15 Best Baby Face Generator Apps 2024 (Android & iOS)

Today we present a curious way to find out how with just two pictures you can define how your future child will probably look like. It will be interesting for expecting parents, as well as for couples who just want to have some fun.

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Best baby face generator apps in 2024:

1. ‎BabyGenerator Guess baby face

This app uses the latest artificial intelligence technology that will allow you to predict the face of your future child. The application is incredibly comfortable to use making it possible to find out the approximate features of the future baby in just three steps. To predict the face of the newborn you will need to upload photos of mom and dad.

Also, you will be able to choose your age and gender. After that, the app will combine your facial features and give you an approximate geometry of your baby’s face. In addition, you can share the photo directly from the app or download it to your phone. Besides that, the app has other useful features in it.

You can download family photos and make photo collages out of them. Besides, you can also apply various filters and save the photo to your smartphone.

BabyGenerator Guess baby face1
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2. ‎‎‎BabyLab – Baby Maker Generator

This app will help you see your future baby using the AI built into the app. It has a pleasant interface and user-friendly functionality. To see your baby’s future features, you will need to upload photos and select the gender of the baby. The app will instantly give you the result and will also provide portraits of different genders of the baby.

You will be able to see what your female and male child will look like. Also, you can share photos on different social networks. The app immediately gives you various kinds of social networks where you can post a photo.

BabyLab - Baby Maker Generator2
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3. ‎Baby Face Generator

This app provides you with some impressive features that allow you to see your child’s approximate facial features. The app is extremely straightforward to use and works similarly to other third-party apps. You can upload photos of expectant dads and moms inside the app, which will make the app give you a picture of your baby.

The service recommends using portrait images, making it easier for the app to recognize photos. In addition, the app automatically selects the images that are most proper for the generator. Also, you will be able to see the different genders of the baby and how they are expected to look at different ages.

In addition, the app gives you different names that you can look up for your future kid. Also, in the app, you can find out how old you look according to artificial intelligence. You will be able to upload a picture of yourself and see how old you look.

Baby Generator: Baby Maker App3
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4. ‎‎‎Baby Generator: Baby Maker App

This app not only shows your baby’s upcoming traits but also supports you as a parent. The app is quite clear and it works much like other services. You can upload photos of dad and mom, and then the app will give you the results. Also, you can see the range of ages of your baby-to-be and what he or she will look like.

In addition, the app will help you choose a name for your baby. The service is loaded with a variety of names from the most common to the least used that you may be concerned about. Also, the app will help your newly born baby go to sleep using baby white sounds. Likewise, one can use the multi-faceted picture feature.

You can swap out different faces and see how you would look in a different body. In addition, the app allows you to analyze with your child. The app provides a percentage of your resemblance to your child, and you can save the result and share it right from the app.

Baby Generator: Baby Maker App4
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5. ‎‎‎Babyface-Baby Generator

This is another app that has several useful features that will help you see the face of your new infant. All you have to do is upload photos to the app, and then the service will give you the result. Also, you may choose the color of your skin, so that the picture of the baby will be the most accurate.

In addition, you can find various psychological tests in the application. They will help you better understand your heart and your life. In addition, the app has many humorous features, such as prediction by palm prints.

You can find out your destiny and how you will live your life. Also, you can match your facial features to any animal and see how you would look if you were an animal.

Babyface-Baby Generator5
App Store

6. ‎Face Story App: Age & Gender

It has quite an extensive functionality, allowing you to see more than just a photo of your future newborn baby. To see what your future child will look like, you will need to upload a photo of both dad and mom, and then the app will give you a new pic. Also, you will be able to select gender and skin color to make the image more precise.

In addition, the app provides a gender swap feature. With this filter, you can see how you would look if you were of the opposite sex. Also, you can check how you would probably look at different ages. In addition, you can transform your photo into a character from a cartoon.

It is worth noting that you can save all the photos you create and share them right from the app. Also, the application has a celebrity look-alike feature. You can find out what star you resemble the most. In addition, the service has various tools for editing your photo. You may apply filters, crop photos, and much more.

Face Story App6
App Store

7. ‎‎‎Make A Baby Future Face Maker

The app uses artificial intelligence and combines two photos, so you can check out your baby’s future facial features. Also, you get to see the different sexes of the baby and choose the color of your skin. In addition, the app contains a mock feature whereby you can make anyone pregnant.

You may upload a photo and then the app will send you the result. This picture can be shared directly from the app or you can save it on your phone. There is also a mini-game inside the app where you can grow your baby.

You can play with him, feed him, and even do everything to make him happy. In addition, you can also take a baby picture by uploading a current photo of yourself.

