9 Best Catfishing Apps for Kids and Cats (Android & iOS)

The word catfish is used to describe people who are not going to meet in real life, they post false information about themselves and fake photos. Ever since people began to meet on the Internet, many have had the desire to impersonate someone else. However, catfishing can be beneficial for parents who want to keep their children anonymous.

Although, you may also think that the word catfish can be used to describe games designed for your small pets. It really does. This article will tell you all about the peculiarities of Catfishing Apps. You may also be interested in a selection of Best Apps to Find a Babysitter, which gathers apps to simplify taking care of your baby.

Catfishing Apps for Kids to Fake Activity

1. Faked – Fake chats, profiles and news for memes

There are many parents who want to ensure the safety of their children. After all, kids often look for various free services that allow them to create fake conversations in various messengers, such as Whatsapp, ordinary texting dialogue, and other applications.

This way users can both create brand new personalities and pretend they are communicating with famous people. Faked is quite an advanced and cool service that will allow you to create absolutely any messaging on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and SMS completely free of charge.

The service is good because it has quite flexible settings for creating a conversation in the messenger, from the name of the messenger to time, quality of communication, photo, and a couple of other features. Your kids will definitely be able to make fun of their friends. In fact, you can even create fake news with this app.

It works as follows. The user is given a news layout template, various styles, and sizes of text. Besides this, the kids can create fake posts on social networks. Later on, they can share the screenshot with all their friends. This application is great for all kinds of pranks to trick gullible friends.

Faked - Fake chats, profiles and news for memes1
Google Play

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2. Idle Girlfriend

Idle Girlfriend is an original simulation that you can use to flirt with a virtual girl. It is also a great anime app in which you have to take care of a young girl. You will be able to pretend as if you really have a girlfriend. It will allow you to find out her basic parameters such as height, weight, passions, and hobbies.

Also, this is an exciting way to create a fake identity, just like the other catfishing apps on our list. After all, you can use this app to chat and text with a virtual girl. Then you can prank your friends by simply turning on the app and making the virtual girl’s voice sound like a voicemail from her.

Moreover, its gameplay is so simple that you just have to choose a character you like, pick out clothes and choose a character’s name. After that, you have to pick up special bonuses that increase the quality of the character’s care. The interesting thing is that you can customize her eyes, face, hair, clothes, and so much more.

The game has a large collection of designer clothes that you can use to dress up your girl. Also, the game allows you to do various activities including lovemaking, dating, kissing, and more. She is ready to listen to you always, no matter if it is day or night

Idle Girlfriend2
App Store

3. Fake Chat- Fake Conversation

Fake Chat Conversations is a popular service for creating fake conversations, which occupies the top position among other apps. The tool allows you to create a free correspondence with your other person in the form of a dialogue on android in WhatsApp.

This is a very smart service, which enables quite a delicate setting of any screenshot, including the time, as well as pictures in the messages. Moreover, users can edit the text of the message, add reading information, fake calls, and voice messages. This app is great for prank messages.

Indeed, the screenshots can be shared freely. The app allows its users to share fake screenshots without any disturbing watermarks. As in the original WhatsApp application, there is an opportunity to change the background of the chats by adding your own image.

All in all, the Fake Chat- Fake Conversation application is excellent for creating fake WhatsApp chats in just a couple of minutes. Moreover, thanks to the fact that the application has a lot of editing functions, the correspondence looks especially realistic

Fake Chat- Fake Conversation3
Google Play

4. Funsta – Insta Fake Chat Post and Direct Prank

With Funsta – Insta Fake Chat Post and Direct Prank app you can create fake Instagram posts. The application creates a fake Instagram chat that looks just like a real one. At the same time, the application is updated quite often and adapts to the changes in Instagram interface design.

So, the application works in a way that allows you to create a fake Instagram account, then add posts where you can edit the description and the number of likes and reposts. This application works exactly like its original. After all, with Funsta you will be able to create the most real conversations.

Moreover, it is possible to edit both sides of the chat. Also, you will be able to add pictures and emojis. You can create an unlimited number of conversations in the chat window. Each of your fake friends will be able to have actual stories. It will be displayed as common to all.

Once you enter the post editor, you will see a huge number of functions. Firstly, you will be able to edit the content of the post itself, that is, a photo and text. Secondly, here you can set as many likes and comments as you want. And thirdly, here you can put the exact date and time when this post was supposedly published.

After entering all the necessary data, you can download a screenshot of the chats and posts.

Funsta - Insta Fake Chat Post and Direct Prank4
Google Play

Catfishing Apps for Cats

1. Cat Fishing

You can arrange a real performance at home, which is impossible to watch without smiling. All you need is your favorite kitty, one tablet or phone, and the Cat Fishing app. The way it works is as follows. On the screen of the device are playing a variety of colorful fish that the pet will immediately want to catch.

