10 Best apps to add tan to your photos

How do you feel about adding some tan to your body on a photo? Well, if you are reading this post, we guess, you are not against using several tricks when editing a photo.

Undeniably, there are quite many apps capable of making your skin tanned. In which cases will they be appropriate? First of all, if your schedule is tight, you hardly have time on vacation in southern countries. But if you still want to be sun-kissed, special apps will help you in this matter. Secondly, even if you had a rest somewhere, your skin tone on a photo can be uneven. However, there is no need to worry. The apps will correct everything within a few seconds. 

This very post represents the list of the best apps from the App Store and Google Play to add tan to your photos. By using them, you will make your skin tanned with no difficulty. Moreover, your followers won’t notice that there’s something wrong with your photo. 

1. Fotogenic : Body & Face tune and Retouch Editor

Fotogenic Fotogenic is our first app to be reviewed. Being one of the most top-rated apps on the list, it will gain your requirements for sure.

The app is a very efficient photo editor that will allow you to make your skin tanned. To do this, you will need to apply one of the app’s features. To be more precise, it will be the Bronze Skin feature. After that, your skin tone will become of natural brown color.

By the way, if you have some flaws on your skin, you will have a great opportunity to remove them. By smoothing a skin, the app will make everything invisible. If your case is considered to be a complicated one, cloning will be available as well.

Also, the app is famous for its Bodybuilding feature. That’s why you will be able to perfect particular parts of your body by reshaping them.

Besides, the app includes hundreds of tools that will make your photo even more awesome. Thus, you can apply virtual makeup to your photo, add some filters, correct lighting, and so on.

And if you like to draw on photos, the app will be so appropriate for you. It includes brushes of dozens of shapes that will allow you to decorate any background.


GooglePlay App Store

2. BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

BeautyPlus The next amazing app that can change the tone of your skin is called BeautyPlus. Why is it so adored by users from all over the world?

The reason for the app’s popularity is its excellent tools available to users. And tool, changing a skin tone, is not an exception. So by using the app’s built-in retouch skin tone brush, you will turn yourself into a southerner with a soft attractive tan.

Apart from this, you will be able to remove other imperfections in your appearance. Teeth whitening, perfecting characteristics of a face, professional makeup… Everything can be applied at once.

If you fully rely on this app and want it to correct all flaws by itself, you will have access to the Live Auto-Retouch feature. Due to its intuitive system, everything will be done perfectly. By the way, this feature will be so appropriate after your main goal – tanned skin – will be reached.

The things that you will also like are dozens of photo effects, brushes, stickers, and so on.

Also, for your convenience, the app includes its own camera with light control as well as sharing features. So your photos with tanned skin can be instantly sent to your friends.


GooglePlay App Store

3. Sweet Selfie – Beauty Camera & Best Photo Editor

Sweet Selfie Do you need more apps that can imitate a suntan? So, here it is. Sweet Selfie will also be powerful enough in solving this problem.

Well, the app contains a great tool capable of retouching your skin tone. Right after applying it to your photo, you will get your body tanned. It will look as if you’ve just returned from Bali.

As for other features, the app is perfect as well. We mean that you will be able to remove all imperfections of your skin, reshape the body, apply makeup directly in the app, and so on. What is more, the app has all the necessary tools that will make your photo even more stunning.

As a bonus, the app will be great in creating collages. Do not forget about a couple of little details – you will have access to a set of colorful stickers to be added to a photo.

Sweet Selfie


4. Retouch Me – Body editor & Face tune & Skinny app

Retouch MeAre you searching for specialists that may be trusted to do this work instead of you? If your answer is affirmative, here is the must-have photo editing app for you. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this service is paid like any other.

The Retouch Me app’s concept is very unusual but salutary. Its user chooses features to be applied to his or her photo. It must be mentioned that the range of the options suggested is very range. After that, a person sends a request to the app’s team. It takes just some minutes to complete the task. After the payment, the app’s representatives send your edited photo back. The result will be surprisingly wonderful. So we guess that the app’s each specialist can be regarded as a safe pair of hands.

But before sending a request, you should find all the necessary options in the enormous list of them. So, you will need to select the ‘Body’ section. Then, choose the ‘Add tan’ feature, and that’s in. As for an alternative, you will be also able to use the ‘Skin tone feature’. We are sure that both off them will be so efficient in making your skin tanned on a photo.

