13 Best fake receipt maker apps for Android & iOS

It happens that people urgently need to generate fake receipts. The first reason that may come to mind now is probably deceiving someone by using this unauthentic document. But there are more reasonable purposes of using it. For example, fake receipts can be used instead of real lost ones. As you know, it is necessary to have a verifying receipt, if you want to return a defective good. You will only have to generate a fake copy of a receipt. But how to do that?

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There are many receipt generator apps that will surely meet your requirements. By following the links below, you will be able to install them from the App Store or Google Play. 

1. Invoice Maker & Billing App

The first fake receipt maker app is called Invoice Maker & Billing App. Because of the app’s endless capabilities, you will be able to create a fake copy of a receipt without any difficulty.

First of all, you will get access to more than 100 designs and above 500 pre-designed logos. Apart from this, you can use fonts of various colors. To put it shortly, it will be available to customize a receipt fully to make it look the same. 

One more advantage is that the user interface is very simple-to-use. You will be able to create templates, organize receipts, send them as PDFs, and so on. 

By the way, there will be about 150 currency symbols and various currency formats available for you. In addition, you will be able to add to receipts a ‘Paid’ mark. 

Invoice Maker & Billing App

GooglePlay App Store

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2. Invoice Maker: Estimate & Invoice App

Invoice Maker: Estimate & Invoice App will be also a great tool for creating fake receipts.

By using this app, you will have pre-built receipt templates at your fingertips. After that, you will be able to customize any chosen template to make it look like a real one.

One more amazing feature is that the app is capable of generating a receipt with taxes. It can be on the item as well as total; inclusive as well as exclusive. Moreover, you will be able to add invoice payment terms. Thus, your receipt will look like created by professionals.

Apart from this, it will be available to add a company’s logo or any other image.

After finishing generating a receipt, you will be able to print it or send it via email or any social media. What else makes the app convenient is that you will get a notification when a message with a receipt attached will be read.

Invoice Maker: Estimate & Invoice App

GooglePlay App Store

3. Invoice Maker & Estimate App – Billdu

One more similar app is called Billdu. Though the app deals with invoices mostly, it will be also suitable for creating non-standard fake receipts. 

To begin with, there are 5 available templates in the app. By using and customizing them, you will instantly create a fake receipt. You may even add a company logo or a signature.

What makes the app outstanding is a built-in barcode scanner. Apart from this, due to a unique API connection, the goods from online shops can be instantly added to a receipt. You will definitely like these features that will simplify the working process a lot.

After generating a fake receipt, you will be able to print it or share it via social media as a PDF file.


GooglePlay App Store

4. Invoice 2go — Professional Invoices and Estimates

Now let’s talk about Invoice 2go. This very brilliant app must be also included in the list of fake receipt maker apps. 

By using this app, you will feel full freedom of action. The thing is that there are 8 templates that you will be able to customize or create your own. Moreover, after adding a company’s logo or other images, your receipt will look as if it was really issued. 

Like in previous apps, it will be available to share a receipt instantly via social media. 

Invoice 2go

GooglePlay App Store

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5. Quick Receipt

The next excellent app letting you easily create a fake receipt is called Quick Receipt. The app is available for Android device users only.

By entering all the necessary information and loading a company’s logo, you will have two variants of your created fake receipt. After that, you will be able to download a document in PDF or share it via social media. 

Though the app’s user interface is no-frills, it is powerful enough to make you enjoy the result for sure. 

Quick Receipt


6. Tiny Invoice

Tiny Invoice is a fake receipt maker app that is deeply appreciated by iOS device users. It will be perfect for generating detailed professional receipts. 

In the app, you will find a great choice of templates available for customizing. Moreover, as in previous apps, it will be available to add companies’ logos and change colors to make them fit. Anyway, the result will be dear to your taste. 

The thing that we can’t help admiring is the user interface that you will like from the first tap.

Tiny Invoice

App Store

7. Cash Receipt

If you are searching for a great app, capable of generating a fake cash receipt, this one is exactly what you need. But keep in mind that it is available only on Google Play. You will only need to fill the virtual blank in Cash Receipt, and you will have a fake cash receipt at your fingertips.

