Ling App Review

Do you want to learn a new language or improve your language skills? Ling App is the best assistance! The app provides an extended range of languages – from European to Oriental ones. Ling App boasts a special method of word memorizing with a help of various games, challenges, and puzzles.

Guaranteed funny process of learning!

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First of all, when you open the app, you do not have to waste your time on creating an account – you can log in via Google, E-mail, or Facebook. Then, you should choose the language, which you are going to learn.


On the homepage of the app, you can see all the necessary learning materials and the number of learned words. You can select your language lever and the app will adapt to you an appropriate learning program.

Plus, the incorporated section Chat-bot enables you to train your language skills. It creates an automatic dialog and proposes answer options with translation and audio integration.  Words learning function offers interactive games, surveys, puzzles, and flashcards with words and pictures for better memorizing.

If you want to test your knowledge, you can pass an exam with the provided tooltips on request. All you need just to make sentences by placing the words in the correct order.  What is more, the app enables you to speak on different topics with natives.


While learning new words and expressions you can record your pronunciation and check its correctness. Besides, you can set up the notifications and choose the proper voice speed. On the profile page, you can also keep track of your performance from the first day of app usage.

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The app features a bright and entertaining design, which makes the interface quite easy to use. It comes with free access, but you can purchase additional options at a quite reasonable price.