Gentle Wakeup – Sleep & Alarm Clock App Review

Do you hate your alarm signal? Well, the question should probably be like “who in this world does like their alarm sound???” We all hate waking up in the morning, feeling already stressed out – and it all starts exactly from the sound of your alarm.

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But don’t you think this situation is not normal and there is actually a way to turn things around? With the Gentle Wakeup app, your mornings will become more, more pleasant. This app is all you need to start your day right.

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This alarm app works in the following way – it increases the volume of the soft sound gradually, so you don’t wake up like there is a war that starts. Along with that, the app also provides the screen lights, which also get brighter and brighter in order to help you to get out of dreaming.

Apart from that, this alarm is not only for waking up but also for falling to sleep – it can play the nature sounds in the background to calm you down and the dimming lights will help you to slow down your breath.


When you first open the app you don’t need to create and additional accounts and make registration – you can start using it right away. In general, Gentle Wakeup is extremely simple app and all levels of users will find it a breeze using it.

One special feature worth highlighting is that this app makes the screen of your smartphone get colors imitating the dawn – for example, it will be red in the morning. What is more, if you want to find out the weather forecast for the day as soon as you take your gadget in your hands, you can do that with the slide show in Gentle Wakeup.


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In addition to that, there is a sleep timer, that you can use during your daily naps and for the full sleep cycle. And this is not even it – Gentle Wakeup includes a bunch of various functions that can replace several apps on your smartphone – a flashlight, battery saver, automatic mode, and much more. This app is definitely recommended!