Fractal Space App Review

The Fractal Space game is not just another toy for ten minutes but a majestic space saga about adventure, overcoming, and a sharp mind.

The game has a wonderful sound, gorgeous physics, and an elegant plot that captures the mind. The design is also very striking. In the story, you have to escape from a mystical space station, which is packed with devices to kill you.

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You will have to solve exciting puzzles at every step. And also become an investigator. Find records that will shed light on the grandiose mystery of the station, which will explain how you got there. Knowing this secret is your ticket out.

But don’t get lost in the infinity of space and avoid traps. Use your jetpack wisely and pay attention to the fuel level. Where are the stocks of medicines and weapons that will help you survive in space? Find them. The laser pistol will become your assistant. And after all the epic adventures, enjoy one of two possible story endings.


The game is compatible with the most common gamepads. You can play from other devices. Save all the results and achievements in the cloud and synchronize.

The game has many fans, and you can share your achievements online and invite your friends. You will need to give the game some permissions. The developers carefully explained the need for each of them on the start screen. The application does not contain ads and does not require donations.


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They are constantly developing the game and are always ready to help if there are any issues. To do this, please contact via Facebook, Twitter, or the official website. Watch their YouTube channel for the latest news on the game.

In short, stop sitting still, doing your daily routine. Take a break from worries and hit the road across the Universe with the addictive game Fractal Space. Go ahead!