7 Best Closed Captions Apps for Android & iOS

Have you noticed how often people use captions while watching various videos on their phones or computers in the modern world? It may not be entirely apparent because we don’t actually pay attention to what people are doing on their phones because of our own interest in personal devices.

In some places, people are watching videos or playing games with their sounds off. It is simply because of their unwillingness to interrupt somebody by phones’ loudness. Or maybe they want to keep a secret which information this particular clip contains: it might be a talk, movie, or just a helpful video.

This way, precisely for those reasons, some apps were created for applying text to the video. No matter what your video is about, what information it contains, and what is the unique message of a particular video, you can easily add the text to simplify the lives of your audience.

1. AutoCapAutoCap

The first feature of this app is its automatism. You don’t need to spend your time manually creating the subtitles and deciphering every single sound and word of the video. The application is responsible for precise repeating and putting the right words in the text.

The only thing is the extent of precision. Suppose the sound is full of noises and music in the background. In that case, the accuracy will be lower than if it is more clear and explicit. More monotonous if the recording of the video, better subtitles you’ll get in the end.

By the way, this particular app automatically deciphers only the videos of a maximum of 5 minutes in length. Suppose you download the video much longer than that. In that case, you’ll better either split it into several short videos transcribed one after another or write the subtitles down manually, spending your personal time on it.

It’s up to you to decide which option is better.

AutoCap 1

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2. ClipsClips

“Clips” is an app created mainly for composing videos and sharing them with friends or other close people. You are allowed to use emojis, pictures, filters, music, text, and many other features which make your own video unique and stylish.

The automatic generator of the captions is one more benefit of this particular app. The speech and sounds are deciphered and put into subtitles right in the bottom part of the video. No matter how long your video is, it will be processed and transcribed as a whole without any division into parts.

The app allows you to put funny stickers or amazing colorful filters to make your video outstanding and more professional and pick up the font of the text, its colors, and style. All you need to do is download the app without purchasing (free of cost) and enjoy it.

The choice of music is also wide enough to give you enough space for improving your videos and complementing them with musical accompaniment. That means your viewers will receive more lovely kinds of video. This way, not only does the number of views increase rapidly, but the attitude of your audience as well.

Clips 1

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3. MixCaptionsMixCaptions

Imagine you’re creating a video for a vast audience, for your followers. You add gorgeous music and put your speech about the important settings in a life full of examples and citations.

However, most of the people are watching your videos with the sound turned off and unmuted. What will happen then if you don’t have the subtitles?

The audience will receive the wrong message, looking only at the image deprived of meaning and texts. You’re going to miss your followers or just create a misunderstanding, which will change their attitude towards you as a blogger or a person.

Exactly here, the MixCaptions app appears and provides you with some features, helping you simplify people’s lives while watching your videos and retain your audience from misunderstanding your messages. Once you upload a video, the app deciphers it and puts the captions below the video.

All the work is being done in a few minutes, meaning that the process is relatively quick and easy for you. If you disagree with the text the program transmits, you can easily change it in a more appropriate way for you. The colors, font, and animation of the text also can be altered and added by you manually. Choose whatever you prefer.

By the way, the location of the subtitles can be changed by you: whether you want it to be located at the top, in the middle, or at the bottom.

MixCaptions 1

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4. Add SubtitlesAdd subtitles

Totally automatized for transcribing the voice and putting the correct subtitles at the bottom of the video, this app also matches your video’s timestamps and the information told in it to the automatically created text.

That means you don’t have to fix it manually; all is already done by the smart “Add subtitles” application.

As soon as the captions are created, you are allowed to change them as you want: the coloring, the font, shape of the letters. Or you can also emphasize one or another word or word phrase by enlarging or making it animated.

Easy export is one of the key features of the app. Transmitting the video from one device to another is crucial because some programs are not accessible on the computer or are not available on the telephone. So the ability to transfer it between the devices will give you more space for diversifying it and turning it into a unique video.

The app has a free trial period when you can use everything it offers to understand better whether it is worth purchasing. If you don’t want to buy the app and monthly pay money for your usage, it’s up to you to turn the subscription off before your time is over. Generally, it is better to deactivate it 24 hours before the time’s end.

Add subtitles 1

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5. ccTubeccTube

This one application is not about creating subtitles. It is more about the usage of closed captions in people’s lives.

It is not a secret that reading improves our skills both in writing and speaking and broadens our lexicon drastically. Seeing how the words are used in a particular context, how the sentences are structured, and what punctuation is used will enhance your knowledge and turn you into a literate person.

The app allows you to shift between languages to learn not one or two of them, but firstly watch it and read in your own language to better understand the meaning and messages to the audience; only then changing the language to one you’re learning.

It is one of the best ways to study languages. You’ll learn not only general words but also narrowed-down phrases, reading the captions put at the bottom of the video. That means it is not only for enjoying but also for educational purposes.

By the way, you can simultaneously turn on the subtitles of two languages, comparing them and receiving more effect on your studying process. TED talks, video clips, movies, and films – all of this is incorporated in the app.

ccTube 1

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6. KaptionedKaptioned

The use of artificial intelligence for creating auto subtitles and detecting the speech and sounds made in the video is one of the features of this specific application. It lets you add captions, other text, or headlines to any of your videos without paying for it.

This opportunity is provided once the app creates the auto subtitles.

No limitations in the number of savings mean you can easily create your video and give yourself time to reconsider some details for future changes in the saved version. No missings, nothing will be lost – all is stored in the app and can be transferred to any device.

The language of the text can be chosen by you manually. Whether you want to show your videos to a wide range of followers, there’s no issue with it. The only thing you should do is add as many languages for the captions as you want. Also, the text may appear in two languages simultaneously for those who want to improve the language.

This app is perfectly suitable for those who create videos for Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, and many other social networks, making you popular and increasing the number of followers.

Kaptioned 1

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7. Captions for Videos – SUBCAPSubcap

Create and adjust the subtitles with the real-time video image. It means you can easily match the subtitles with the moment in the video where it was said or appeared.

The app supports different formats for creating subtitles. Making subtitles explicitly tailored for one or another social network, and adjusting its content is one of the app’s benefits. Your videos will definitely suit whatever app you prefer the most for uploading the videos and sharing them with your followers.

Match the time and the created subtitles to make it more convenient for your audience to follow the text on the screen and the image. It will increase the level of engagement and the number of your followers, turning you into a popular figure on the Internet.

While saving the videos, they are already embedded with the subtitles, so there is no need to worry about the safety of the captions you’ve created.


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