11 Best Crime Solving Games for Android & iOS

Crime-solving games are not the games that will help you to relax or ease your mind. On the contrary, these games will make you sharpen your wits and crack your mind. They will drag you into an adventure full of mysteries, criminals, and murders. These games will force you to think just like a high-ranking detective.

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1. New York Mysteries

From the heading, it is not hard to guess that the story turns out in New York City. Five mafia bosses have mystically disappeared. And on the places of their vanishing has been left nothing but an odd green liquid and butterfly. Some children started to disappear as well. And the only trace each kid left is precisely the same butterfly.

You are the journalist and the detective who is obliged to find out about all bizarre things happening in New York.


This game is well-designed and interactive. There is a lot of video pieces of the story.

Throughout the playing process in each location, you need to look for any possible traces and valuable things. A lot of items that you will find you will immediately bring into usage. And as for me, that’s the prime advantage of this app.

For example, one of your actions will be to repair the broken doorbell, so after repairing it you will be able to open the door and come into the house. To complete this task you need to perform a chain of actions: find the scissors — find the broken lamp — get the wire out of the lamp using scissors — repair your doorbell using the founded wire.

So the content of the game is very rich and the abilities you have in it are quite impressive.

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2. Criminal Case

In this game, you are becoming an officer of the police and you need to solve the crime by finding the objects on the crime scene. You are adding pieces of information into your crime investigating file by doing an autopsy, asking witnesses, etc.

Passing through the game you will encounter plenty of mini-games (for example, solving the puzzles or putting back the parts of the torn t-shirt). And when you have enough amount of clues you will be able to choose the killer from the suspects, arrest him and close the case.


The distinctive feature of this app which I haven’t seen in the other ones is that you already have some caught suspects. And when you know enough to attain a verdict, the suspects stand in front of you and you just need to choose one of them using gathered pieces of evidence. There are a lot of locations in this game and its graphics are pleasant to the eye as well.\

3. Homicide Squad: New York Cases

With your detective group, you are investigating the crimes mostly by picking the items from the crime scene. In a short amount of time, you will need to find items by their names or their shape. For completing the task, you will get energy, money, and experience.

In this game, you can get experience, so you are reaching new levels passing the game and as a result, you are getting more complicated missions.

The thing I don’t like about such games is the energy that requires time to be restored.


And about one little vantage… It’s very thoughtful that in this game all information about the case you are trying to solve is gathered in the ‘Notes’, so you can review it anytime and it will accelerate the speed of case solving because all known information is kept handy.

4. Who Is The Killer? Episode I

You were invited to the noble house by the Baroness. And because of unexpected events, you have to stay here at least for 6 days with some people.

There is a murderer in the house and each day one more person dies at the hands of the uncatchable killer. So to find the culprit you will need to find objects (as well as in the biggest part of the games of the ‘solve case’ genre).

To get the sought-for information you are supposed to ask each guest of the house about the others. To ask somebody you will play mini-games (mostly crosswords) which will tangle from one to another.


You will lose the game if you fail to find the killer in 6 days because all people at the house will be dead by that time.

And about minuses of the app: you are using cups to play mini-games and ask questions. But the amount of cups is very little and it’s hard to get more of them. Most likely if you take a fancy for that game you will have to buy them.

And I don’t like the fact that most of the time you can see only the picture where all members of the game are sitting in the living room. It would be better and more exciting to play if there were a lot of rooms and different locations.

5. Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solving

You are the recruiting investigator working for the Mystery Society. Solving missions you fly around the European continent and look for hidden items in different locations. As a rookie, you will have to pass a few tests before your primary job (when you will become an accomplished investigator).


In contradistinction to other games, you can use not only hints to complete the level. You can either use an infrared scanner, magnets, vacuum cleaner, etc. to get needed items.

Summing up, it is the classic game where to get money and new levels you need to complete the quests.

You also have to be very fast finding the clues, because if you are slow you won’t get enough points to complete your quest. And if you haven’t succeeded in your task at the first dash, on your second try your task will be changed. And as for me, it’s cool because every time that’s like you got a new level to play.

6. Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game

Here you have agents at your service and you will order the tasks of the mission to them. This game is discriminantly detailed. The creators made it in the way you are getting new guesses and pieces of information by examining the bodies, taking photos, doing an autopsy, and so on. And continuing like that you will start to understand the whole picture.


This game is impressively mind-cracking. It is fair to say that scripting guys made up the plot extremely diligent. Talking about the blind side: I don’t like graphics in this game, definitely requires improvement.