Make A Baby Future Face Maker7
App Store

8. ‎‎‎Curiosity Lab-Age&Baby Explore

If you want to check out your future child’s appearance, this app is a good fit for you. The app uses artificial intelligence to determine your prospective baby’s traits. In addition, the app contains other entertaining features. One can see oneself in old age and move forward 40 years with just a tap of the finger.

In addition, the app provides you with various psychological tests to help you better understand yourself and resolve many of your concerns. Also, you can test yourself on how smart you are, thanks to the various puzzles uploaded to the app.

In addition, the app has various complete articles that will help you open the door to the unknown world and gain some new insights.

Curiosity Lab-Age&Baby Explore8
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9. ‎‎‎Baby Generator: Baby Maker App

The program generates the appearance of your possible baby in just a few steps. There are few features, but you can see precisely how a baby might look based on a photo of you and your partner. In addition, the program is suitable for those who want to name their future children.

Baby Generator: Baby Maker App9
Google Play

10. ‎‎‎Babymaker – See Future Baby

This is another app that handles the task in just a couple of clicks. So, the generator is suitable for those who want to quickly render a newborn without much effort. It positions itself as an app that merges the faces of celebrities and creates their possible child. The photo can be downloaded from the gallery or you may use the app’s camera.

In addition, it works like a pregnancy diary. You can track your health, your period, or your days to be pregnant. For example, you can enter your pregnancy week and the app will tell you the possible date of birth. In addition, there are various articles on healthy lifestyles and everything that may be useful for parents-to-be.

Babymaker - See Future Baby10
App Store

11. ‎‎‎Ms. Yvonne: Aging, Face Editor

We bring you another app that makes fun use of your photos. So, of course, there is the function of predicting the child’s appearance. In addition, the app works at the expense of ads, so in general, you can use all the functions for free. Besides, other features here will tell you more about the different changes.

For example, here you can see how you would look in a children’s cartoon or comic book. Also, there is a so-called hair salon here where you can try on different hairstyles and hair colors. In addition, the program offers you an emotional test based on micro changes in your face.

Also, the program suggests finding out how much prettier you can be. And all this with the app’s built-in camera. In addition, the program offers to instantly save or share the outcomes with your friends.

Ms Yvonne11
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12. ‎‎‎KnowMe-AI Face Editor&Quizzes

This is a cute app with several exciting features. First of all, there is a unique test that will determine your baby in just two steps. For example, if you are a couple, you can take two pictures of yourself and your partner and estimate a possible baby.

Secondly, there is a feature called cartoon yourself, which uses your facial features to generate a cartoon character. And you can see not only your face but also your whole body. In addition, there is a whole collection of little tests for love, career, style, life, or family. Each category has a few fun tests that are useful for your daily life.

Surprisingly, the program even offers you the chance to calm down in the rhythm of the modern city through meditation. There are a variety of topics, such as meditations for sleep or relaxation. In addition, the program has a lovely design, so it is a pleasure to navigate.

KnowMe-AI Face Editor&Quizzes12
App Store

13. ‎‎‎Baby Generator Future BabyFace

Do you want to know what your children might look like, but it is a long way before they are born? No problem, this app will tell you whether the child will look more like the father or the mother. It works the same way as its competitors. All you have to do is upload two photos of any two people and enjoy the result.

In addition, the app is powered by artificial intelligence that analyzes skin color, lip, and eye placement and generates a new person. Moreover, the image can be shared with your family and friends.

Baby Generator Future BabyFace13
App Store

14. ‎‎‎Life Explorer-Master Your Life

This is another app suitable for parents-to-be. There are several functional and fun categories here. First, of course, there is the baby’s face generator. Moreover, the app defines some requirements for the competent operation of artificial intelligence. In only a few steps you will get a photo of the future child.

In addition, the program can even determine the character of the kid, based only on the date of birth of the parents and the name of the child. Also, the program is reasonable if you still do not come up with a name for the future child.

So, you just need to enter the name of the father, the mother, and your last name. In addition, the program will tell you about the etymology of the name and its meaning for the person who has it.

Life Explorer-Master Your Life14
App Store

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15. ‎‎‎What Will My Baby Look Like

This program is perfect for analyzing your face and determining your future child. Moreover, it differs from its competitors in its ability to define the resemblance to a specific person. So, you can select two photos from your gallery and set the percentage that will determine whether the baby looks more like you or not.

Also, here you can decorate the resulting image with stickers and quickly share it. In addition, the collection of stickers is quite rich. They are all located in separate sections, so it is rather easy to find the right one. Besides, you can choose a nice background and place on it the image the program offers.

In addition, the program allows you to create separate folders with your children, in which you can add photos, names, and descriptions.

‎‎What Will My Baby Look Like15
App Store