14 Best cute stickers apps for Android & iOS

Aren’t you satisfied with the content of your messages in popular social media? Diversify boring text messages with awesome colorful stickers then!

Our post includes the best apps with cutest stickers ever! By installing these apps from the App Store or Google Play, you will get access to dozens of heartwarming sticker packs.

1. Lovely Duckling – Animated Stickers And Emoticons

Lovely Duckling - Animated Stickers And Emoticons The first app in our review has a great collection of stickers with a cute duckling. It is called Lovely Duckling – Animated Stickers And Emoticons.

Well, you’ve probably seen this character before. Nevertheless, it’s almost impossible to find a full pack with dozens of stickers where this duckling is pictured. However, there is no need to waste your time on searching anymore. With this great app, you will get so many stickers with the duckling at once.

What is more, the stickers with the duckling are capable of expressing almost every emotion or action. That’s why they will be so useful while chatting with friends and relatives.

But there is more to come. These stickers will be animated. It will make your virtual communication to be like a real one.

Lovely Duckling - Animated Stickers And Emoticons

App Store

2. Mochi Cat Stickers for WhatsAp

Mochi Cat Stickers for WhatsApAre you a cat-lover? Do you want to prove that to your friends? If your answer is affirmative, in this case, Mochi Cat will be the most suitable app for you.

The app will provide you with stickers with a cute furry friend. It will take just a few minutes to make you fall in love with this charming cat.

The stickers will be available to use in WhatsApp only. Also, you will be able to share this pack with your friends by sending it via WhatsApp. Be sure that this feature will be quite helpful because all your friends will be touched by this sweet cat.

Mochi Cat Stickers for WhatsAp


3. Japanese Food Stickers

Japanese Food StickersIt is a well-known fact that most cute things originate in Asian countries. Our next app is a great proof of it.

As you can see from the app’s name, Japanese Food Stickers has a nice collection of stickers with Sushi, Ramen, Okonomiyaki, Miso Soup, and others.

Each of them will be unique, expressing particular action or emotion. Whatever your mood, you will definitely find something that reflects your spirits.

As for the messengers that support this pack, the choice is not wide. It can be used in WhatsApp only.

Japanese Food Stickers


4. Anime Stickers for WhatsApp

Anime Stickers for WhatsAppAs for an alternative app with Asian stickers, we are ready to present the Anime Stickers for WhatsApp. In this case, it will be available for Android gadget users only.

With the help of this app, you will be able to add sticker packs to WhatsApp and use them while chatting. These exclusive packs include dozens of colorful sticker of anime style. So if you are a fan of anime, the app is something that you’ve been searching for.

Anime Stickers for WhatsApp


5. White Cat Animated

White Cat AnimatedCats are considered to be one of the cutest animals in the world. If you agree with this statement, here is one more sticker app with cats. So let’s find out which features White Cat Animated Stickers has.

The app’s character is a cutie white cat that will become your assistant in expressing this or that emotion. Furthermore, the stickers are animated. Due to this feature, your chats will become even more exciting.

White Cat Animated

App Store

6. Cute & Funny Cat Sticker for WhatsApp WAStickerApp

Cute & Funny Cat StickerIf you need as many stickers as possible, here is the app that can easily meet your requirements. Install Cute & Funny Cat Sticker to make yourself sure of it.

Believe it or not, this very app contains more than 300 stickers.  For your convenience, they are grouped into packs that can be instantly added to WhatsApp.

Every sticker pack ‘belongs’ to its own cat. Study the packs with cats of unique character and add ones you like the most.

Cute & Funny Cat Sticker


7. Aminal Stickers

Aminal StickersDo you want to make your sticker packs diverse? Install Aminal Stickers then.

With this brilliant app, you will have sticker packs with various animals at your fingertips. Believe us that the choice will be surprisingly wide. Thus, totally, the app has more than 400 stickers with dogs, koalas, hedgehogs, unicorns, and so on. The variety of animals is really great.

At the same time, we want you to pay attention to the fact that only 250 stickers will be available for free. Nevertheless, will always have a chance to purchase even more stickers. To be honest, they are worth being bought.

What about social media that support the app’s stickers? Well, you will be able to add them to iMessage as well as WhatsApp.

Aminal Stickers

App Store

8. FaLala Stickers for WhatsApp

FaLala Stickers for WhatsApp What about cute stickers with two characters at once? If you are interested in this category of apps, here is FaLala Stickers for WhatsApp that we highly recommend to you.

With this app, you will become familiar with two true friends – Dog and Lion. The app will provide you with access to several packs. First of all, you will come across some packs with one of the characters only.

Apart from this, the app has a great collection of stickers with both characters at once. You can’t imagine how cute they will be. Whatever the case is, you will find something suitable for sure.

Also, these packs will be so appropriate while chatting with your friends. The stickers with these two friends are capable of substituting thousands of words.

FaLala Stickers for WhatsApp


9. Yay So Cute: Animated Stickers

Yay So Cute Animated StickersWe have found a sticker pack for everyday life.

In the Yay So Cute: Animated Stickers app, you will find touching stickers with lovely fruit. Besides, all stickers are animated. That’s why they will be able to express your emotions 100%.

Yay So Cute Animated Stickers

App Store

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10. Oh My Bear Cute Stickers

Oh My Bear Cute StickersStill not satisfied? Here is one more app with cute stickers – Oh My Bear Cute Stickers.

The app has a good choice of sticker packs with various characters. In our opinion, each of them is soo cute. That’s why it will be quite difficult to choose which stickers to send while chatting on WhatsApp with your friends.

Of course, the main feature here is the cute brown bear, which will help you express all your emotions.

Oh My Bear Cute Stickers


11. Cookie Monster Stickers

Cookie Monster Stickers Well, can you recognize this character? It is a friendly creature living on the world-known Sesame street. If you want to have a sticker pack with this cute character, install Cookie Monster Stickers at once.

The app’s pack includes more than 40 stickers with Cookie Monster. They encompass a wide range of emotions, that’s why stickers will be in great demand. Moreover, some of them are devoted to particular holidays like Christmas or Halloween.

The app’s main distinguishing feature is that stickers can be sent as a usual sticker, inside bubbles, and even on top of photos. That’s really fantastic!

Cookie Monster Stickers

App Store

12. WAStickerApps – Cute Bunny Stickers

WAStickerApps - Cute Bunny Stickers How about rabbits? These animals are also cute, so they can be pictured on stickers as well. If you also think so, here is one more app on our list – WAStickerApps – Cute Bunny Stickers.

As you can see from the app’s name, the app contains many cute stickers with a darling rabbit. It is able to express any emotion you wish. As a bonus, some of the stickers are completed by words reflecting the emotion.

WAStickerApps - Cute Bunny Stickers


13. Echo the Cat Stickers

Echo the Cat StickersOne more great app that we can’t help adding to this list is called Echo the Cat Stickers. It includes a pack of stickers with prankish but so lovely cat Echo.

We guess you will like this cat at first sight. The app includes 30 colorful animated stickers to use them while chatting. But that’s not half of the story.

When opening this lovely app, you will be able to play with Echo the cat by using six additional toys. Isn’t that cute as well?

Echo the Cat Stickers

App Store

14. Love Story Stickers – WAStickerApps

Love Story Stickers - WAStickerApps The last app that will allow you to accompany your messages with cute stickers is called Love Story Stickers – WAStickerApps. One more essential thing is that these stickers are devoted to relations between lovers.

The app contains several packs with ridiculously cute stickers showing moments of a couple’s life. They will be a perfect choice for sending them to your that special one.

Love Story Stickers - WAStickerApps


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