you do not believe in the occult and antiscientific. First of all, it is quite practical in terms of figuring out your natal chart. First, the app gets to know you and finds your date and time of birth. Later, you will see the positions of the planets and their influence on your personality. Some detailed mini-cards will tell you a lot about yourself.

This is where you can find a lot of valid features. Here you can track lunar days, horoscopes with detailed descriptions for each day, various rituals, affirmations, runes, and much more. For example, you can find out how lunar days affect the atmosphere, your spirit, and your physical well-being. In addition, the app will tell you when it is better to change your haircut or dye it.

There are also various daily short articles to help you develop your spirituality. They are stories with beautiful illustrations. In addition, you can share these stories on Instagram or send them to your friends.

Worth mentioning is that there are daily meditations for many different occasions. For example, there are meditations for deep relaxation, health, wellness, staying upbeat, sleeping well, and finding your inner self.

In addition, all meditations are organized by topics, such as mantras, connection to yourself, healing sounds, cleansing, strengths acceptance, feminine energy, and more. You can also learn the card of the day or rune here, and read about other tarot cards and runes.

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2. ‎Co–Star Personalized Astrology

This is another app with nice graphics and lots of spiritual features. In terms of natal charting, the app is not much different from its counterparts. However, there is a more professional approach. The natal chart is presented here in the form of a table with your planets and houses.

In addition, it describes in detail how the planets in the zodiac signs affect your personality, your abilities, ego, emotions, mood, feelings, and much more. Besides, there is a save button where you can collect the articles you have liked or some curious things, excerpts from the app. Also, this app is a social network where you can share your experiences and thoughts.

Here you can also set an avatar, which is automatically edited into a new black-and-white photo. Likewise, particular groups correspond to your zodiac signs and planets. By joining these communities, you will find the thoughts of thousands of people just like you. Also, here you can add friends and correspond with them from time to time.

By adding friends you can find out how compatible you are with each other. In addition, you can find daily recommendations that tell you about each day of your life. Besides, you will find out the strengths of the day and how to make the best use of today’s energy.

Co–Star Personalized Astrology2
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3. ‎Easy Astro+ Astrology Charts

According to this natal chart, you can find out where to continue your education, where to look for a job, what field of activity to choose to realize yourself to the fullest, and what is the mission of your life. As you know, the natal chart knows absolutely everything about career development, love life, and health.

However, this application may seem a little complicated to the average person. After all, accurate data about your personality is collected here. However, it is presented in the form of tables and formulas that you have to figure out on your own.

Also, there are astrological images of the starry sky at the time of your birth in terms of your geographical location. It also has all the planets, houses, aspects, and degrees. It also has aspects of the elements as a percentage. Also, you can view your transits for the month, day, hour, and even minute.

In addition, you can view your compatibility with people. And also keep in mind that there are quite a few settings to help you find your houses, planets, transits, and more.

In addition, you can even modify your natal chart by yourself and save it to your smartphone. Besides, there is a brief instruction that will help you to understand the functionality of the application.

Easy Astro+ Astrology Charts3
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4. The Pattern

This app can find out almost everything about your character and not so much more. This app is good for you if you often wonder about your destiny, take an interest in a bunch of things, try new experiences, and want to know if it is best for you. There are lots of tips that the app will provide you with daily.

In addition, it is also a social network that helps you better connect with yourself and others on a deeper level. Based on your name, date, time, and place of birth, the app builds a personal natal chart and gives a detailed analysis of your character, emotional states, and life experiences.

Also, you can invite friends and family to get a compatibility analysis. The app will show not only how similar or different you are, but even will explain in full detail the match points and nature of the relationship. In addition, there are summaries as well as detailed information about yourself, your friends, and your relationships.

In addition, there is a tab with periods of your life that will tell you a lot about the changes that are occurring and those that are to come. It also has specific dates and cosmic activity peaks that affect you the most. In addition, you can learn a lot from other users whose zodiac sign is the same as yours.

The Pattern4
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5. Up Astrology

This is a real discovery in the world of astrology, both sacred and spiritual. The app is good because it features two approaches to the world of natal charts and horoscopes. Here you can either make a natal chart by yourself and read a lot about it, or you can share your natal chart with an experienced astrologer who will tell you better about your life.

In terms of description, the app is at a proper level, as you can read all about your solar sign, lunar sign, and other planets. All the planets are categorized, so it is easy to navigate. Besides, you can check out the aspects, nodes, and degrees that influence your personality.

That is, you can look at a relatively accurate description of yourself or you may focus on specific aspects in detail. In addition, there is not only a natal chart but also a daily horoscope, elements, and planets. And you can also dive into the world of numerology.

For example, there is a tool that helps you calculate your life number or just the number of the day. In addition, the app offers you some books that can guide you in different aspects of numerology or astrology. It has everything to suit your taste.

Up Astrology5
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6. ‎Time Nomad Astrology Charts

Let’s just say this app is for real professionals. It invites you to understand the different aspects of your natal chart. It also allows you to determine the ruler of each house in your natal chart, that is, the cuspids. You can also find out which planets are retrograde in your natal chart.

And you can see where your planets are located, like Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, etc. Also, it is suitable to consider your houses where your planets are located. In addition, you can check your weaknesses and strengths. They will suggest developments through life in these particular areas.

In addition, the app differs from its counterparts by the point that here you can use the cool function of widgets from the app. So, you can place your favorite aspects, or an entire natal chart, on your smartphone’s home screen. In addition, there are daily horoscopes and planetary positions.

For example, you can find out what day of the moon it is and how it affects your physical and mental health. So, this app gives you a lot of information that you have to interpret and understand what your astrological positions mean.

Time Nomad Astrology Charts6
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7. Astrocode: personal horoscope

The last app on our list is also great for analyzing your natal chart. Perhaps you will choose it because of the features it provides. So, here you can read the descriptions of your planets and the zodiac signs in them that are assigned to you by birth. In addition, there is an individual horoscope for each day.

The app is suitable for determining your characteristics, the fitting sphere of activity, the type of love, and the nature of your relationships with others. Also, you can learn more about your temperament here. After you provide the essential data about yourself to the app, it will display you graphically your energy, practicality, sensitivity, and communication.

There is also a description of your personality, which means what positively or negatively affect you and your life.

Astrocode personal horoscope7
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