It is interesting that the game contains several levels, changing depending on the success of the cat. That is why it will attract his attention for a long time. You can choose these levels by yourself. Before playing the game, you should go to the settings. There you will see objects to catch for your pet, like crabs, fish, and shrimp.

Also, the pet’s owner can set the background in several different types. There are both static and moving patterns. You can also choose the color of the fish by making them monochrome or multicolored. To make your cat immediately notice the targets, you can set the size of the fishes in the settings.

Moreover, you can adapt the speed to your cat. Also, it is possible to choose the number of fish on the screen. The interesting thing is that the application controls the attention of your pet. If the cat stops playing, it will try to attract the cat with its meow sound.

Cat Fishing5
App Store
Google Play

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2. Fish for Cats – Cat Fishing Game

You probably want to entertain your pet some way. This app is designed just for this purpose. The Fish for Cats – Cat Fishing Game is guaranteed to grab your cat’s attention. All you need is a device and your pet. The app contains four interactive levels that are accompanied with fun music.

This will help to attract the pet’s mind, because each caught fish will be rewarded with a nice sound effect. Moreover, at the end of the game you will know how many fish were caught. So you can track the progress of your beloved pet. Such a toy is sure to take a decent amount of time.

This application is interesting because it is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is to download it and select the level of difficulty. Also it is necessary to point out the pleasant animation that will not confuse your pet and damage his eyesight.

Fish for Cats - Cat Fishing Game2
Google Play

3. CAT ALONE – Cat Toy

CAT ALONE – Cat Toy is a game for cats with the same principle as all in our selection. The cat is tasked with catching all the moving objects on the screen. Your cat will definitely enjoy the movement of the fishes from side to side. In addition, you can also choose a laser pointer, ladybug, finger, fly, cockroach, and some strange doodles.

Perhaps the last one might be the most appealing to your cats. Try different items as a target. This way you can figure out what your pet pays more attention to. The game is so much loved by cats and their owners that the developers released a sequel with new games and other characters: mouse, spider, water droplets, feathers, and dandelions.

It is interesting that you choose your own targets that will be hunted by your cat in the app. The background automatically changes with the choice of object. It is possible that your cats will think they are playing different games. That way, cats will never get bored playing this fun game. In addition, users note that even dogs love this game.

Try it on different pets. When the game ends, the app will count up how many items were caught. So you can hold a real competition for your little hunters. Each target reacts differently to the hit – if your pet hits a cockroach, lots of little bugs scatter from under its paw and a fly gets crushed with a characteristic sound.

It is convenient that to open the main menu, you only need to tap the screen three times in sequence.

CAT ALONE - Cat Toy3
App Store
Google Play

4. Meow – Cat Toy Games for Cats

The developers of the Meow – Cat Toy Games for Cats are well aware of what you and your cat might enjoy. The screen of the device shows the flight of different fish, insects, birds, and spiders that the pet will want to immediately catch. By the way, it should be mentioned that each object has its own background.

Backgrounds are constantly changing. There are a lot of animations, so animals do not lose interest for a long time during the game. It is interesting that the game contains several levels, which change depending on a cat’s success. Before your cat starts the game set the amount and speed of various colorful elements on the screen.

The developers added some nice sounds for your cat, such as meow, purring, trill, distress call, and many others. It is worth pointing out that, unlike other applications Meow – Cat Toy Games for Cats, offers owners to take advantage of useful tips for taking care of their pets.

You can find useful articles that will help you get to know your pet better. Besides, you can always customize the sounds of the application in the settings of this application. For example, it is possible to turn the sounds off completely if your cat is getting frightened by them.

Meow - Cat Toy Games for Cats4
Google Play

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5. Games for Cat-Toy Mouse & Fish

It is time for your cat to go fishing. The app Games for Cat-Toy Mouse & Fish can help with it. You will find here a mini-game for cats with fish. Also, fishing will be accompanied by animation, meowing, and other sound effects. If you want to rest an hour or two from your too-playful pet, just run the application, and you can safely mind your own business.

The owner has the ability to adjust the speed of movement of the object hunting, depending on the individual characteristics of the pet. In addition, you will be able to customize the background for the game. Your cat will definitely be fascinated by the game if you run it on the tablet.

Simply place the device near your cat and press the button to start the game. This game has been specially made in marine colors, like an aquarium. After all, every cat is dreaming to get in there and catch colorful pretty fish. This free game for Android allows the owner to compete with the cat in reaction skills.

Games for Cat-Toy Mouse & Fish5
Google Play