The app’s distinguishing feature is that it will be available to add various marks on fake cash receipts. For instance, ‘Cancelled’, ‘Reinstated’, ‘Deleted’, etc. Besides, you can also add a signature. These features will make a cash receipt look like real one.

As usual, it will be available to download PDF or send a cash receipt via social media. Moreover, it can be also sent as SMS.

Cash Receipt


8. Receipts: create, print & mail

One more app with endless capabilities is called Receipts: create, print & mail. We highly recommend you to try this great app. 

In this case, you will have to enter all the necessary information and attach a logo. Apart from this, a signature can be added to your fake receipt. After that, it is ready to be sent as an email or a message. 

When using the free version of the app, there will be a ‘Sample’ mark on a receipt. If you like the app’s features, it will be available to upgrade to Pro to remove the mark.

Receipts: create, print & mail

App Store

9. Receipt & Invoice

Do you want your receipt to include some additional information? If you give an affirmative answer, this app is a must-have for you. 

By using the Receipt & Invoice app, you will be able to add not only information about a company, items, and prices. The thing is that it will be available to add some information about taxes. This feature will make a more detailed receipt look real.

One more thing that you will really like here is that it will be available to add signatures of both sides. 

After all, a receipt can be sent via messenger or Email or even generated into reports in PDF or Excel. 

Receipt & Invoice


10. Receipt Generate Invoice Maker

This free app will be a great tool for creating accounts for different types of businesses. Here you will be able to manage all expenses and income, avoiding unnecessary paperwork.

An important advantage of this app is the variety of templates, among which you will find the most suitable for your purposes. At the same time, they all meet the requirements. An unlimited number of companies can be added, that can use all the functionality.

All invoices can be exported in PDF format for sending in any convenient way. You can also print them directly from the app.

The interface of the program has a concise design, you can also include a dark theme, which meets all modern requirements. If you have any questions, you can easily get all the necessary support in a special chat.

GooglePlay App Store

11. Receipt Maker

It’s one of the newest apps for creating receipts. Yes, like the previous apps this is not a specific app for making fake invoices and receipts, however, you still can use it for making those. The reason why we decided to include this app in this list is its excellent interface design.

When you open the app, it’s really easy to navigate in the main menu, among the templates, and so on, so this receipt maker is Pleasant to use. There are several templates of receipts and invoices that you can use to create your fake receipts.

You just need to fill in the details, or, you can skip some information you don’t want to fill in, and create a document. After the document is formed you can send it via messenger or social media to your friends or any people whom you want to prank, in case your goal is to make a fake receipt.

All the documents will be saved in PDF format. And for those who is planning to use this app for serious purposes, you can allow access to your account here to your accountants. The app hasn’t gained much popularity yet, but it’s really worth using.



12. Instant Invoice Maker

This is a similar app but it will be more suitable for those who want to create invoices super fast. It’s extremely easy to use and at the same time, it has all the pictures of a professional-looking invoice. So if you decide to make a fake invoice with this one app, you won’t miss out.

All you have to do once again is to open the app in just choose the template. However, we noticed that instant invoice maker can be a little bit more tricking usage since it has smaller fonts.

What is more, the app allows you to view all your receipts, view all the closing and openings of your invoices, and also filter out your previous invoices. They’re also some additional features that will be useful for business controlling, but in case you just want to use this app as the fake receipt maker, this is a good choice, since it works swiftly.



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13. E-Receipt Generator

The last app on our list is a simple receipt generator that won’t take you long to create your fake receipts. It’s really a simple app with just a few templates that you will fill in in a minute and then you can form a document.

There are some customization possibilities for the fake invoices that you’re creating, for example, you can at the logo of your company, add the product name, and so on. The interface design is extremely simple, however, it’s not obsolete.

After the document is formed you can either save it to the cloud storage or share it with someone using messengers or email or social media.

One interesting feature of this app is that people can import a list of goods using CSV files. Moreover, the app allows the scanning of barcodes. However all these features are extra and if you just want to make figure seeds, as we mentioned above, it’s a great simple receipt generator.