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7. Nobodies: Murder Cleaner

And to add something new and unusual to our app list I would like to recommend you the app where you are not solving the cases – on the contrary, you are covering up the crimes!

The plot of the game is quite peculiar: the information about the government project which was based on experiments with people was leaked to the press. So the government was forced to lay off many of its doctors.

Later these doctors were hired by the company the main goal of which was to create a biological weapon for selective extermination. So the government ordered to eliminate all the doctors of this company.


You are the cleaner and your task is to clean up the mess after each murder. There will be a need to hide the body, take away all clues, and leave no trace. You are receiving assistance from your pager and it tells you what to do to cover the crime and escape the police.

This game is very entertaining to play, and telling the truth, isn’t easy as well. But the number of advertisement videos upset — let’s call it the only flaw of this game.

The app has a great level of interactivity, there’s a lot of actions you can do while playing. For example, in the dead doctor’s laboratory, you will have to try all the medicaments on lab rats to determine their usage (and then use one of them to lull to sleep the guards). And the graphics haven’t disappointed me as well — the graphic artists did their job well, indeed.

8. Detective Story: Investigation (Jack’s Case)

Disclaimer: The game is based on real events. You are the chief detective of the police and one morning you got a jewelry box delivered. And a few minutes later you got a call from an anonymous number. A guy called Jack said that using the box and having 1 hour, only you could save a worthless life. And so your investigating journey started.


Throughout the game, you are looking for items (as usual), but (this detail is worthy of mentioning) I like that after finding a clue or item you are examining this thing yourself (for example, you are opening the jewelry box and getting a letter from there).

The game always becomes more interesting when it is closer to reality and you have an opportunity to do something that makes you feel like you are really in the place of the game (to be more precise – on the crime scene).

Moreover, episodes are accompanied by videos – the scenes where you can see the pieces of your actions or actions of the killer or maybe of your work partner.

9. Detective S: Mystery Games & Find Differences

You are helping Detective S to solve the case of her father’s death. Going back to the roots of the story, the reason why Detective S became a detective is that the killer of her father wasn’t found. And the only clue the culprit has left is the wooden button with a snake image engraved on it.

And one working morning the serial killer whom Detective S was pursuing all her life left a message in her office and then our story begins. The culprit said that he will come out into the light only when all the guilties will be caught. So you help our detective to come out into the light a bit earlier.


To be honest, I’m astonished by the design of this game. It’s very cute and it is not resembling the design of the majority of crime-solving games. All cartoon-like characters are moving and all the game is like a big interactive book of comic strips.

10. Murder Mystery – Detective Investigation Story

You have a lot of cases to solve. In the police office, the chief gives you your tasks and they are becoming harder and harder. This game is more complicated than just picking items from the pictures.

In the place of an accident or of a crime (you are the one who has to find out what exactly it is)  you need to do a maximally full investigation. For example, your first case is the woman who was found dead in her car on the bottom of the bridge. So you need to examine the car, body, and her identity:

Is there any alcohol in the car?

Where is her phone?

What about messages on her phone?

What was her last call?

Are there any traces of assault on the victim’s body?

Was the woman intoxicated?

What’s about her family? Are there any strange details about her husband, her kids?

What’s about her other relationships? Are there any friends or enemies? Maybe she had a secret lover…

And after the moment you think you’ve got enough amount of information to say who is the killer you can conclude your investigation and pass to the next case.


The great thing about this game is that you truly need to use your mind to infer your verdict. There is a lot of information to come through and cases are only tangling from the previous mission to the next one.

But it would be cool if it was more interactive. In my opinion, there could be at least more photos and maybe some videos – won’t harm this game at all.

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11. Duskwood – Detective Story

Firstly you are appeared to be added to the group chat, where the group admin tells you about his girlfriend. She disappeared last night and the last thing she had left is the message which contained only your mobile number.

This game was made very real-life-like: members of the chat even have the pages on Instagram, communities on Reddit, links to their playlists, etc. So through this chat, you will investigate the disappearance and look for evidence.


The game has a lot of fans and deserves its fame, but talking about flaws… I would like to see not only messenger, some photos and mini-games.

For me, the game is much more entertaining when it contains a lot of pictures and interactive elements. I suppose this flaw can be explained like that: the creators were focused on the plot of the game too much and it took all the time and the budget. So they forgot about the importance of graphics for some people.