10 Best Lie Detector Test Apps in 2024 for Android & iOS

Sooner or later, one can suspect someone to be a liar. To dot the i, you can have a heart-to-heart talk. However, if you still think someone deceives you, you can smoke a person out by checking his or her words with a polygraph. Since it is not so available service, you can install a lie detector app to find out whether you are deceived or not. 

First of all, it should be said that the tools listed below are fake lie detector apps. At the same time, in most cases, they are so efficient in making a person tell the truth. That’s why we find it a good idea to install an application like this. 

This very post includes only the best lie detector test apps. Please, choose the most suitable tool, install it from the App Store or Google Play, and find out the truth. 

1. Lie Detector Face Test Simulator Prank

Lie Detector Face Test GamLie Detector Face Test Simulator Prank is the first app on our list. In this case, it is going to analyze a person’s photo to identify whether she or he tells lie or not. 

After you open the tool, you will be asked to upload a photo of a person you want to check. You will be able to take an instant photo or select something from your photo gallery. Then, you can enter a person’s name if you wish. 

Finally, tap the “Start” button. It will activate the app’s scanner. In its turn., it will tell you whether a person on a photo tells you the truth or not. Keep in mind that the app’s results (truth or lie) are random ones. 

Lie Detector Face Test Gam

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2. Truth and Lie Detector Prank 🖐

Lie Detector Truth TestThe way the Truth and Lie Detector Prank functions is a little bit different. However, just like the tool above, it will also be so efficient in identifying the lie. 

In this case, you will need to ask a tested person to place a finger on the in-app scanner. After the tool analyzes his or her fingerprint, it will tell you if you are deceived or not. 

The things that make the app even more awesome are the stunning graphics, realistic sounds (including digital voice). Again, the app suits for entertainment purposes only. 

Lie Detector Truth Test

GooglePlay appstore1

3. Lie Detector Test Prank

Lie Detector Test PrankLie Detector Test Prank is the next worthy tool for all Android device users. It will be especially appropriate for those who want a tool to show a particular result. 

Here the app will ask a tested person to put a finger on a scanner. Before you activate a scanner, you will need to press volume+ if you want the app to show “Truth”. If you need to turn a tested person into a liar, press volume-, and the app will show “Lie”. Then, while scanning, numerous indicators, diagrams, and sounds will make the lie-detecting so realistic. That’s why a tested person will be very likely to believe it is true. 

By the way, not every lie detector test tool supports presetting a particular answer. 

Lie Detector Test Prank


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4. Truth and Lie Detector

Truth and Lie DetectorTalking about the apps for iOS, the one called Truth and Lie Detector comes to mind first. Here are the reasons for installing this tool.

To begin with, this very app also supports presetting the results. So before the tested person places his or her fingers on a scanner, you will be required to tap on the left side for “Truth”, and the right side for “Lie”. After that, the app will pretend to be analyzing the fingerprint, and generate a result. However, if you want it to show the random answer, a tapping center will be enough. 

Truth and Lie Detector


5. Lie Detector Test Prank – Fingerprint Scanner

Lie Detector Test PrankHere is one more amazing lie detector tool that we can’t help mentioning here. In this case, it can be installed from Google Play only. 

With Lie Detector Test Prank, you will become a polygraph specialist capable of identifying whether a person lies or not. However, it will be up to you to decide who and when tells the truth. The thing is that the app supports presetting the results. So before scanning, secretly press the Volume up key for “Truth”, and Volume Down Key for “Lie”. The app will start analyzing after a tested person places fingers on a scanner. Numerous lights, indicators, panels, diagrams, signals, and sounds will make the scanning look as realistic as possible. Your friend will be definitely surprised by the results generated. 

In this case, there is one more distinguishing feature. The fact is that this tool includes the Preset Mode. It will allow you to preset up to five next scanning results. That’s what makes the app so unique. 

Lie Detector Test Prank


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 6. Voice Lie Detector Prank !

Voice Lie Detector Prank is the next tool to be reviewed from the App Store. Just like other lie detector apps, this one perfectly meets your requirements. 

As it is clear from the app’s name, in this case, a voice of a tested person will be analyzed. Your task will be to ask a question, wait for a person’s answer, and tap the “Stop” button. It should be mentioned that the app’s analyses are fake ones. The app has been designed just for pranks. 

Voice Lie Detector Prank


7. Lie Detector:Find Truth Simulator

Lie Detector:Find Truth SimulatorGoing back to the apps for Android, here is an option for you. The tool’s name is Lie Detector:Find Truth Simulator.

After you open the app, ask a tested person to place her or his finger on the app’s built-in scanner. Then, ask a question and let the person answer it. In a moment, the app will analyze the voice and identify whether he or she lies or not. You will be able to see the results and make a conclusion according to green and red indicators.

Just like any other lie detection test app, this one generates random answers. That’s why there are no reasons to quarrel in case you find someone lying to you. 

Lie Detector:Find Truth Simulator


8. Truth and Lie Detector Scanner 

Truth and Lie Detector Scanner Truth and Lie Detector Scanner is one more powerful tool that should be installed if you want to test a person with a polygraph. Here are its key features. 

First of all, the app is just a prank, so the results will be not so accurate. You can choose if you want the app to show you random answers, or preset them by yourself. After that, find a person to be tested, ask him or her a question, scan a fingerprint, and wait for a result. The whole procedure will look so realistic due to indicators and diagrams. That’s why a person will believe you and tell the truth for sure. 

Truth and Lie Detector Scanner


9. Lie Detector Simulator Fun

Lie Detector Simulator Fun The next similar app is for Android gadgets only. With Lie Detector Simulator Fun, you will easily find out the truth. 

After a tested person places a finger on a scanner, you will need to ask any question. Since he or she responds, an app will pretend to analyze an answer. In a second, you will see the results, whether a person tells you the truth or lies. 

Again, the app generates random results. However, they may become a reason for hearing the truth in real life. 

Lie Detector Simulator Fun


10. Lie Detector – Truth Detector Fake Test Prank App

The post finishes with the tool called Lie Detector. By following the link below, you can install it from the App Store and find out whether you are deceived or not.

After installing this lie detector app, you will have a powerful tool at your fingertips. Though the results (True or False) are shown randomly, it can make a tested person tell you the truth. 

To conduct a polygraph test, you will need to ask a tested person a question. As she or he places a finger on a scanner, the app will pretend to be analyzing an answer. Then, you and your friend will see the results generated randomly. Who knows, maybe this very app will make him or her make a confession. 

Lie Detector


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