Jami App Review

Security, privacy, confidentiality – these are the three pillars of the new Jami messenger. Why is it so great – let’s figure it out.

So, to create an account with Jami, you do not have to link a phone number. Need to write to an unreliable person? – you do not need to give him your number. Do not be afraid of any problem with your SIM card or changing the number – your Jami name remains.

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The account itself will take you no more than a minute to create. Now invite the right people from your smartphone contact list to chat. You can log into your Jami from someone else’s device if necessary; just remember your username and password.

When you are on the home screen with good looks, use the intuitive controllers to make the app tailored for you.

If you are not going to use the messenger all the time during the day, the option to disable autostart in the background at system startup is available. This will save you battery. If you want to hide your presence, you can use the application having turned on the “offline” button. Typing reports and message reading reports can be disabled.


Configure what file size you want to receive automatically. It can be up to 100 Mb. You can also choose to accept automatically any size file, or never receive it automatically.

If you are an advanced user, you will find a lot of interesting things for yourself in the settings and experimental options. Of course, all the standard messenger functions are present. You can create and upload a backup, clear the entire chat history; there is a blacklist. Calls from unknown contacts can also be barred.


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As for the quality of calls and the implementation of written chats, everything is at the highest level here. You may ask: why install Jami when there are market leaders? It’s fairly simple – remember how many messengers, which were very popular in their time, have gone into oblivion. Progress is inevitable, become a part of it, join Jami.