When it comes to using other features of this nice app, the result will be enjoyable too. Thus, you can reshape any part of your body, correct some facial characteristics, perfect your skin, apply virtual makeup, change the background, add some photo effects, and so many others. That app’s capabilities are really endless.

Retouch Me

GooglePlay App Store

5. Perfect Me – Body Retouch&Face Editor&Selfie Tune

Perfect MeDo you want to make your friends admire your tanned skin? Install the Perfect Me app then.

With this app, you will have dozens of powerful tools at your fingertips. But as you are interested in a particular feature, let’s talk about it in more detail.

By using the Skin painting, you will be able to make your skin tanned with only one tap. What is more, if your suntan is uneven, the app will correct it in a few seconds. There is nothing impossible for it.

As for not basic features, the app is quite similar to the previous apps. By saying this, we mean that you will have all the necessary tools to remove imperfections of your face, body, or the whole photo. So it is great in everything, not only in tanning a skin.

Perfect Me

GooglePlay App Store

6. AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor

AirBrushOne more alternative for both Android and iOS gadgets is called AirBrush. Like the apps mentioned above, this one also can cope with any problems.

Let’s start with the feature that you are interested in the most. So, this very app can make your skin of bronze color. All you need to do is apply its feature. After that, it will remain to remove some imperfections, if you have them.

To do that, you will have unlimited access to the app’s features. Removing blemishes, whitening teeth, reshaping face and body, and so on. There is no doubt that correcting all flaws and applying some filters will turn any photo into a masterpiece. Completed with tanned skin, your appearance will become like a model’s one.


GooglePlay App Store

7. Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover

Perfect365 Perfect365 is the next app that we want to present. Famous worldwide for its beauty tools, it will be also suitable for you.

The app contains dozens of items of virtual cosmetics – you will find there everything from lipstick and mascara to wigs. The main distinguishing feature is that each item will be represented in dozens of shades. The app’s built-in Palette will provide you with a great choice of colors.

In this case, you will be able to change your skin tone by applying a tinting cream darker than your skin. As the app specializes in makeup, it doesn’t treat with other parts of the body apart from a face. That’s why the only solution will be a tinting cream.

If you want to complete your look with a virtual makeup, the app has all the necessary materials for it. Moreover, it contains more than 200 pre-loaded styles that will be ready-to-use.

One more advantage that you will like for sure is Video tutorials that you will find in the app as well. Shared by professional makeup artists, they include the most important tips and advice on fashion and beauty. We suppose that you will learn many interesting things about sunbathes too, which is essential for you.


GooglePlay App Store

8. Body Tune – Slim & Retouch Photo Editor

Body Tune Do you still need a virtual solarium? If you do, we suggest one more popular app that will suit you best. Its name is Body Tune.

As usual, the app will let you make your skin tanned with only several taps. It will look absolutely realistic. That’s why nobody will notice a trick you used.

As for the app’s other features, the will be priceless if you want to share a photo where you are in a swimming suit or even bikini. The app has many tools to perfect your body: reshaping particular parts, increasing of your height, getting a slim body, and so on. It seems that gyms are getting useless, isn’t it?

Plus, the app has a nice collection of tattoos that you can also apply to a photo. By rotating and resizing a tattoo, you will make it look so natural. Moreover, it will be a great solution if you are puzzled with a question: What will I look like with a tattoo?

Body Tune

GooglePlay App Store

If you dream about a tattoo, you will definitely find something worthy in our post about the best tattoo design apps for Android & iOS.

9. Avatan – Photo Editor Touch Up

Avatan One more app with hundreds of features is Avatan. We guess you have heard about this photo editing app. That’s right, it will help you to make your skin tanned as well.

To begin with, the app has a great set of tools to retouch skin. To make it of bronze color, you will need to use the ‘Spray tan’ feature. After that, your skin will be like an islander’s one. After that, you can use any other tools to turn your skin into velvet.

The app will be also good at editing a whole photo. Cropping, rotating, applying various photo effects… There is more to come.


GooglePlay App Store

10. Skin Tanner

Skin TannerNow it’s high time to tell you about an app with only skin tanning feature. Unfortunately, Skin Tanner is available only for iOS device users.

Though this app is with no-frills, it will do its best to make your skin bronze. Furthermore, you will be able to adjust the density of the tan. So despite its simplicity, it is considered to be one of the coolest apps to add tan to your photos.

Skin Tanner

App Store

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